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[Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates and Records, General]

Elizabeth College Cricket XI, 1913

Amelia Maria Hortensia Collings 

Captain William Macey

Le Pelley notes from the French, from Le Pelley file in the Library. Will of Thomas Le Pelley, 1643

Baptism and godparents How they arranged it in the 17th century. Wills and legacies

Old names of places in the Town Extracts from the St Peter Port Livre de Perchage 1573, in 5 parts.

Proceedings of Consistory of St Martin's, 1627-1655 Names extracted.

Guille family contracts &c

Notes from Edward Dobrée's MSS

Hirzel de Lisle and Mary Carey, pre-nuptial agreement, 1832

Captain Evan Evans Highwayman

William Blondel, August 4th 1570

Gagnepain The 'Breadwinner' family

Bonamy rentes

Seasoned troopers

Jeanne Le Moyne 1625

Documents, Le Hurel; De la Mare partages; Nicolas de la Mare 1806; Marguerite Le Ber 1816 Letter from Alderney

Nicolas Lenfestey des Brehauts Methodist preacher

Les Quartiers Ancient house and family (now Quertier)

Guernsey 'Pilgrim Fathers'

Lords of Manors List of Guernsey fiefs and seigneurs

Germain Clément

The trial of George Barrington Notorious pickpocket unlucky with Havilland Le Mesurier.

Rosa Brock's Sketch Book and Antiquities at Rosenheim

Lost things: St Magloire; Maison Bonamy of the Pomare.

Our old house in Berthelot Street; Old house in Berthelot Street Legal documents.

Rental of André Monamy And partage of Denis Le Marchant, 1393.

Lainé's warehouse in Berthelot Street From Dr Hoskin's MSS; La Maison Briard.

Lost things: Lainé's store, 1951

Mariage encombré Legal protection for married women.

The will of Suzanne l'Homme, 1668; The will of Jean Moorhead, 1688/9

The will of Marie de Rozel, 1669; The will of Thomas Le Pelley, 1643.

Old Guernsey: Origin of Contrée Mansell The Mansell family.

Rental of André Monamy, Jurat, 25th January 1564

Thomas Kennedy Sir John Doyle's big pal.

Les Olliviers du Coin des Ecailles Alderney folk, from publicans to Methodists.

The Seigneur de Domecq Story of St Martin's.


Nicolas De Garis, 1805

Roll of honour: the last hours of Rifleman E S Gard, 1916

Corporal Edwin Carter, Rifle Brigade, 1916

William Dobrée, bankrupt, 1754 His bank fails spectacularly.

Lieutenant-Colonel Elkington and the retreat from Mons, 1916

Captain Francis George Mockler, DSO, 1916

Lance-Corporal Henry J Bisson

Lieutenant Auguste Bulteau, 1916
Death of Mary Saumarez, October 1812 Poignant letter.

Lance-Corporal Henry J Bisson, MM, 1916

J H Ingrouille Prominent Oddfellow.

In death undivided: Alexander Herries, 1916

Lost things: Alexander's Hotel Once the place to go of a Sunday.

French emigrés buried in St Peter Port, 1796

H I Marquand Carpenters.

1831, a terrible year for accidents

Mr Trengrouse's rocket apparatus

Candie, the sweetest place in Guernsey

List of residents of Alderney who sheltered French priests, 1792/3

Fast work: Louisa Peddle and William Tyler Bigamy.

Nicolas Roussel, 1807 The acceptable face of witchcraft; The notorious Frenchman, D'Orléan, 1836 The unacceptable face.

James Ollivier, 1836 Rascal.

John-William of Guinea, 1761

The Yellow Dress, 1836 Prison authorities cross the line.

Thomas Fiott De Havilland, builder of Havilland Hall Architect of Madras.

Two views of James Saumarez from 1801 

The Journal of Jane Maria Barlow, 1833-1838 Entertaining social history; The Fancy Ball, 1836

Obituary of (Colonel) Havilland Le Mesurier, jun.

René Le Porc de la Porte de Vezins, 1590 Curious tale with a Guernsey connection—possibly.

Lost things: Old Red House, St Saviour's (La Poline), 1891

Lost things: Les Maindonnaux, 1901

Proper names from the Livre de Jugements Extracts.

Ship movements, 1762

John Ingrouille, hangman All about execution.

The Doyle Cup Masonic trophy.

Nicolas Dobrée and the heroes of Cobo Tragedy of 1808.

A variety of vicars Alderney ministers.

On the death of a young lady, aged 17 Martha Le Lièvre.

Major Byng Died in a duel, 1795.

The duel between Thomas Andros and Kenneth Beauvais, 1780 Fights over girls.

Osmond Priaulx Our benefactor.

Edward Pope The governor of Anticosti.

List of Subscribers to Fund for the Irish Poor, 1822

Muskets, 1744 Distribution to militia.

John Le Mesurier's estate, 1558

Carteret Priaulx obituary

Isaac Brock: letters after his death, 1813 Differing views of Isaac.

The Fund for the Relief of Guernsey Prisoners in France, 1806 Was one of your relatives imprisoned?

John Hotton Sarkee captured by Bretons and dropped in it by his mates.

Memories of Peter Perchard: Lord Mayor of London, as was Paul Le Mesurier

Some Perchard memorial inscriptions 

Dobrée, Le Mesurier, Perchard Only the Le Mesuriers remain on Guernsey.

Peter Paul Dobrée Classicist.

Acts of the Ecclesiastical Court: Lists of names of those involved in cases (17th century).

One brave soldier: the death of Thomas Falla, aged 18

Scandal! Le Hardy vs Bonamy, 1697: a curious saga played out amongst the aristocracy.

Matthew Herivel wastes his time and money on a girl, 1685: he got her in the end, though.

James Rougier and Jeanne Brouard, 1696; Samuel Le Mesurier and Elizabeth Brett, 1690

The will of Eléazar Le Marchant, 1832

The will of Eléazar Le Merchant, 1716

Sark names

Lukis on Hutchesson

Captain Robert John Le Mesurier McClure: Arctic explorer.

The Guernsey Lily: De Beauvoir, Bonamy, and De Jersey

The Grange House sales: from Peter Mollet's Notebook, 1790/1.

Elizabeth Le Cocq of Alderney Wouldn't do as she was told.

Jean Bonamy's will, 1746

Tom Sticks: Thomas Le Marchant.

La Manie des sobriquets: 18th century nicknames (not all of them nice).

Matthew De Saumarez: a pompous man, some say.

Thomas De Saumarez: his brother; he had 28 children, but "never more than 14 alive at one time".

Des Caudeville and Heirs of Poulson v. Boyrenson, 1854 Complicated case.

Frederick Le Page as St Andrew: A Cobo fisherman's portrait in a Suffolk church.

The Will of Etienne Falla, 1667: Henry De Jersey breathes a sigh of relief.

Jean Falla's Commission, 1663: Lord Hatton makes an appointment.

The Musée Dobrée in Nantes: a link.

Francoise Archenaux, Poisoner: She got away with murder (or nearly).

The Grange in 1826: A nice description of an elegant road, from a tourist guidebook.

La Haie du Puits: 18th-19th century gossip from the Lukis memoirs, transcribed by Edith Carey.

Julia de Lacy Mann: Principal of St Hilda's College, Oxford, and local historian who transcribed a fascinating collection of family letters from Guernsey held in the Priaulx Library. 

The Wedding of Margaret Baynes and Gother Mann, 1845: a very entertaining and immediate letter describing this marriage, which took place at the Town Church. Written by Louisa Routh to her mother; Margaret Mann wrote letters from Trinidad, which have recently been published and can be consulted in the Library.

A Herm Tragedy: The Drowning of Walter St John, aged 13, August 1597: poignant evidence from an inquest. A trip to Herm led by the Governor, Sir Thomas Leighton, ends in the death of one of a group of 13-year old boys and his young tutor, who attempted to rescue him from the current. This type of evidence has been only rarely retained in Guernsey.

Walter St John: a background to his family and others mentioned in the text of the inquest into his death.

The Diary of Harriet Brock Pengelley (1809-1836): the tragic writings and paintings of a passionate and unhappy Guernsey girl in Canada, with watercolours of local scenes

Merchants and Traders of 1711: a list of taxpayers and their contributions

Naftel and Tranter miniatures: a link to some lovely portraits now in Australia

John Williams and the Mutiny on the Bounty

The Grand Bosq and the Royal Hotel: the Fautrart, Martin and Le Marchant families were all associated with the history of this lovely house on the Front, which became a hotel and is now sadly lost to us

The Battle of Algeciras: what Sarah Fyers saw from the breakfast-room window: an eye-witness account of the battle in 1801 in which bride-to-be Sarah's relative, Sir James Saumarez, played a decisive role

Jacques Le Batard Ear today and gone tomorrow: punishment in uncertain times.

French Dirt is the Worst: Adam Clarke preaches in Guernsey

An Eternal Stranger: Harman Blennerhassett. A history of the Strangers' Cemetery and the curious life of one of its occupants

The Escape of Avicia Lernaise: a 14th-century mother sentenced to death is let off on a technicality. Notes from Edith Carey's scrapbooks II

Some Brock Family Miniatures: Notes from Edith Carey's scrapbooks I

The English Butcher and the Brewer: class warfare in Napoleonic Guernsey

The Heaumes of Guernsey County. Frontiersmen in the Appalachians.

The Métivier Family. The vicissitudes of the family of our 'national poet.'

The Harvey Family. Diarists extraordinaires.

Maria Rosetti. Rrom St Peter Port to Romanian Revolution.

Ralph Durand. Author, adventurer, librarian.

The Family of Major-General J. Gaspard Le Marchant: hero and reformer, one of the greatest Guernseymen

For the Brehaut and Avard families in Canada see Case Study

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