Inventory of Thomas Tramallier's papers

4th September 2020

It took four years and several appearances in Court for Thomas Tramallier (III) to force Pierre Carey to hand over papers concerning Thomas' grandfather, Thomas Tramallier Senior's (I) estate. Carey's wife was Thomas (I)'s cousin, the daughter of his uncle, the late William Tramallier, and an heir to her father's estate. William had been appointed Thomas Tramallier (II)'s guardian, and Carey had come into possession of the relevant papers on William's death. Carey was fined several times for non-appearance in Court; the Court had delayed sittings at his request, and grew noticeably exasperated. Eventually, on the 12 February 1719, Carey produced a set of books and documents before them. Thomas (II) had appointed his son to act for him.  These documents are listed and bound in a ledger entitled Copie de l'Inventaire de partie des Ecrits de la Succession du Sr Thomas Tramalier. 1715.

The Inventory

1. A letter under Bailiwick seal. 21 December 1575. Guillaume Vibert and wife Marie Le Pettevin [Marie Le Poidevin] make over to Pierre Marin and his wife Catherine Le Pettevin [Catherine Le Poidevin] all Marie inheritance from her father, Philippin Le Pettevin. A letter enclosed 22 April 1578 in which Hellier Le Pettevin [Helier Le Poidevin] sells to Pierre Marin and his said wife a pièce of land in a garden at Mont-Gibel.

2. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 19 October 1614. The representative of Henry Fashion gives up his right of Retrait on the Fief de la Rivière to Mr Jean Fautrart and Thomas de Sausmarez.

3. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 20 July 1611. Philippe Mauger sells to Jean Le Lacheur an enclosure (clos de terre) called the Courtil des Jaonets.  

4. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 16 November 1633. Act by which Pierre Estienne renounces an inheritance at the behest of Marguerite Nicolle.

5. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 13 February 1608. Jean Estienne sells a house and land to Pierre Estienne. [Jean Etienne, Pierre Etienne].

6. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 26 January 1621. James Magnon sells a pièce of land at Mont-Gibel to Jean Langlois.

7. A signed minute dated 18 August 1614. Gist as No 2.

8. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 2 April 1642. Collas des Perques sells four pièces of land in St Martin to Thomas Maindonal.

9. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 25 September 1615. Marie Breton sells a pièce of land at the Hougue Hailla to Thomas de Beaucamp; another dated 9 March 1615; Marie Breton sells a rent to Jean Nicolle.

10. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 17 October 1623. Guardians of the children of Thomas Le Febvre owe various assigned rents to Mr Thomas de L'Isle.

11. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 22 October 1669. Partage of Sieur Jean Tirrel; made on the 10 January 1661. [Jean Tyrell]

12. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 2 December 1634. Survey of the house and lands of the Grandes Maisons; and an agreement between Jean Briard and Richard Robin on the same matter.

13. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 19 September 1597. Sale of the Courtil de la Hougette by William de Vick to Pierre Le Pettevin [Pierre Le Poidevin].

14. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 29 March 1636. George De la Cour owes rent to Sr Jean Briard.

15. An old book of judgments 1654-1660.

16. Various proc- [?] of individuals.

17. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 28 May 1606. Mr George Fashion sells a rent to Mr Thomas de Sausmarez.

18. Letter under seal of St Michel. 3 April 1657.  Elizabeth Corbin sells a pièce of land called the Touraille to Thomas Lenfestey.

19. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 12 March 1526. Phillipin Le Loreur owes Collas Mutel a rent.

20. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 22 October 1605. Mr Eleazar le Marchant sells the Courtil de la Marche to Jean Estienne.

21. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 20 May 1545. Collin Anquetil owes Mr James Guille a rent. [Colin Anquetil]

22. Letter under Bailiwick seal. 27 February 1542. Jean Quartier accepts the inheritance that belongs to him in right of his mother from Nicolas Noel.

23. Letter. 6 November 1620. Court finds that Thomas Lihou owes a sum of rent to Jean Le Pettevin.

24. Letter. 19 May 1635. Pierre Mauger son of Francois cedes to Sr Thomas Tramalier the seizure of the estate of Samuel Asseline.