List of Photographs in the Review of the Guernsey Society (II)

18th November 2021

Vols. XXXIX - XLII (1983-1986)


XXXIX I. Spring. Fig. 1. A donkey cart with men in rustic attire which publicised the St Martin's Exhibition and Fair in 1908. (Photo loaned by Victor Coysh). 2. Early 19th-century Guernsey militia uniforms worn at the St Martin's Exhibition and Fair in 1908. (Photo loaned by Victor Coysh). 3. Hauteville early in 20th century. Victor Hugo's house on right. (Postcard loaned by Xavier Kreiss). 4. La Fontaine, Castel, an old farmhouse with round stone chimney. (Photo S M Henry, 1959). II. Summer. Fig. 5. Guille-Alles Library: a view of the main Research Galleries refurbished in the original style of French Rococo architecture, completed and opened in 1981. (Photograph: H C Burr). 6. Guille-Alles Library's present entrance in Market Street, St Peter Port, erected in 1886 in light grey granite. (Photograph: H C Burr). 7. Aerial view of Beau Sejour, St Peter Port. (Photograph: Guernsey Press). 8. Pentameters and Independant Opera Group performing La Vier Guernesey at the Architectural Association to the Guernsey Society. Left to right: Sally Popperwell, Leon Berger, Angela Presman, Laurua Sproit, Leonie Scott-Matthews, Jo Scott-Matthews. (Photograph: Conrad Blakemore.) III. Winter. 9. Aerial view of Beaucette Marina near Bordeaux. (Reproduced by kind permission of the Guernsey Press Co. Ltd.). 10. Rocques Barrées House, Bordeaux. (Photograph Victor Coysh). 12.Bordeaux Harbour. (Photograph Victor Coysh). 12. Photogrpahic display at the Commonqealth Institute, London with visitors, including Sancia Rosoman and Audrey Le Lièvre. (Photograph: Xavier Kreiss.)


XL. I. Spring. Fig. 1. Moie des Orgeries, Sark. (Photograph K Rose). 2. Derrible Bay, Sark. (Photograph E Le Feuvre.) 4. One corner of the paved herb terrace at Les Heches, showing on left clove pinks with golden sage at back, parsley and rosemary in front, chamomile and viola on right, and honeysuckle etc. at back. II. Summer. Fig. 5. Alfred Machon stands in the doorway of his shop with arms akimbo. The other bare-headed man is James Collivet. Date about 1905. 6. Some members of the Guernsey Society after the talk by Ken Barton (bearded man at back on right) in February 1984. (Photograph: H C Burr.). 7. Inside the Vale Castle. (Photograph H C Burr.) 8. See 'More about Finlay', pp. 43-45. John Finlay, Corps of Royal Engineers. III. Winter. 9. Holy Trinity Church, St Peter Port. (Reproduced by kind permission of Carel Toms.) 10. A thatched cottage in Sark with a large fuchsia by the door. It is similar to one where the Reverend Elie Brevint lived for 62 years in the 17th century. (From a Tuck's postcard kindly lent by Mr T F Priaulx.) 11. The crossroads at the Castel early in the century before the cottages were pulled down. (From a postcard kindly lent by Mr T F Priaulx.) 12. View of Vale Castle 1984. (Reproduced by kind permission of Mr H C Burr.)


XLI I. Spring. Fig. 1. Chateau des Marais, aerial view 1984. (Copyright: The Guernsey Press.) 2. Ivy Castle (Chateau des Marais) at the turn of the century. (Photograph: the late Aline Head.). 3. Ivy Castle (Chateau des Marais) at the turn of the century. (Photograph: the late Aline Head.) 4. North Side, St Sampson's in 1938. A shp is loading stone and behind her is a glimpse of Mowlem's works. More prominent is Griffith's stone crusher, in the middle. II. Summer. 5. Arthur Charles SImon (1832-1924) in his 70's. 6. A very old scene: seaweed load passing base of Le Guet at Cobo. This is a very different Guet from the present. It shows how much Cobo granite has been quarried out from the quarry below Le Guet. (Moss print). 7. Le Guet with signalling mast, beacon, watch house and powder magazine to supply neighbouring gunsite. (From an engraving dated 1807 in possession of Jurat Dr S Hard, MBE.) 8. Fort Houmet Herbé, Alderney. (Photograph Guernsey Press.) III. Winter. Fig. 9. The new flag for Guernsey. 10. No. 2, St James' Place, 1981. 11. Albert and Linda Mariette in the back garden of No. 2, St James' Place, 1919. 12. Plan of the Battle of Sullivan Bay.


XLII. I. Spring. Fig. 1. The first concert at St James. Sir Yehudi Menuhin addressing the audience on July 6, 1985. The plaque, unveiled by the Duke of Kent the previous day is beside the tall flower piece on the left. (Reproduced by kind permission of the Guernsey Press.) 2. Mr Bob Burns anbd volunteer at La Plaiderie dig in 1985. (Photograph H C Burr.) 3. View across La Plaiderie dig towards Lower Pollet. (Photograph H C Burr.) 4. La Plaiderie house and cafe, Lower Pollet. (Photograph H C Burr.) II. Summer. Fig. 5. The Hon. Dorothy Palmer. 6. Louise de Garis and Nicky Gee talking about folklore at the AGM in May 1986. (Photograph Xavier Kreiss). 7. Part of the Guernsey Society at the AGM, May 1986. Muriel Harwood, Ted Carey, Martin Harvey, Audrey Le Lievre, Richard Walker, Sir Arnold de Montmorency, Sharon and Harry Stranger, Paul Howgate, James Le Conte, Lois Ainger. (Photograph Xavier Kreiss). 8. Court House, Cambridge, Ohio. Situated near the centre of the city. County seat of Guernsey County, built 1881 and dedicated 1883. In front is the War Memorial. III. Winter. Fig. 9. St Julian's Hall, 1917. 10. Moulin Huet depicted on the curtain at St Julian's Hall about 1914. (Photograph: Victor Coysh.) 11. The Old Harbour at the turn of the century. (Photograph: Aline Head.) 12. Winnowing machine and fans from Advocate Langlois' collection. (Photograph: Norman Grut).