2018 donations to the Priaulx Library

10th September 2019

The World of de la Rue, a 150th anniversary presentation (of the company), from Mrs Geraldine Alford.

A photocopy of a photograph of the family of James Henry Torode and Rachel Isabelle Mary Torode (nee Nicholle). From Jennifer Anstiss of NSW in Australia.

From Mireille Ball: an illustrated account of Seaplane Bungalow.

Jilll Barnicoat kindly donated the following items: Exhibition Catalogues of local artist Eric Snell; a selection of modern local books; and a school report from Kilmarni School.

Martin Bienvenu gave us a book published in 1675, Forty sermons on several occasions by the late ... Anthony Tuckney DD, to add to our collection.

A set of family trees came from A Klein.

Shaping the world, a book presented to the Library by The Channel Island Group of Professional Engineers, produced to mark the bicentenary of the Institution of Civil Engineers; it features 200 constructions that have been judged to have had the greatest impact on our lives, of which the Alderney breakwater is one.

David Collas gave us a set of documents pertaining to St James.

Gary Corbin donated a copy of an Occupation Diary, vol. 1 of 2 (vol. 2 lost) written by his late father-in-law Fred Le Goupillot.

Laurence Carey donated two volumes of Survey Computations, previously owned by de Vic Carey.

Lord de Saumarez donated digital copies of photographs from his collection (part of The Digital Priaulx project).

R A Victor de Garis donated a treasure trove of documents from the de Garis and Simon families (not yet available, to be catalogued).

Mrs Gillian Davies gave us a varied selection of documents: Carey and Guille MS family trees; the epitaph of John Guille; typescript lectures on Le Colombier (TW de Guerin); Island gathering 1969; a Guernsey Press of 27 June 1917; Occuaption scenes, Guernsey Press May 9 1946; Reverend Bell Diamond Wedding, 1 April 1909; a  facsimile copy of the first edition of the Guernsey Press; the arithmetic notebook of Thomas Le Poidevin, 1837; the conditions of the Braye du Valle, photocopy; a copy and transcript of a poem found in a book belonging to the parish of St Martin; Penny Bank Book (Les Adams); MS Billet 1810 (an unknown jurat); Billet 1811 (Torteval).

 M J Dowding gave a large amount of material from the private collection of the late journalist Dorothy Dowding. Press Pie magazines; St Martin's Church magazines; 


Local actor Patrick Dickson, now living in Australia, gave the Library copies of his abridged version of Toilers of the Sea and the corresponding audio book (6 CDs) and MP3 disc.


Philip Eastwood donated the Desmond Bagley collection, books and material relating to the English thriller author Desmond Bagley, long-time Guernsey resident.

 Mr and Mrs Gimes of Ramsgate gave us newspaper cuttings, a Red Cross Letter (WWII) and a death and a birth certificate.

Grahm Guille donated digital information on the Guille family.


Tony Halliday of NSW donated two beautifully-framed conveyances (18th century): Jean Le Mesurier to Isaac Dobree; Nicolas Gavey to Charles Torode, and conveyances in document form, Jean Brouard to Jean Lenfestey (1787); Jean Lenfestey to Jean Le Noury; and a droit du retrait lignager of 1792.