Stuck in the Siberia of France: Charles De Havilland

These letters form the basis of two very interesting articles by André Métayer of the Société Philatélique de Rennes. Charles (1786-1844), Captain in the 20th Regiment of Foot, was captured by the French at Capri in late 1808, and was unfortunate not to be ransomed or swapped. He remained in that miserable limbo, 'the Siberia of France,' as he called it, that was the lot of an officer POW;…

Rainbow in the Library: a home for 'Guernsey's Own' window

The Priaulx Library's St Aubyn room, where we keep our art, social and ancient history and Guernsey French collections, has always been a sunny and peaceful place to settle down to reading or research. It is even more lovely now, however, as it is flooded with colour from a beautiful stained glass window that has been transferred here from its original home at Kinloss Barracks in Scotland. The window was commissioned in 1984 to commemorate the founding of 'Guernsey's Own' 201 Squadron RAF in 1914.

Imperial War Museum Paintings

The Imperial War Museum have some interesting watercolours and photographs available online . These complement the Priaulx Library's own extensive collection of photographs and ephemera from the period of the Occupation and Liberation of Guernsey 1940-1945.