Colonel de Garis' MSS

10th April 2024
Folders of manuscripts belonging to Colonel de Garis of Sous L'Eglise, transcribed, in the Library collection.

The Fort George Brickfield, St Peter Port

6th March 2024
The history of a rather controversial piece of agricultural land. Research by D Bott & G Lenfestey, 2024. Written by G Lenfestey.On the western side of the Fort Road, between the top of the Val de Terres and Morley Chapel, is a large field, formerly known as the Courtil Colin, divided 2/3 and 1/3, and the 1/3 is divided into equal halves.There is a story that the fields have an embargo on them regarding building accommodation for domestic use on them, and that the larger field has always been known as The Queen's Field. The origin of this embargo, and the name 'The Queen's Field', is not known, but it has always been like that.

Notre Dame de la Perelle

6th March 2024
Notre Dame de la Perelle, Now known as Sainte ApollineBy George MétivierTranslated from a newspaper article originally written in French. He was an avid philologist, sometimes incorrect in his suppositions; his style is full of asides and annotations.

Islanders in Kitbags

29th November 2023
'Dedicated to more than 230 Guernsey sailors, soldiers and airmen who made the supreme sacrifice during the Second World War.' A list of the Guernsey servicemen and women whose biographies and accounts of their wartime experiences, often accompanied by photographs, are covered in this book by Richard Allisette, published by the Guernsey Press in 1985. There are copies in the Priaulx Library.