Donations 2018

10th April 2019

Mrs Geraldine Alford of Guernsey: The World of de la Rue 150th year anniversary presentation.

Jill Barnicoat of Guernsey gave us an Exhibition Catalogue of local artist Eric Snell, another Eric Snell Catalogue, and local books Guernsey's Forgotten Past, our own publication Guernsey on the Map, St Martin's (A Parish History), A Document School Report for Kilimani School, Guernsey.

Martin Bienvenu of Guernsey: Forty sermons upon several occasions by the late Reverend and learned Anthony Tuckney (1676)

From national treasure Molly Bihet came correspondence between hersefl and members of Force 135.

Les Bourgs Hospice Shop, Les Huriaux, St Martins: 5 Old Prints of Guernsey scenes and a Finucane Market Place print with key; Seminaire du droit normand 1938, framed photograph.


Adam Greening of the Channel Island Group of Professional Engineers: Shaping the World, a book produced to mark bicentenary of the Institution of Civil Engineers.  Shows Alderney Breadwater and Geomarine Ltd.


David Collas: Various documents to St James.


Richard John Collas gave us a photocopy of Major Marie Ozanne's diary 1942/1943, and handwritten notes taken when Mr Collas was interviewed by Dr. Gilly Carr (transcribed by library staff). photocopy of 1911 Communal Currency leaflet.


Conservation and Design, States Office: Family Trees Lesurier, Thoume and Mauger.


Trevor Cooper donated two copies of Mansion, Manor and Merchant Houses by Trevor Cooper.


Gary Corbin: photocopy of first part of an occupation diary written by Fred Le Goupillot.


Craig David: digital copies of aerial photographs of Guernsey (1962) and key to photographs.


R A Victor De Garis: 3 boxes, one containing various Livres de Percharge, one containing mostly Quarterly Reviews and Transactions and one box containing miscellaneous material e.g. Rent Books, Plan of Rocquaine Sea Wall (part).


Patrick Dickson gave us his adaptation of Victor Hugo's Toilers of the Sea (2015) P Dickson (Adapted) Book ISBN 9781517774288, an Audio Book of the same (6 CDs, narrated P Dickson), and an MP3 Disc.


M J Dowding of Guernsey: Press Pie Magazines (2 bound, 1 loose); Methodist Magazine and and Old Rent Book.


M Gaudion of Guernsey: First World War Diary of Harold Gaudion, Les Grippios, Vale.


Mr and Mrs Gimes of Kent: Cecil Mauger, newspaper cuttings, red cross letter, birth certificate.  Death certificate for Catherine Jane Earland, widow of Edward Le Pelley Mauger.


Graham Guille (USB:) Guille information, Talk and slide presentation for WEA.


Reverend John Guille gave us a Youngs Egg Cake Flour bag; 50 Years of Personal Service (Luff & Co) and A Souvenir of the Jubilee of the Furnishing House of Lovell & Co Ltd.


P Hackley: Family Tree (Brehaut).


Karen Haith: Left to their fate: Karen Haith B.A. Modern History, Queen Mary Westfiled College 1993 (dissertation + 5 audio cassettes, including interviews with Ruth Duquemen; Mona Brown; Pat Nichols née Winterflood; Herbert Nicolle; Mr Wilson & Miriam Mahy.


From Dawn Hobbs: The Brother's Burial Ground, From Our Family Albums book 1 & 2, The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902, Guernsey's Forgotten Past, Guernsey Pictures from the Past, Guernsey People.


Tim Hutley: Items belonging to Frank Stroobart, concerning H W Poat S.A.S., H W Le Patourel V.C.; F Stroobart notes.


Graham Jackson: Electronic copy of Molly Bihet's 1944 Occupation Intermediate School photograph with magnified copy of Molly as separate photograph.


David Le Conte: Gazette de Guernesey, 1 August 1914; Assorted copies of the Guernsey Evening Press & Star; Weekly Press 8 May; 5 June 1945; Daily Sketch 28 May 1945.


Elizabeth Le Grice:a newspaper article written for Western Morning News dated 2nd June 2018 about Betty de Garis during the occupation.


Tom Le Pelley: Collection of Occupation newspapers and pamphlets - various dates.


Gillian Davies: Royal Visit of HM King George V & HM Queen Mary Visit, 11/7/1921.  Gazette de Guernsey 16 November 1839.  Map of Guernsey. Alderney and Sark booklet.  Negative, labelled Princess Ena Alberta.  Monthly Review Channel Islands Society: - Stockport District.  The Guilberts of Hauteville, Channel Island Folk Tales Spring 1979 (Teachers Notes).  The First Farmers in the Channel Islands:  Travaux rendus par les participants guernesiais. Recueil de Cantiques 1818; John Wesley esquisse de sa vie et de son œuvre; ancient names of the bays, creeks, rocks &c by  Rev. R. Tourtel, B.D 1898; Recueil de maximes, depensées et de réflections M. DCC. LXXVI; réglements de l'ecole du dimanche ser attachant á la chapelle indépendante congrégationalist de Saint Sauveur 1922; ordinance relating to infectious diseases 1900; premier syllabaire des enfants 1891; x3 lecons á l'usage des classes enfantines de l'ecole congrégationaliste de St Sauveur 1921; catéchisme historique sur les saintes écritures 1892; mavor's spelling; sermons to young men by William Dodd; nouveue version des psaumes de David 1816


Nigel Lewis: Set of 1956 Guernsey Star Newspapers.


Joy Liggett: Vale Wesleyan Sunday School: centenary 1828-1928; Vale Methodist Church 1859-1959: service broadcast on 17 September 197-?; Descant news sheet of the Vale Methodist Church Choir (Rev. Moralee); Methodism in the CI / R. D. Moore,  & 1978 Eisteddfod syllabus. A beautiful possibility by Edith Ferguson Black (Sunday school prize - Victoria Road Chapel; The Ways of Marigold by Florence Bone (Sunday school prize); History of Ladies' College 1872-1963; Guiding in Guernsey 1973-4; Grammar School for Girls magazine (x5); Ilex (Ladies' Collegex 5); 1981 Lord Taverners Celebrity Cricket match; St Martin Methodist Church, Jersey; Bailiwick of Guernsey & Circuit Directory September - November 1989.


John Loveridge: The Channel Islands, their Postal History, Stamps and Postal Markings by William Newport.  Channel Islands - France Mail Serivces 1683-1939 by William NewportPostal Affairs during the German Occupation by William Newport and John Simpson.  Robertson's Ship Letters: Channel Island Section.  Pre Victorian Stamps and Franks by J J Paper.  Mail ships of the Channel Islands by R Mayne.  Wrecked on the Channel Islands by David Couling.  The Channel Islands of Jethou, its Stamps and Postal HistoryThe Island of Herm and its Posts by William Newport.  Early Channel Island Postal History by William Newport.  Early Guernsey Postal History (reprint TransactionsSG).  Early Channel Island Steamers 1823-1840 (reprint of TransactionsSG)English Channel Packet BoatsCross Channel and Coastal Paddle SteamersBoats, Trains and Channel Packets.

 Mike Martel donated a signed copy of his book, The Fallen: Old Elizabethans who served and died in World War One 1914-18.

Mrs L Merrien: Notebook belonging to Rita Allett of La Moye.  Partly in French (La Moye Chapel), (Rita Le Tocq, dressmaker).

 Claire Merritt: Diary of Maurice William Nottridge, covering occupation period.

 Methodist Church Circuit, Les Camps Methodist Church, St Martin: Baptismal Registers. Torteval 26.7.87 to 26.8.94 incomplete.  Forest 5.2.84 to 26.3.95 incomplete.  Stub of book 20.6.65 - 17.5.70 Sion, Torteval, Rocquaine, Les Adams and Carmel.  Stub of book 14.6.70 - 31.3.74 Sion, Torteval, Rocquaine and Carmel.  Stub of book 31.3.74 - 23.9.79 Sion, Torteval, Rocqaine, Les Adams, Carmel, Salem and PEH.  Marriage Registers Sion Chapel 9/4/20-20/7/33, 7/9/33 - 12/5/73 - 30/6/73 - 15/8/87.  Forest 3/8/61 -8/6/85, 25/7/20 - 20/10/60, 21/9/85 - 1/10/94. Carmel 2/9/20 - 8/9/62, 13/10/62 - 6/5/89.  St Martin Chapel 17/11/27 - 8/5/47, 2/8/48  - 26/10/68, (10/4/69 - 17/10/81 one register- same chapel?.  Les Camps 2/4/83 - 21/12/84) 25/5/85 - 3/9/05.  St Martins Mission 9/7/31 to 24/8/74.  Wesley 15/09/21 - 26/12/47, 31/3/49 to 9/7/88 inc. marriage cert for Michael J Northmore 24/5/90 and Special Licence for Robert Ellison 9/4/90 and Special Licence for George Simmons 5/7/90.  Folder of Marriage Certs. and Special Licence:  Les Camps 7/5/83 - 27/1/11, Ebenezer 30/8/86 (1), Roahis 19/7/96, 25/12/98, 28/8/99, 15/4/2003 (4), Bordeaux 27/8/93, 14/10/99 (2) + Special Licence 1/7/11, Les Capelles 4/10/2001 (1), St Andrew's 18/9/84 + 20/8/88 (2), Torteval 23/9/2000 (1), Forest 24/6/93 (1) Marriage dissolved in Royal Court 27/11/84 (m 1/2/79 at Vale Parish Church)

 Musée de Normandie, Université de Caen: L'Ile dans les Iles: The Island in the Isles.

 Matin Neudorfl of the Czech Republic gave us Université Charles Faculté des lettres, Mémoire de Master, Prague 2017 (Masters degree re Sarkees).

 Diana Nicolle: Who's Who in the Channel Islands and Diary of the German Occupation of Guernsey 1940-1945 by J C Sauvary.

 Peter Niven, local author, donated hi: book, Samuel Le Page Raddan from Guernsey to Park City,  Utah.  Book, St James the Less.


James O'Brien: A View of Guernsey Economics shaped by its Economic History.  In presentation manual/ring binder form.  Detailing economic aspects of Guernsey over 300 years using Economictables and models.  'Research based on statistics held by Priaulx Library and developed using my life and work experience of Economics and Guernsey economics.' (The author is a former teacher and lecturer in Economics.)


R J Ozanne: Channel Island Transport, v. 1 & 2; Bailiwick of Guernsey, Alderney and Guernsey bus and coach operators; Bailiwick of Jersey bus and coach operators; and The Donkey rides out.


Peter Kuckuk & Ursula Moosler of Germany presented us with the diary of Gerhard Kuckuk, written during the German occupation of Guernsey & illustrated with water colours; a Soldbuch (military record book); Wehrpass (Passport); Photograph of Gerhard Kuckuk seated at the piano; Tourist brochure (for German soldiers, June 1941); POW camp stamps with medical details.


Author and researcher Philip Eastwood, of Wales: the Desmond Bagley Archive.


Keith Pike of the Friends of the Priaulx Library: School Register, St Sampsons, 4 pages only c. 1963-1968.


Eric Powell: The boy's own annual  - 5 vols.  (From Le Vallon with Victor G. Carey's and Bertram de Vic Carey's signatures).


Michael A Robert: Brecqhou by P Rivett, The de Gruchy's of JerseyPress Directory 1964, Fifty Years of Freedom.

Paul Rouget, in memory of his father, Michael John Rouget son of Frederick Richard Rouget: Carterette of Sark by John Oxenham. Donated to the library by Paul Rouget in memory of his father.