Guillermo Tupper: A Guernsey hero's family visit from Chile

10th September 2019
Alejandro de Vic Tupper and his family at the Priaulx Library, Guernsey, September 9 2019

A super morning spent with the lovely Tupper family from Chile - Alexander de Vic, senior and junior, Loreto and Isabel Margarita Tupper, descendants of the famous Guernsey-born soldier and hero of the Chilean Civil War, William de Vic Tupper. Born in 1800, he was the son of John Elisha Tupper and Elizabeth Brock. He was educated in Paris and his family intended him to become a merchant. Adventurous as many of the Tupper family seemed to have been, he journeyed to Chile in 1821. Known in South America as Guillermo Tupper, or William de Vic Tupper Brock (although his surname was not Brock), he took part in a campaign to liberate Peru from the Spanish and fought in the Chilean Civil War on the side of the Independance movement; he died in 1830, a Lieutenant-Colonel, at the Battle of Lircay, and remains a hero to this day in Chile.