Murder in the Library!

The Guernsey Literary Festival ran from 12th-15th May 2011. The Priaulx Library was the venue for discussions of the book that perhaps most represents Guernsey for islanders, G.B. Edwards' The Book of Ebenezer Le Page, with Professor Edward Chaney, the man to whom the book was dedicated. This represented a very interesting opportunity for those who appreciate this much admired work.

A "suspect" gives evidence

On 12th May, at 8.00 pm., the Library doors opened for the evening's main event: the inaugural Guernsey Poetry Festival was interrupted by the terrible murder of the Festival Director at the Priaulx Library! Whodunnit? Guests used their sleuthing skills to follow the plot and eventually track down the murderer in this intriguing mystery by poet Sara-Jane Arbury, who provided the evidence and clues and 'dressed' the Library for the occasion. Cheltenham-based Sara-Jane is a performance poet, writer and actor who has appeared in many guises at many venues, including shopping centres, radio, racecourses and schools.

The scene of the crime

The evening was a resounding success. Guernsey actors played the suspects with great aplomb, even remaining in character during the interval so that they could be questioned by the 60 intrigued guests. The body, as shown in the accompanying picture, was modelled by our own Chief Librarian, though we hasten to assure you she is not actually that shape .... And as for whodunnit, that will have to remain a mystery to all those who were not present at the reveal!