Priaulx Library podcast!

6th September 2023

The Priaulx Library podcast, 'Guernsey Life & Times', is produced by our Chief Executive, Steve Foote, and a member of our Priaulx Library Council, Jim Delbridge. Jim is a seasoned local radio presenter. The podcast features interviews with experts on Guernsey topics, and examines all sorts of aspects of Guernsey life, tradition, and history. Here's a list of the topics covered so far!

May/June 2022:

Quarrying on the North Side, by Peter Stewart

Quarrying - Church House, by Peter Stewart

Placenames - Potter's Corner, by Marilyn Fisken

Library Newspaper digitisation, with Sue Laker (Chief Librarian), and volunteer scanners Alan Solway & Barry

Book of the Month, Reformation and Society in Guernsey, by Darryl Ogier, by Dinah Bott

Guernsey surnames, Domesday Book - by Steve Foote

Guernesiais - Denys Corbet, by Yan Marquis

September 2022:

Library News - Summer Exhibition 2022 - '125 Years of the Guernsey Press', with journalist Rob Batiste and Katrina Bray of sponsors Ravenscroft

Book of the Month, Huguenots in the Channel Islands by Richard Nash, Steve Foote

Guernsey surnames, Top 100 - with Steve Foote

Quarrying Part III, with Peter Stewart

Literature - The Book of Ebenezer Le Page, with Edward Cheney

Library - Life in the Priaulx Library in the 1960s-70s, with Marianne Palmer-Smith

February 2023:

Maritime History - 'La Vierge du Bon Port', 1666 shipwreck, with Damien Sanders

Guernsey surnames - occupations, Steve Foote

Library events - Priaulx After Dark, Judith Finnamore & Michael Lowe

History - 200 years of the Meat Market, with Steve Foote

Book of the Month - Guernsey Past and Present, by Marco Tersigni

Library news - Priaulx closure with Judith Finnamore

March 2023:

Library life - The Library Council, with Nik van Leuwen

Guernsey surnames - topological, with Steve Foote

Literature - Literary Festival preview, with Claire Allen

Library life - the late David Kreckeler, with J-P Fallaize

Alderney - Lucas Houguez of the Casquets, with Jim Delbridge

April 2023:

Architecture - Les Caches with Andrew Dyke

Book of the Month - Glossary of Guernsey French and Sark Sayings, with Mari Jones

Guernsey surnames - nicknames, with Steve Foote

Library - Shipwrecks

Architecture - Witches' seats, with Andrew Dyke

Book of the Month - 'Clouds in my Guernsey sky'

Guernsey surnames - Patronymics, with Steve Foote

July 2023:

Library news - Summer Exhibition preview

History - new film, Born of Water, with Alex Bates

Tourism - Tourguiding, with Simon de la Rue

Guernsey Icons - Stone de Croze, with Mark Guppy