Printed Transactions for sale

6th August 2018

A number of copies of The Report and Transactions of the Société Guernesiaise are being sold at the Priaulx Library in aid of funds. They are modern (dating from the 1980s onwards) and are priced at £1 each. Please contact the Priaulx Library for further details. (Visitors to the Library only, apologies to our off-island friends!)

Transactions of La Sociétè Guernesiaise For Sale at £1 each

Selection of Articles contained in these Transactions


Report & Transactions 1982 Vol XXI, Part II

Articles on A Guernsey Merchant of the Commonwealth Period, from the Memorandum book of James de Havilland, Adolphus Bichard's Reminiscences of the Stone Industry, by P.J. Girard & Compton Mackenzie on Herm & Jethou


Report & Transactions 1983 Vol XXI, Part III

Articles on A Guernsey Merchant and his family in the Reign of George II by Richard Hocart & The Lukis Geological Collection by Dr. A. E. Mourant, F.R.S. & Excavation, of an Iron age site at Les Huguettes, Alderney by Kenneth Wilson


Report & Transactions 1984 Vol XXI Part IV

Articles Include Excavations at the Vale Castle, Guernsey by Kenneth J. Barton & Guernsey’s Livery Stables by W.J. Carman


Report & Transactions 1985 Vol XXI, Part V

Articles Include, The Wetlands of La Claire Mare by D.M. Bramall, Gallo Roman finds from Guernsey & Herm by R.B. & GA. G. Burns, Fort George, Past & Present by Victor Coysh


Report & Transactions 1987 Vol XXII, Part II

Articles on Clandestine Trade in the Mid 18th Century by Canon Peter Raban, TD, Imaginative Literature of the C.I. by Duncan King, MSc. & Hottentot Fig IN Guernsey by C.D. Preston


Report & Transactions 2006 Vol XXVI Part I

Seabird 2000, Breeding Seabirds of the Bailiwick 1999-2001 by Jamie Hooper.  Warren De La Rue and Paul Jacob Naftel- Scientist and Artist, and two eclipses by David Le Conte.  The Forest Church Sundial, by David Le Conte


Report & Transactions 2007 Vol XXVI Part II

Articles include Jean Guille & the Management of the St. George Estate 1714-1721 by Richard Hocart, & The impacts of a Changing Climate on Guernsey's Environment, Bird ringing report for 2007 & Historic buildings report


Report & Transactions 1980 Vol XX, Part V

Excavations at Chateau des Marais by Kenneth James Barton, Geroge Metivier,  Guernsey's National Poet by Peter Girard, & Brambles of Guernsey & Sark by D. E. Allen


Report & Transactions 1986 Vol XXII, Part I

War & Trade in the Mid-Eighteenth Century by Canon Peter Raban TD, The Geology of Guernsey; Unique in the British Isles by Chris Topley


Report & Transactions 1999 Vol XXIV Part IV

The 1999 Total Eclipse by David Le Conte, Saints Farm & Fief Fortescu, The impact of Population Change in Guernsey by Dr. David De Garis De Lisle, & Lichens of Sark by Peter James , Ann Allen and Barbara Hilton


Report & Transactions 2000 Vol XXIV Part IV

A new look at the early Tostevins in Guernsey, by David Pedgley OBE, Mon Plaisir and the Methodists by Rev. Arthur Mignot & Sark's Hope Mine - A Mineral and historical evaluation of lead ore from by Rob Ixer


Report & Transactions 2001 Vol XXV Part I

A List of the Birds of Guernsey by A.J. Bisson, Lichens of Alderney by Peter James BSc. & Trees and Large Shrubs of Sark by  Roger Veal, Rob Waterman and Carolyn Helyar


Report & Transactions 2004 Vol XXV, Part IV

Alderney's Breeding Seabirds by Jeremy Sanders, Nineteenth Century Sunbonnets in the Channel Islands by Gillian & Lenfestey, Weather in Guernsey 2004


Report & Transactions 1995 Vol XXIII Part V

A Group of Glass Bottle Seals found in Guernsey  by Vivien Ferneyhough B.A. (Hons).  Guernsey Scenery and the Picturesque Movement by David Shayer, & The Human Remains from Alderney C.I. by Marta Mrazon Laahr & Margaret Bellatti


Report & Transactions 1996 Vol XXIV Part I

The Priory of Notre Dame, Lihou Island, Guernsey by Heather Sebire.  Issues of overpopulation by Dr. Savid G. De Lisle & The Stories of Bad'lagoule translated by Ken Hill & 19th Century Tourism in the C.I.'s and the visit of Sir David Edderburn in 1873 by Vince Gardiner Lisle & The Stories of Bad'lagoule translated by Ken Hill & 19th Century Tourism in the C.I.'s and the visit of Sir David Edderburn in 1873 by Vince Gardiner


Report & Transactions 1988 Vol XXII Part III

The Wild and Naturalised Plants of the Island of Brecqhou, The Sark Hoard by Dr. S.K. Kellett-Smith


Report & Transactions 1991 Vol XXIII Part I

Nicholas Le Tocq 1854-1886 Seaman and Trooper by Lelsie Le Tocq, John Walter Lukis by Brian Featherstone, The Importance of Guernsey Quarries for Conservation by J. Gilmour, D. Thoumine & P Vaudin


Report & Transactions 1992 Vol XXIII Part II

The Building of the New Town by Richard Hocart, Medical Practices at the Town Hospital 1743-1850 by G.M. Lenfestey St. Matthew's Church, Cobo by George M Bramall B.A. Hons & Peter J. Girard D.Sc. & The Great  Seal of Charles II at Sausmarez by N.R, Tostevin


Report & Transactions 1993 Vol XXIII Part III

A Flora of Herm and its off-Islets by Jennie Le Huquet, Crisis at the Ladies' College 1899-1900 or the Dovecote fluttered by Rosemary Booth MA (Hons).


Report & Transactions 1994 vol XXIII Part IV

The Guernsey Fern by Nigel Jee, Guernsey English,  my mother tongue by Pauline Barbe MA PhD & Bailiwick Weather by Brian Bonnard


Reports & Transactions 1989 Vol XXII Part IV

Guernsey 's Insurance History and Initial Essay by Michael Ward FC11, A Brief Survey of the Dialect of Sark by A.J. Liddicoat & Fungi of the Bailiwick of Guernsey by R. J. Watling


Report & Transactions 1990 Vol XXII Part V

Nicholas  Le Messurier (1731-1759) A Guernsey Privateer Captain in the Seven years War,  Canon Peter Raban R.D. George Dalgarno and Guernsey, by David Cram, Jesus College Oxford. & The Growth of the Village De Putron by Raymond Clark, M.A.


Centenary Transactions 1882-1982 with Reports for 1981


Include one Hundred Years of Archeological Research by Heather Sebire BA

The Loss of the Stella, by David Shayer, Anthony Trollope & The Guernsey Postal Service by Philip Stevens & Flags of Guernsey and Jersey, by Jean Le Pelley