A virtual exhibition on Victor Hugo: Ocean-Man

The Bibliothèque nationale presents a comprehensive online exhibition in both French and English: Victor Hugo, l'homme océan, examining his deep connection with the sea and concentrating on his Guernsey novel, Les Travailleurs de la Mer.

Jean Delalande, in his 1947 book in the Library entitled Victor Hugo à Hauteville House, said: 'Un jour le poète reçut à Guernesey une letter dont l'enveloppe portait simplement: Victor Hugo—Océan.'

Once, the poet received a letter at Guernsey adressed simply to 'Victor Hugo, the Ocean.' [p. 129.]

Hugo's illustrations for Les Travailleurs de la Mer are included; a set of these illustrations is in the possession of the Priaulx Library and can be consulted on request. The exhibition was created in 2002.

Those who need to see the text in English should make sure to click the 'english' option in small red letters at the top left-hand corner of the opening screen. Please note that the majority of the text is in French only. The rest of the text, of which there is a great deal of much interest, including educational resources,can be accessed from the opening screen, by clicking on the small word 'français' in white at the bottom of the screen.

Note also that the illustrations may be enlarged by clicking on them, and have accompanying text, but that the screen will return to the beginning of the scrolling text rather than the point at which you selected an illustration.