In the zone: oldies but goodies

5th May 2017

Guernsey a hotspot for oldies!

In May we hosted some important academic research about longevity—Mrs Neve, a 'supercentenarian,' was one of many islanders who have lived to well over 100! We were visited by Michel Poulain of the University of Louvain and Bernard Jeune of The University of Southern Denmark, Odense, who have studied and written extensively on the subject of longevity, and who had come to the Library officially to inspect the dates of birth and death of our golden oldies with the view of including them in a book to be published later this year.

You can read one of Michel's articles about hotspots for long life online: Michel Poulain, Anne Herm and Gianni Pes, 'The Blue Zones: areas of exceptional longevity around the world,' Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2013 (Vol. 11), pp. 87–108. Do we qualify as a Blue Zone? That remains to be seen!