Auction catalogues rebound

29th July 2015

Sale of Saumarez Estates, 1930 and 1937. Please contact the Library for further information.

Two complementary sets of documents and drawings have recently been bound together.

1. The sale of the Haye du Puits, at auction 28 October 1930 in London. Catalogue. Signature S Carey Curtis. Lot 1. The Interesting Residence. There are photographs illustrating exterior and interior, Drawing Room &c. The Delightful Grounds. Lot 2. Nine valuable freehold enclosures of grass and arable land &c. Lot 3. Valuable block of building land. Plan of the Estate. Traced plans of floors of building. Letter, 13 May 1931, to Mr Bamford re renovations at Haye du Puits, including £100 for stripping vegetation from roofs and gutters. Tracing of estate (garden) with field names.

2. A residential estate, important licensed properties &c., forming part of the De Saumarez Estates. Catalogue. By auction, Lofts & Warner, London, 26 October 1937.

  • Saumarez Park
  • Grande Rocque Hotel
  • Grass and agricultural land
  • Queen's Hotel, St Peter Port (now Moore's Hotel)
  • Forest Lodge, Forest Lane, St Peter Port, and the extensive gardens and glasshouses. Attention is drawn to the extremely valuable site in the heart of the Town formed by this lot and the Queen's Hotel.

Lot 1. Saumarez Park, Castel. With photographs of the house and lake. Lot 2. Grande Rocque Hotel, with 4 acres of land. Lot 3. Three enclosures of grassland. Lot 4. Two enclosures of grassland. Lot 5. An enclosure of agricultural land. Lot 6. An enclosure of agricultural land. Lot 7. An enclosure of agricultural land. Lot 8. Queen's Hotel, St Peter Port. With drawing of exterior. Lot 9. Forest Lodge, Forest Lane, St Peter Port. Lot 10. The important and centrally situated Gardens and Glasshouses. 1 v. 22 p.

Maps of Lot 1 and Lots 1-7, based on the Ordnance Survey.

The Library has a great deal more material about the Saumarez Estates from the 19th century onwards. Please contact the Library for more information.