Guillermo Tupper: A Guernsey hero's family visit from Chile

10th September 2019
A super morning spent with the lovely Tupper family from Chile - Alexander de Vic, senior and junior, Loreto and Isabel Margarita Tupper, descendants of the famous Guernsey-born soldier and hero of the Chilean Civil War, William de Vic Tupper. Born in 1800, he was the son of John Elisha Tupper and Elizabeth Brock. He was educated in Paris and his family intended him to become a merchant.…

Bookbinding: making appointments

19th June 2019
The Priaulx Library uses Sycamore Bookbinding of Eastwood, Nottingham, to bind and conserve its collections. They also have a Facebook presence. Andy Graves, the Director, visits the Library approximately every quarter. He will undertake private commissions. If you wish to arrange to meet with Andy at the Library on one of his visits, please email him at [email protected]; owing to…

Donations 2018

10th April 2019
Mrs Geraldine Alford of Guernsey:  The World of de la Rue 150th year anniversary presentation. Jill Barnicoat of Guernsey gave us an Exhibition Catalogue of local artist Eric Snell, another Eric Snell Catalogue, and local books  Guernsey's Forgotten Past , our own publication  Guernsey on the Map , St Martin's (A Parish History) , A Document School Report for Kilimani School,…

The Digital Priaulx

1st November 2018
The Priaulx Library is beginning an extensive programme of digitisation in order to preserve the precious documents and images it has in its collections. In so doing the Library is also making its wealth of material more easily accessible to visitors and researchers.  Digitised newspapers and documents, as well as the Guernsey Photographic Archive and the map collection, will be available to…

Printed Transactions for sale

6th August 2018
A number of copies of The Report and Transactions of the Société Guernesiaise are being sold at the Priaulx Library in aid of funds. They are modern (dating from the 1980s onwards) and are priced at £1 each. Please contact the Priaulx Library for further details. (Visitors to the Library only, apologies to our off-island friends!) Transactions of La Sociétè Guernesiaise For Sale at £1 each…

Window film renewed

6th July 2018
Any book collector will know and dread the fearful power of the sun. Spines drained of colour, pages yellowed, leather cracked. Making sure this doesn 't happen to our precious books is one of the responsibilities of the staff at the Priaulx Library, and we have recently renewed the film on our large Georgian windows to ensure that the UVF protection for our collection is the best it can be.…

New services at the Digital Priaulx

3rd July 2018
Find My Past and The British Newspaper Archive, invaluable tools for the genealogist, normally only available by subscription, are free to use to all visitors to the Priaulx Library as part of the Digital Priaulx project. Ask at reception!

Osmond gets a facelift

10th April 2018
Art restorer Sally Ede-Golightly has been patiently working on the benign but slghtly shabby features of our benefactor, Osmond de Beauvoir Priaulx. The work has been sponsored by Martel Maides Auctions , to whom the Library is very grateful. Osmond is pretty pleased too; he is now bright and positively beaming! To get in touch with Sally contact Ede Conservation.