17 August 1822: A presentation to Daniel De Lisle Brock: donations

Subscribers to the fund giving thanks to the Bailiff for his efforts in stopping restrictive clauses of a proposed Corn Bill, from L'Independance and The Star, and for sorting out problems with the Rum Bill, from the lucrative privileges of which the Bailiwick had been excluded. The Artisans and the Country parishes collected separately for different pieces of plate, presented in 1823.

The subscription to the fund for a piece of commemorative silverware, to be presented by the Tradesmen [Artisans] of this island, as a body, to the Bailiff, is open chez the members of the Committee appointed at an extraordinary meeting for this purpose, on the 12th August last: Messrs: Jean Ozanne, Wm. Brouard, F. Ollivier, jun., T. Snow, T. Bichard, J. Foster, J. Martel, R. Guille, J. Valpy, J. Lihou, J. Grover, T. Tissier, jun., P. Naftel. This fund, which was only opened to subscribers last Tuesday, has already reached over £30.

[A list of subscribers to the Artisans' Fund was also published in the Gazette de Guernesey of 2 September, 1822. Differences and additions to the L'Indépendance list from the Gazette are noted in square brackets.]


August 16th, 1822. The committee named by the Meeting of the Inhabitants held at Coles' Hotel, on Wednesday 7th inst., having met this day, resolved,

1st. That the subscription list in Town be closed on Tuesday 27th inst., and in the country, one week after.

2nd. That a list of all the subscribers be annexed to the address which shall be presented with the piece of Plate voted at the said Meeting.

3rd. That the Committee, highly gratified with the liberality of those Inhabitants who have already subscribed, think it necessary to observe that the object in view, being to evince the grateful sense, which the public in general entertain of the eminent services, and good will of their worthy Bailiff, every person's subscription, let his means or donation be ever so moderate, will be received with pleasure, either at Mr Greenslade's, the Star, Gazette and Independance Printing Offices, or by any of the Members of the Committee. H. SHEPPARD, Treasurer.


William Collings, John Collings, Lewis Dunière, Loyal Society, John Mellish, Charles De Jersey, John Le Mottee, Frederick Mansell, Joseph Collings, John Bonamy, John Le Quesne, Peter Bredhafft, John Allaire, jun., A. & R. Isemonger, Nicholas Giffard, John Lukis, Hilary Rougier, John Harvey, T. Barwis, C. Perrot, Henry Giffard, J. M. Le Tissier, N. Le Lièvre, H. D. Jeremie, H. Sheppard, J. Marquand, H. T. Brehaut, J. Valrent, G. Le Boutillier, J. Martin & son, Thomas Thomson, John Wilson, T. Bowles & Co., Charles Dauvergne, Thos. Greenslade, Nicholas Grut, D. Le Masurier, Elias Mourant, Major McCrea, Edward Bennet, Samuel Jones, Alex. Deschamps, Thomas Brown, M. P. Godwin, Wm. Jones, James Agnew, Mrs Bellamy, John Jeremie, R. De Carteret, W. S. Sheppard, Peter Mollet, John De Carteret, W. De Jersey, Miss De Lisle, Miss Payne, Peter J. Agnew, Nicholas Mauger, T. Le Lièvre (Hauteville), Thomas Clugas, Peter Lihou, James Thoume, Nicholas Boucaut, John Brehaut, Nicholas Robert, John Collings, N. Richardson, J. B. Arnold, Paul Naftel, Barry Le Patourel, Peter Bienvenu, M. Moss, W. Le Masurier, jun., John Ozanne, John Brouard, William Brouard, James Jeremie, Thomas Mauger, William Torode, John Tilbury, A. Agnew, jun., John Bienvenu, A. J. Naftel, John Picot, John Grut, Peter De Putron, Joseph Touzeau, Wm. Jefferys, Wm. De Putron, Jospeh Gullick, Stephen Martin, Francis De Putron, John De Putron, Daniel Moullin, James Rougier, Wm. Le Lievre, Peter Le Lievre, H. A. Mansell, William Coombes, Js. & Jn. Cochrane, Wm. Stephens, Peter Harris, Nicholas Le Page, Capt. A Laine, Frederick C. Lukis, Dr. Monk, Dr. Walters, N. Le Prevost, George Breton, John Moore, Joseph Renouf, John Touzeau, John Vaudin, George Foote, John Mourant, Hilary Boucaut, Nicholas Paint, J. Tautevin, Thos. Domaille, Frederick Price, Richard Brice, Dr. O'Brien, John Le Quesne, jun., Nicholas Maingy, jun., P. S., C. Heineken, J. D. P., Nicholas Collenette, Peter Sebire, John Marrett, John Vidamour, Jospeh Sleque, Doctor Mauger, E. & M. Le Mottee, John Aptor, Ph. Le Maistre, Amice Le Cocq, H. L. M., S. Pierce.

L'Indépendance 24th August 1822

List of Subscriptions (continued) for a piece of Plate, to be presented to Daniel De Lisle Brock, Bailiff.

James Frecker, Thos. Naftel, Daniel Boucaut, R. Waterman, Mr Vidamour, Elias Guerin, T. J. Brehaut, Bonamy Mansell, Mrs Ozanne, No. 180, John Allaire, sen., N. Bodilly, J. Macculloch, P. De Jersey, Surgeon, C. Dewsburg, John Kaines, Ph. Benest, Messrs Schwartz Bros, of Hamburg, P. Lehmann, Dantzig, Daniel Mollet, William Belin, J. Rougier, jun., Daniel Le Prevost, A. E., Wm. Boucaut, Ph. Nicolle, M. Desperques, John Le Page, Bordage, Thos. Le Lièvre, Truchot, Abraham Trachy, 3 young brothers, Country Mansell: C. W. Renouf, Wm. Renouf, Rodk Renouf, Lieut Warren, Thos. Coles, James Thoume's three sons: Peter Thoume, Thos. Thoume, Nichs. Thoume, A. through W. Collings.

LES ARTISANS!! Subscription list made for the fund to buy a piece of silverware for presentation to our worthy Bailiff, by the Artisans of this island, following their decision made at the meeting of the 12th August, at the Shakespeare near the Court.

William Martin, George Sinel, John Le Sueur, John Sulloch [Sullock], A. Tourtel, P. Melon, J. Melon, C. Hawkins, Spurway, R. Lihou, E. Gallienne, Miss Frecker, John Du Four, R. Bennett, Mrs Toal, R. Webb, W. Hancock, [Miss] Tizard, Mrs Guilbert, Robert, Vermoullin, Davis, Mrs Loyd, S. De La Rue, Mrs Grout, Mrs Alger [Ogier], J. Brooks, Mrs P. Jehan, Mrs H. Jehan, Mr Thomas Burley, Mr. Wm. Torode, Mr [Henri] Dovy, Mr [G.] Frost, A. Pearce, Mrs. Pising, J. [John] Wheadon, H. Le Gallez, Mrs Chant, Mr J. [James] Elliot, Mr[s] Williams, Mahy & Le Page, John Le Page, Knot & Le Page, Mr[s] Griffith, Mr Martin, Mrs Bayles, Mr [Joseph] Dowington, [Mrs] Lihou, Thos. Burleigh, Mrs Roberge, W. Stacey, J. Farnham, Jas. Le Cheminant, Miss De Jersey, Mrs Mann, Jer. Corbet, Wm. McGill, Mrs Marchant, Mrs Le Page, John Dorey, Mrs Cheminant, Jas. Langlois, Mrs Alger, J. Sarchet, son of John, G. [Guillaume] Sarchet, John Renier, Marie Vallet, John Pill.

The ARTISANS' COMMITTEE thank the public for the support they have received and are delighted to observe that the fund has already reached around £55. Could those who still wish to donate kindly contact a Committe member as soon as possible, who will be pleased to receive their donation. The Committee would also like to point out that the subscription is likely to be closed in the very near future. Signed W. BROUARD and J. VALPY, Treasurers.

L'Indépendance 31st August 1822

List of Subscriptions (continued) for a piece of Plate, to be presented to Daniel De Lisle Brock, Bailiff.

T. G. Collings, J. Mellish, for Messrs Hambro' and Co. of Copenhagen, C. Seager, Hilary De Baugy, Mr De Jersey, Touillets, Peter Collas, Sir John Bateman, Nicholas Le Mottée, Peter Allez, James Vionnée, Andrew Agnew, F. Major Cochrane, John Hawks, Edmund Richards.

Subscription list made for the fund to buy a piece of silverware for presentation to our worthy Bailiff, by the Artisans of this island, following their decision made at the meeting of the 12th August, at the Shakespeare near the Court. (Continuation.)

Mary Brouard, Mr Bienvenu, I. R. N., A. Ami, Z. Ami, J. Lauga, P. Le Page, [A. Souchon] Souchong, The Sarnian Sage, Cabot, Madame [Mlle] Netrel, Hooper, [M.] Able, S. Waterman, Mrs Mordaunt, Mrs Palmer, T. Croft, Mrs Redmy [Redny], Teed, Gardner, Whitcomb, P. L. Q., Anne Guillard, George Tabel, E. Shale, T. De France, Mrs Turner, Mrs Le Page, Mrs De La Mare, Mrs J. Bichard, N. Brouard, Matthew Heller, John Roussel, Walter Dado, J. Bowles, H. Le Tissier, Joseph Jamonneau. Thos., per B., N. Le Pelley, jun., Abraham Gallienne, A. B., Wm. Jeffrey, N. De Jersey, A. Z. , Mrs M. De Jersey, N. Brouard.

L'Indépendance 7th September 1822

List of Subscriptions (continued) for a piece of Plate, to be presented to Daniel De Lisle Brock, Bailiff.

Alex Agnew, Joseph Mauger, Edw. Sawkins, Rev. N. Bernel, Wm. Corbet, B.M., Peter Martel:

ST MARTIN'S PARISH. J. Jeremie, J. Brehaut, C. Heineken. Capt. Barton, Lt. Nicholas Mauger, Major Forty, Moses Vaudin, Jean Martin, Jean Blanche, Jean De Putron, Pierre Tardif, Rich. Rabey, John Tardif, Thomas De Mouilpied & son, John David, Thos. De Putron, Thos. Martin, Martha De Putron (Varclin), Hilary Du Frocq, Samuel Du Frocq, Thos. Mauger, Peter Thoume, Nicholas Thoume, P. De Mouilpied, Joseph Tourtel, Peter Du Four, Samuel De Mouilpied, Nicholas Du Four, Samuel Brophy, Mw. McCrindell, Nicholas Rabey, Charles Dowdney, Daniel Le Clerc, Henry Mauger, Jean Priaulx, Josue Mauger, Daniel De Mouilpied, Elizabeth Le Bas, THomas Renouf, A. T., M. B., Daniel Mauger, Ab. Bourgaize, J. M. G., Theodore Mallebay, Pierre Le Patourel, Pierre Mauger, Jean Jehan, Charles Mauger, Thomas Le Sauvage, Daniel Tourtel, Jean Le Sauvage, Charlotte Falla, N. Mauger (de Saint), John Martin (Ruette), N. Le Clerc, fils, Pierre Du Four, Ph. De Bertrand, Pierre Robert, Nichlas Tardif, Daniel Tardif, P. Thoume (Varclin), Pierre Martin, Pierre Marquand, Hilary De Bertrand, Elizabeth Toumine, James Langlois, Thos. Langlois, Jean De Putron, George Robert, Charles Rabey, Abm. Tardif, James Robert, David Le Lièvre, Madame Naftel, Nicholas Eton, Pierre David, Catherine De Putron, Thomas De Putron.

ST ANDREW'S PARISH. Rev. T. Grut, John Guilbert, John Guilbert, Thomas Guilbert, Judith Le Sauvage, Nicholas Guilbert, John Le Sauvage, Thomas Blondel, John Le Prevost, John Blondel, John Brouard, James Gavet, Massy De La Rue, Charles Le Lacheur, John Martin, John Le Lacheur, Nicholas Naftel, Nicholas Brouard, John Rougier, Peter Sarre, John Robert (Villaize), J. Robert, jun. (Grés), Marie Marquand, Nicholas Marquand, William Naftel, Abraham Martin, Helier De Garis, Nicholas Renouf (Monee), John Quertier, Peter Lihou, Wm. Lihou, David Marquand, John Le Prevost, John Robert (Archers), Hilary Quertier, John De Mouilpied, Henry Girard, Nicholas Le Sauvange, Peter De Mouilpied, Nicholas Mauger, Henry De Jersey.

L'Indépendance 14th September 1822

PIECE OF PLATE TO THE BAILIFF. Additional Subscriptions from St Andrew's. Nicholas Le Messurier, Nicholas Mauger, Mrs Leman.


The Members of the Committee are honoured to notify their friends that the fund has already reached more than £72, and that the subscription will close on the 23rd of this month.

N. Le Nourri [Nouri], W. Angel [tobacconist], Mrs Stanbury, Brown, Friend D. G. [Ami, D. G.], A Friend S. M., Friends E., B. (fem.), M., Mary Bichard, Amies B. & S., John Torode, Mich. Flowers, T. B., P. D. L., T. Fleure, Jas. Croft, D. Le Pelley, Metcalf, P. Brouard, P. Robilliard, Baker, John Brouard, George Lock, N. Valpied, J. Langlois, John Sarchet, N. Le Page, H. Jones, J. Le Norman, E. Way, Capt. Brewer, Speedy, Mate of do., A. Slade, W. and J. Roussel, E. Wagg & Webber, T. [J.] Brouard, Thomas Azy [Osey], J. Grover, sen., W. Talbot, Capt. Bichard [Perchard], Thomas Coles [Cole], Capt. Sharp, Richard Keel, Joseph Dennis [Denis], Robert Dickerson, Richard Gould, R. Mortimore, William Guy, D. Queripel, James Lainé, L. [A.] Roberts, Widow Mauger, Widow Dorey, S. Gallienne.

L'Indépendance 21st September 1822

Artisans' Fund

The Artisans' Committee, while sincerely thanking their brothers who have already given proof of their recognition of the important advantages secured with the British Government by their esteemed Bailiff, Daniel De Lisle Brock, notify those who have not yet subscribed to the fund, that the list will remain open at offices of the Indépendance, up to the 30th of this month, when the list will definitely close. The fund is already up to £80.

J. Patourel, R. Bruce, R. Mitchell, Mudford, T. [Thomas] Pennel, T. Ozard, Alderneyman, R. Ozard, do., J. Robin, do., Cole, Morrison, Kenerick, Smith, Pengelly, Chant, Mitchell, James Bichard, T. [Thomas] De Putron, R. [Rachel] De Putron, Elias Priaulx, N. D. Mauger, William Gould, Mrs Bellingham, A. [Alexander] Stewart, Thomas Mulcott, William Press, Thomas Noall, Henry Kaines, Mrs Gallez, Brown, Clugas, J. Catts, Beresford, Macey, A. Roberts, N. Le Pelley, H. Cumber, Manning, Miss Webber, Masters, Reynolds, Kennell, Mrs Torode, Mrs Matthews, Miss Bishop, John Collenette, Miss R. De Jersey, H. R. A., P. Rose, Westobey & Wincey, A. Bridle, Mrs Martel, Mrs Moullin, J. [James] De Beaucamp, Mrs Le Roux, Bennett, [Thomas] Mauger, Mrs Webb & sister, Moore, Charles Renouf, Vinecombe, P. Martin, Thomas Machon, Miss Pinkham, P. Arrivé, Bartlett, P. De La Haye, Mrs Duff, Hillary Chivret, John Le Huray, P. Gallienne, Charlotte Robin, John Sarre, Mary Le Page, Mrs Lenfestey, John Brouard, Rachel Pitton, Mrs Vaudin, Mrs Renouf, John Du Frocq, John Pritchard, John Baily, D. [Daniel] Le Ray, John Berne, P. [Peter] De La Mare, Mrs De Putron, [De La Mare], Martha Nant, Mary Day, Walter Stewart, William Ogier, Peter Le Roy, John Touzeau, E. [Elias] Le Retilley, Thomas De Lerée, John Lambert, Nicholas Brehaut, G. Davey, C. Martel, Thomas Sullock, Mrs D. Dorey. (TBC)

The list published on the 22nd September in the Gazette de Guernesey includes these following subscribers who are not listed in L'Indépendance:

Captain Stanbury, John Brouard, James Bailhache.

Via William Stanbury.

Captain Clinch, John Angel, Richard Dale, Mrs Brehaut, Thomas Simon, J. A. Brouard, Mrs Lihou, Lihou, Captain Brown, Mrs Ingrouille, Priaulx, Roussel, Jean Dale, Bork, Mrs Hue, Parmer (Palmer?), Short, Mrs Chegwin, Frazer, Dyke, Denham, Raunser, Long, S. Taler, Mrs C Gallienne, Smith, humphries, Joseph Du Four, Mrs Harison, Patty Mollet, J. Gallienne, Mrs Garner, Cook, Jean Robin, Walford, J. Farrands, Mrs Hotton, Sivre, Judith Tissier, Mrs De Mouilpied, Martel, Sarre, Gallienne, Le Page, Warldford, Porter, R. Cock, Mrs Rougier, William Page, H. Magrow, Davis, Mrs Garrett, Wincey, Taler, Mrs Barrett, Rackers, Ann Thomson, Z. Jones.

Gazette de Guernesey, 28th September, 1822

William Baker, Glategny, Pierre Bougourd, J. Le Page, Knod and Le Page, F. Ollivier, sen., Jean de Putron, Godaines, Neadon, William Johns, Miss Angel, Rougier, Coal-Merchant, Jean Rougier, New-Town, Laurens Vaudin, Mrs Tooler, E. T. Le Melon.

Gazette, 5th October, 1822

A friend from the Câtel, Joel Hale, John Southcott, Mrs Agiron, John Richards, Louis Liez, John Sebire by William Stanbury, A friend, O. B.

Piece of Plate to the Bailiff.

Subscription of Vale Parish: John Collas, William Hamelin, John Flère, J. Mahy, son John, John Henry, J. Flère, son Thomas, Mrs Martin, Widow, James Hubert, Thomas Torode, Nicholas Sauvarin, John GAudion, Thoms Henry, sen., Miss S. Henry.

St Saviour: Rev. Mr Bernel, Peter Lihou, Peter De Lisle, Thomas Lainé, P. Mansell Mt. Varouf, Abraham Lenfestey, P. De Lisle (Gron), N Gavet (Croutes), Thomas Bourgaize, J. ALexandre (N. C.), Henry Blondel, D. Le Prevost, A. Dumaresq, William Torode.

L'Indépendance 5th October 1822

L'Indépendance 14th December 1822

The subscribers to the piece of plate intended to be presented to the Bailiff of Guernsey, are informed that the VASE is now at Cole's hotel, and may be seen until Wednesday next from 9 o'clock till 3.

L'Indépendance 21st December 1822

Next Tuesday is the date fixed for the presentation to the Bailiff of a Vase by his compatriots, in recongition of their esteem and appreciation of his rare qualities. A dinner will mark the occasion, at Coles' Hotel, open only to contributors to the fund. Tickets are now available to contributors and can only be obtained from Committee members, at a price of 20 shillings.

The Star, 24th December 1822

This day has been fixed upon for presenting to our esteemed Bailiff the handsome Vase which has been exhibited at Coles' Hotel for several days past; after which, the Committee, and those among the subscribers who are desirous of assisting at the festive board, intend to dine together, in honour of the day. This fine piece of plate is a Bacchanalian Vase. The figures are beautifully executed in chased work, copied from the original, which, we are informed, was found in the ruins of Herculaneum some years ago.

L'Indépendance 28th December 1822

The presentation ceremony took place in the morning at Coles' Hotel, with all the ceremonial usually attendant on these occasions. A magnificent dinner was served to a very respectable number of guests at 5 p.m. A toast to the health of the King and the Royal Family was received with enthusiasm; the President, Monsieur W. Collings, then proposed a toast to the Bailiff, and gave an eloquent speech which was a true and heartfelt eulogy expounding the virtues of our worthy Chief Magistrate. The Bailiff got straight to his feet and, in a speech which shone with the light of all those fine feelings that he holds so dear, revealed to everyone how grateful he was for the honour they were doing him. The most perfect harmony reigned at the gathering, which went on until late.

For full details of the speech &c. see the Star of Dec. 31 1822, which concludes:

The Committee breakfasted at the Bailiff's: and His Excellency Sir John Colborne, and several distinguished friends, honoured the repast with their presence. A sumptuous dinner was afterwards provided at Cole's Hotel, of which about forty of the subscribers partook. The following toasts were drank: 'The King;' 'The Royal Family;' 'Lord Pembroke, Governor of Guernsey;' 'Sir John Colborne, Lieutenant-Governor;' 'The Bailiff;' 'William Collings, Esq., President;'1 The memory of Generals Brock and Le Marchant;' 'The Army;' 'The Vice-Admiral of England (Sir James Saumarez,) and the Navy;' 'The Agriculture and Commerce of Guernsey and Jersey, and may public men ever remember that their interests are inseparable;' 'Messrs John Ogier—Mansell, des Paysans—Allez, du Casrouge—Thomas Le Sauvage des Blicqs—and the eighty-eight independent electors who have supported public opinion in the last election;' 'The Clergy of the Established Church;' 'The Bar of Guernsey;' 'Sir John Bateman, Mr Hawkes, and the British Residents in Guernsey;' 'John Savery Brock, Esq.;' 'Joseph Collings, Esq.;' 'The Liberty of the Press;' 'Abraham John Le Mesurier, Jun., Esq., and let us evince, by our example, that we sincerely desire to bury our political dissensions in oblivion.'

The Star, March 18th 1823

Second Piece of Plate to the Bailiff.

The handsome piece of plate which, it is said, will be presented to our chief Magistrate on the 25th instant, by the Tradesmen of this town, arrived last week from London. It is a bread-basket, of a shape altogether new; and the allegorical design is extremely appropriate to the joyful event which it is intended to commemorate. A figure of the goddess Ceres forms the handle; the pattern of the basket is a shell, the edges of which are tastefully ornamented with interlaced ears of corn; and the whole is supported by three dolphins. The Guernsey arms, and those of the Bailiff, are engraved on the inside; and also the following inscription; viz.

Presented to DANIEL DE LISLE BROCK, Esq.,Bailiff of Guernsey,By the under-mentioned Committee,in the name of the Artisans of Guernsey,for his patriotic exertions in securing the privileges of the Island,and its exemption from the 'Corn Bill.'

John Ozanne, President. William Brouard, John P. L. G. Valpy, Treasurers.

Committee: Thomas Dumaresq, Frederick Ollivier, junr., Thomas Snow, Thomas Bichard, James Foster, John Martel, Richard Guille, John Lihou, John Grover, junr., Thomas Le Tissier, Paul Naftel.

The Star, March 25th 1823

The piece of plate described in our last number will be presented this day. The procession is to leave the Long-store at about two o'clock.

The Star, May 27th 1823

Present to the Bailiff.

On Tuesday last, a deputation of the country residents waited on our patriotic Chief-Magistrate, at St Martin's, to present him a handsome Pendulum and two flower vases, as a testimony of their sense of his eminent public service. At about four o'clock the Comittee left Mr Sivret's house (where the present had beeen exhibited for a few days,) and proceeded to the Bailiff's residence, attended by a band of musicians, and a vast concourse of people. The presentation took place on the green in front of the house; and Mr Sivret, who had been selected for that purpose, expressed himself as follows: [his speech]. To which the Baiiliff replied [his speech.]

1 William Collings had been in Bath when Daniel De Lisle Brock had had to dash to London to represent the island in the fight against the 1822 Corn Bill, which had aimed to restrict whence the island could import and export corn, and was requested to help Brock with negotiations, which he gladly did. He then agreed to stand as Jurat against Abraham Le Mesurier. A great deal of ill-feeling had been engendered in Guernsey between 'the Town' and 'the Country' as a result of the Bill, and these two represented the two factions. Collings (Town) won; John Guille accused him of bribery, but this was found to be a false accusation and the result stood. Worse trouble had been stirred up in Jersey, however, with two opposing petitions being sent to Robert Peel.

In The Star of 28th August, 1821, Brock analyses the problems with the Bill in a letter to the President of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce (Thomas Priaulx, or Harry Dobrée). See Jacob's Annals pp. 430 ff. for the petition of the island of June 14th 1820 re the West India or Rum Bill. Brock left the island on 22nd March, 1822, aboard the Revenue cutter Starling, on his sixth deputation to represent the States before the Government.