Teddy Zabiela tells of his days with the Spurs

11th August 2015
From the Star, July 11 1944 & July 13 1944. By 'Linesman.' The beginnings of Guernsey's link with Tottenham Hotspur. The 1948 match program is from the Library's collection. Ted Zabiela ran the White Hart Hotel (which he must have named after White Hart Lane); his 'proudest moment was in 1946 when he procured for the Spurs the signature of Len Duquemin, the centre-forward who was to bring such honour to the island by his brilliant record both as a player and as a sportsman of the highest order (Guernsey Evening Press, February 5 1960).' Islander Len Duquemin was Spurs' leading goalscorer that year.

The Harvey Family

Throughout the occupation of Guernsey (1940-45) Winifred Harvey (1888-1976) kept a diary, which has been edited and published under the title The Battle of Newlands, and which is still in print. In keeping her diary, she followed a family tradition; the Harveys have left behind them comprehensive records from the middle of the 19th century, so detailed that their lives could virtually be reconstructed from them, and much of that material is here at the Library. Their house, Newlands, is illustrated in the photograph above, from the Library Collection.