Money & Taxation

William Dobree, bankrupt, 1754

November the 2nd 1754 ex parte John de Sausmarez, Henry Brock, Matthew de Sausmarez: In the matter of William Dobrée a bankrupt. From Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Chancery: in the time of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. [1736-1754], Volume 1. William's debts would today be in the region of, at the minimum, ten million pounds, but as he was in effect a banker, the amount could feasibly be multiplied by ten.

J H Ingrouille, 1916

At the meeting of the Loyal Guernsey Lodge of Oddfellows, held at Lower St Julian's last evening, the officers wore mourning regalia as a tribute of respect to the late Mr J H Ingrouille, who was one of the founders of this great Friendly Society. The following may be read with interest by local Oddfellows: Mr John Ingrouille was the survivor of half-a-dozen Guernseymen on whom rested the honour of starting the great Friendly Society movement in this island. In the upper room of the café in the States Arcade, then a hotel kept by Bro. Rougier, was formed by the six, the Loyal Guernsey Lodge…