20th century

Islanders in Kitbags

29th November 2023
'Dedicated to more than 230 Guernsey sailors, soldiers and airmen who made the supreme sacrifice during the Second World War.' A list of the Guernsey servicemen and women whose biographies and accounts of their wartime experiences, often accompanied by photographs, are covered in this book by Richard Allisette, published by the Guernsey Press in 1985. There are copies in the Priaulx Library.

A visit to the Priaulx Library

7th July 2023
A report from the Guernsey Evening Press of 12 December 1935 of a visit to the Priaulx Library by the Société Guernesiaise. 'A sudden enthusiasm is always interesting, and this was seen at the Priaulx Library, Candie, when, following the reading of a most fascinating paper on the history and contents to La Société Guernesiase by Mr Ralph Durand, the learned Librarian, some 30 of the members of the Society went browsing among that 15,000 books and notable editions found on the shelves.'