Places & Place Names

Lost things: La Magdelaine

18th February 2016
A rather romanticised article by T Walter Carey, before 1892, probably from the Star newspaper. The photograph above is the one referred to in the article, from the Library Collection (blue cuttings book, Guernsey II, staff.) According to Lenfestey, H, Guernsey Place Names, 2014, this estate actually took its name from Magdeleine Gallienne, the widow of Abraham Lenfestey, in the early 18th century.

Guernsey girls

27th April 2015
A rhyme describing the girls of each Guernsey parish, given to Edith Carey at the beginning of the 20th century by 'the late Isaac Le Patourel, of St Martin's;' and a ditty from Fanny Ingrouille describing the average week of a Guernsey country girl. 'Monday, Tuesday—Party!, Wednesday, Hangover. Thursday, Hard work.' From Guernsey Folk Lore, pp. 507-8. The photograph is part of the Library's Carel Toms' Collection, and is a detail from a postcard sent to Miss M Hinson in 1909. The rhyme is attributed by George Métivier, in his notes to his poem 'L'Revillon d'une vielle chifournie,' published in Rimes Guernesiaises (1831), to a contemporary poet-songster called 'Eléazar.'