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Our online catalogue

5th May 2015
Our collection consists of many tens of thousands of books, documents and other materials. Work to catalogue all of this material has been prioritised over the last decade and, although not complete, our catalogue is a very useful tool for finding what you need.

Record User Guide

11th March 2015
The Priaulx Library makes a wide range of information sources available to its users. Whilst these records may be freely consulted by visitors to the Priaulx Library, the copying of certain records is subject to restrictions.

Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates and Records

The Priaulx Library can provide copies of most original birth, marriage, or death (BMD) records of anyone whose life event took place in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. (Our Alderney records, however, are incomplete.) Please consult our downloads page for more specific information. This can be done on a look-up basis for enquirers who cannot attend the Library, and will include a copy of the record. The information can be researched by the enquirer in person at the Library, in which case the cost will that of a printout of a scan from microfilm. These costs are subject to revision. Copies of BMD…

Guernsey Parish Chapel and Cemetery Records

A list of the registers we have available on microfilm in pdf format. Most of these are also available in hard copy. Other records are available in hard copy only. These include: Census of St Pierre du Bois (householders) 1827, from the original held by the douzaine. Index of the inmates in the Town Hospital 1809-22. Index of States of Guernsey Register of Stranger Poor 1892-1914 (complied R-M Crossan). Transcriptions of Town Church Baptisms 1829-1840 (Churchwardens'). St Saviour's Independent Chapel Baptisms 1841-1927. Nôtre-Dame RC Church Burials 1803-50. Index of Sark Registers . Sark…

The Army Lists and Navy Lists: Tracing an ancestor who was in the Forces

The Regular Army and British Navy For up-to-date general information consult Family history in the wars: how your ancestors served their country, by William Spencer.¹ Army Lists A catalogue of Army and Navy Lists held at the Library can be downloaded at Historical Lists of Armed Forces Personnel at the Priaulx Library: Resource List 2 . These are useful to trace officers of the British Army and Navy and the East India Company, but not all years are available in the collection. The Official Army Lists in the Priaulx Library run from 1756 to 1844. We also have other lists from various years in…

Civil records in Guernsey

One of our most experienced researchers gives us a guide to the Library's research holdings. First, what you can expect to find in the Civil registers, held here on microfilm.

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