7th January 2022

Extracts from the Gazette de Guernesey of 1813

24 April

p. 67:

MRS FARMER, Corset-Maker, from London, begs to return her most grateful thanks to the Ladies of the Island, whose unbounded goodness has so far exceeded her most sanguine expectations: she wishes to inform them, she continues to make Corsets of every description; Family's Habits, spring Binds for Ladies, during their confinemenet; Elastc Braces, for young Ladies back and shoulders, the utlilty of which is not only conducive to health in opening the chest, but prevent sthe back from growing out. An assortment may be seen at the above, at Mr Sebire's, Market-Place. In the ensuing week she will have a new Elastic Corset.


HOG's cheeks well salted and some dry'd, just arrived from England, for sale, at reasonable price by Wm Betteridge, country Mansell, near the pump.


PETER RENOUF, begs leave to inform his friends and the public in general, that he his (sic) lately established in this Island, in the Stationary and Bookbinding Line, at Mr Anquetil's, Haut-Pavé, at the Shop lately occupied by Mr Terrell, where he hopes by his assiduity to business to merit their approbation. Periodical and other Publications procured from London, at the shortest notice.


MRS SEAGER, begs to inform the Gentry and Inhabitants of the Island generally, that she has just received from London, an extensive Circulating Library, chiefly modern Works; consisting of Travels, Voyages, Antiquities, Lives, Memoirs, Romances and Novels; comprising nearly 2000 volumes: and which will be increased by the most esteemed Publications as they may come out. Her Library for the present, is in the Market place, two doors above the Dean's, where Catalogues will be ready for delivery in Thursday next. Stationary of all sorts, and orders for Books, &c, executed with dispatch, and upon moderate terms.


LEVRIER, has a new assortment of Hats, newly made, arrived this week, per Captain Belin, viz: Gentlemen's best light Beavers, and Silk Patent Elastic, Ladies' and Children's Hats and Bonnets, of different shapes and colours, to the newest fashions, &c. PS Feathers of all kinds. White Beavers cleaned.

FIFTY groce of the best Green Newcastle Bottles, for sale: Apply to Captain Speck, on board the brig Walker, just arrived.


N H BISSON, Surgeon and Man-midwife, begs to inform his friends and the public, that he resides at No. 117, Smith-Street. 


WANTED, a servant of all work, who well and thoroughly understands her business, without looking after: she must be of an obliging diposition, clean in her person, and not under 28 years of age, the family for which she is required is small, with only one child about six years old. For adress apply to the Printers of this paper.


To be sold, the property of Mrs Cowdall, half of a garden called Red-Street, pleasantly situated for building, consisting of about one vergee of ground. [Rouge Rue] p. 66


To be sold without reserve, on Tuesday the 27th instant, the Household Furnniture, of Captain Williams, 5th Royal Veterans Battalion, comprising Kitchen furniture, Beds, Bedstaeds, Tables, Chairs, Carpets, Glass, China, Desert (sic) Services, &c &c. The sale to begin at 10 o'clock. p.66