1833: The Manor and Les Gravees are sold

From the Star, December 13th 1833.

Those two fine estates, Manor Estate and Les Gravées, belonging to Government, were on Tuesday and yesterday, pursuant to an order from the Board of Ordnance, brought to the hammer, the first in several lots, the latter in one lot.

Manor Estate, which was sold on Tuesday, was disposed of as follows:

Lot 1—Manor House, coach-house, stables, yard, and walled garden, to Mr William Henry Brock, for £665.
Lot 2—Part of a field in the rear of and adjoining Lot 1, containing 6 ½ vergees, to MrBeaugy, for £300.
Lot 3The remainder of said field, measuring about 37 ½ perches, and fronting Colborne-road, Mr John Harvey, for £100.
Lot 4A piece of arable and pasture land, adjoining Colborne-road on the S.W., and measuring about 9 ½ vergees, with a pond on the premises, to Mr Js. Priaulx and Mr Thomas Le Retilley, for £505.
Lot 5A field on St Martin’s road, near the Ship public-house, measuring 3 vergees and 6 perches, to Mr Beaugy, for £120 and a perpetual rent charge of five quarters of wheat annually.
Lot 6The field adjoining Manor House, on the North, called the Vardes, containing 9 ½ vergees, to Mr Thomas Priaulx, sen., for £400 and a perpetual rent charge of four quarters of wheat annually.

Les Gravées Estate, which is one of the finest in the neighbourhood of the town and comprises a large dwelling-house, a smaller one, the Barrack Sergeant’s quarters, several other tenements, with fine pasture or garden land, the whole measuring about 10 vergees, was sold in one lot to Mr Daniel Tupper for £3,500.

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