Academies and schools, 1849

18th October 2016

From Brouard's Guernsey Almanack of 1849, p. 51. Those marked with an asterisk were both boarding and day schools.

Messrs Hayes, Plaiderie.*
Reverend S Spurgeon, Mont-durant.*
Thomas Green, Canichers.
J L Van Cooten, Mont-durant.
Henry Wyatt, Hauteville.
Robert Beacon, Vauvert.
M Bewley, Petites Fontaines.
Collyer & Martin, Allez-street.
Anthony Thom, Sarnia Place.
Daniel Simon, Mansell-street.
Francis Simon, Paris-street.
J de Mouilpied, Haut Platon.
William Tremblath, Allez-street.
J Ffrost, Little St John-street.
Reformed School, Clifton. T Marsh, Principal.
Mrs Apsley, New-ground.
Mrs Bull, Amballes.
Mrs De Garis, St George-streeet.*
Mrs Blake, Forest-lane.
Mrs Whitling, New Paris-road.*
Mrs Le Breton, St Jacques.
Mrs L Sarre, Mont-durant.
Mrs and Miss Barry, Berthelot-street.
Mrs and Miss Cumber, Pollet.
Misses Gauvain and Harrison, New-street.*
Misses Naftel, Saumarez-street.
Misses Reid, Truchot.
Misses De Garis, Clifton.
Misses Mills, Cordier-hill.*
Misses Marquand, St Jacques.
Miss Hayes, Upland-road.
Miss Walsh, St James'-street.
Miss Du Port, Pollet-street.
Miss De Jausserand, Allez-street.
Miss Marrett, Mill-street.
Miss Godfrey, Hauteville.
Miss Carré, Hauteville.
Miss Le Page, Park-street.
Miss Simon, Vauvert-street.
Miss Turner, High-street.
Miss Brice, Park-street.
Miss Minty, Fountain-street.
Miss Jones, Mont-durant.
Miss Broad, Hauteville*
Miss Taudevin, Vauvert.
Miss Collenette, St Sampson.*
Infant School, Amballes. Miss Macarthy, mistress.
Infant-school, berthelot-street. Miss Tyrell, mistress.
Wesleyan School, New-town. Miss Bienvenu, mistress.