April 1809 and 1819

From local newspapers.

Gazette de l'Isle de Guernesey 1 April 1809

During the Easter Holidays, there will be a public Dance, at the Rohais. N.B. Mr French to attend.

Mr. Parslow gives notice that he will have a public Dance, during the Easter Holidays, at the Hampshire House.

Alderney Races.

On Tuesday 4th April, 1809, the following matches will be run:—

General Hatton’s brown mare Miss Farren, rode by Brigadier-Major Jessop, against Major Ackinsson’s bay horse Tom Pipes, rode by Lt-Col. Prevost, for 20 Guineas, four times round the course. Governor Le Mesurier’s black horse Harlequin, against Brigadier-Major Jessop’s bay horse Clown, once round the course. Governor Le Mesurier’s horse Yorkshire Bill, against Major Sullivan’s mare Betsey, twice round the course, for 15 Guineas. Major Ackisson’s horse, Tom Pipes, against Capt. Gelling’s poney, Peg Miracle, once round the course, for 10 Guineas; the latter having 40 yards start.

On the 15th of the month:

Major Su[l]livan’s mare Betsey, against M—‘s brown horse Baldy, once round the course, 20 to 10 bet on the latter. Major Ackis[s]on’s Tom Pipes against Brigadier Major Jessop’s horse Joe Miller, five miles and a half, for 20 guineas;—owners to ride the latter, to give half a mile start.

On the evening of the 4th there will be a Subscription Ball and Supper.—The Band of His Majesty’s 2nd B. 67th Regt. to attend.

J A Chevalier and Mauger, respectfully inform the public, that they will shortly commence the publication of the second Number of the Chronicles of the Supreme Court of Utopia; which will contain the Residue of DOCTOR SCURVY’S last Shift, &c., &c., written by Pindar Hudibras, Esq., and translated by Scriblerius Spy.—The first Number is ready for delivery, and may be had at J.A. Chevalier and Mauger’s, Printing-Offices, Fountain-Street. [J A Chevalier and Mauger, Printers, No 328, Fountain-Street, most respectfully inform the Public that the Third Number of the Chronicles of the Supreme Court of Utopia, is ready for delivery. Gazette de Guernesey, 20th January 1810.]

Piano-Forte to let, at 10s 6d per month.—Enquire at Samuel Goodwin, Glatney.

Gazette de Guernesey 15 April 1809

Mrs. HELME, Late of the Theatre-Royal, Guernsey,

Most respectfully acquaints the Ladies and Gentlemen of this Island, that she continues giving lessons upon the PIANO-FORTE and instructions in SINGING, to those who may please to honour her with their commands. At her own apartments (*) on the following terms: one Pound per quarter, or Ladies instructed at their own houses, at £1 8 0 per Quarter.—No entrance required. *--Mrs Chillingworth’s School, opposite Bethel Chapel.

Gazette de Guernesey 8 April 1809

The late Andre Blanchot (a.k.a. Chevalier)'s house at the top of Cornet Street, presently occupied by Mr J. G. Hicks, is for sale for cash, possession to be taken 3 months after the sale. Apply to J.A. Chevalier, executor.1

A country man is looking for a young man aged about 14-16, to help out at a property. Interested parties are requested to hand in their name and address at Mr Jean le Clerc's, shoemaker, at the top of Fountain Street, by next Saturday.

Gazette 15 April 1809

We are looking for a place for a young boy of about 10 or 11, in the Town or Country, for five, six, or seven years; the young man speaks both French and English; apply to the Printer.2

Gazette 22 April 1809


The Members of the Chamber of Commerce are earnestly requested to attend a general meeting, on Monday next at 10 o’clock, at Rosetti’s Rooms, to take in to consideration the measures now in agitation on the part of his Majesty’s Customs, tending to erect a Customs-House in this Island, to establish an extensive system of patronage, and deprive this island of its remaining Rights and Privileges.

In a case like the present, where the Interests of trade are the least part of the consideration, but where every thing dear to men is at a stake, where the question is, whether in future the Inhabitants are to be ruled and governed by men of their own choice, or by Custom-House Officers, who will have a right to seize their effects in every part of the Island, to stop their carts and horses, and enter their houses at all hours, in search for prohibited Goods, and this at a time when not the least idea or suspicion of illicit Trade is entertained, or supposed to exist, and no one motive of public good can be in view.—Not only every member of this Chamber, but every man in trade, who may hitherto not have joined is invited and desired to attend on this special business, in order to take the proper steps to avert the threatened danger. Friday 21st. April, 1809.


20 April 1809, before the Lieut.-Bailiff etc.

At an extraordinary meeting today, the Court, acting on information received, that a basset dog, called in English a Terrier, ash grey, had become rabid, and bitten two pigs, which had to be killed, and that the same dog had been seen Wednesday morning near Saumarez in St Martin; the Court, having consulted the Law Officers, ordered and orders all dog owners in Town or Country to keep their dogs in or tied up until the next Order, on pain of a fine of 10 pounds tournois for each dog on the loose, in the roads or byways of this island, the said fine to be distributed ¼ to the King, ¼ to the poor of the parish in which the dog was found, and ½ to the Informer, and the Constables are authorised to put down or have put down all dogs found loose.... George Le Febvre, King's Greffier.3 [Rabies]

Gazette de Guernesey 15 April

For sale. Daniel Le Masurier’s new house, yard, stable and garden at the Vaudinerie, comprising around two vergees of land, at present occupied by John Tupper, Esq., will be sold to the highest bidder next Tuesday, 9 May, at 11 a.m., (if not previously sold by private contract); for possession the 24 June next. N.B. This house has 3 reception rooms, 8 bedrooms, a kitchen with two apartments off, a wash-house, two cellars, a cistern, and a water-closet, in fact every possible convenience one could wish for.*** Four apartments to rent, occupancy from 24 June next, in his old house, opposite the Printer’s in Fountain Street.4

Gazette de Guernesey 22 April

Public Sale. On Monday 17th May, Messrs C. Priaulx & Co. will expose to public sale, on the South-Pier, between the hours of 11 and 12 o’clock, the schooner MERCURE, the dogger EMANUEL, and the sloop L’ETOURDI, prizes to the LION, privateer, Joseph Thornborn, commander.—For further particulars apply to said C. Priaulx & Co., where the inventories may be seen.

Mercure de Guernesey Saturday 3 April 1819

Arrivals during the weekMarch 26th: Thomas & Susanna, Deckers, Brixham, cattle; Passenger—Mr. Rice: Speedy, Lidstone, Southampton, sundries; Passengers: Mr. Hereford and child, Miss Pegg, Mrs Norman and 2 children, Mr. Maryfield and 2 children, Olive Salle. 27th—HMC Lion, Capt. Bates, from a cruise; Echo, Berryman, Brazil, sundries; Two Brothers, Sprigues, Brixham, ditto; Passengers—Messrs. Lidstone and family, Taylor and family, Kennedy, Pinker, and Mary Pool. 28th—Frances Freeling, White, Jersey, ballast; Thomas and Susanna, Deckers, do., do. 29th—Samuel, Le Lacheur, Cadiz, sundries. 30th—Peggy, Perchard, Jersey, sundries; Passengers—Messrs. Foot, Blondel, Capt. Le Brun, Miss Guille, Mr and Mrs Vimont.

French Arrivals: 26th March.—Deux Amis, Glefflot, St Malo, sundries; Passengers: Dulmart, Dobrée, La Vromette, Johnson, Juteux, La Jeény. 1st April—Conquérant, Poulain, Cherbourgh, sundries; Passengers: Messrs. Clarir, Yvon, Jorier, La Court, Richard, Made. Lemetez, Mlle Josaphine.

Estate for Sale.The meadows, fields, cottages, and stables belonging to Lieut.-Col. Kennedy, situated at the Vauqiedor, Foulon, and Roc-a-l’Or, are to be sold together or in parcels, for rents or money. The greater part of the estate is exonerated from Campard, and the whole has recently been much improved by draining, planting, walls, &c. There are several springs of excellent water, from which the meadows may be irrigated, loam or clay for brick-making, grey granite and quarries of other stones for building ad road-making, peat for manure, and gravel for garden walks. For further particulars apply to the proprietor, at the New-Ground. Mr. Clark will attend every morning, (Sundays excepted), from 10 to 12 o’clock, to shew the premises, where there is for sale, two cows, a heifer, a bull calf of the very best breed, and pigs of different ages, from three weeks to fifteen months.

To let for a term of 3, 5,or 7 years, a large and convenient dwelling house, pleasantly situated on the Strand, commanding a delightful view of the adjacent islands; is eligible either for a large family or a lodging-house: also the Strand Baths, from which there is a communication to the house. The whole to be let together or separately. For viewing the same, and further particulars, apply to Mr. Wm. Jefferys, on the premises.

To be let, two houses situate in Allez-Street and a stable at New Town; a store at the Bataille, a house and store at the Truchot, adjoining Capt. Bredthafft’s, a house and three verges of land called the Maraitaine [sic], situate in the Vale parish, now occupied by Lieut. Tyce, also several meadows in the Braye, Vale parish. Apply to Mr. J. Allez, at Vauvert.

Gazette de Guernesey 1 April 1819

Le Samuel, Capt. Le Lacheur, est arrivé Lundi, venant de Cadiz.

For Freight or Charter,The schooner-brig Samuel, Henry Le Lacheur, master, 64 tons per register, now laying in the Harbour of St Peter’s Port; further particulars known on application to the master, on board, or at Mr. Coker, near the Fish-Market. The said Capt. Has about 700 bushels of good Cadiz salt, now selling on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 10 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon, at Mr De Jersey’s Store, Truchot-Lane; also a small quantity of Cork Wood.

Mercure de Guernesey 17 April 1819

For Quebec

The fast sailing schooner-brig Samuel, Capt. Henry Le Lacheur, will be ready to sail for the above port, on or about the 10th of May next, if a sufficient number of passengers offer.

Terms of Passage.

Persons finding their provisions£7.00
Do. Victualled by the ship£10.00

For further particulars apply to the master, on board, or to Mr. Mauger, Printer, top Fountain-street.

Mercure de Guernesey 21 April 1819

For Baltimore or PhiladelphiaThe fast sailing schooner-brig Samuel, Henry Le Lacheur, master, 64 tons per register, will be ready to sail for one of the above ports, on or about the 10th of May next.

Persons finding their provisions£7.00
Children under 12 years of age£3 10 0
Victualled by the ship£11 11 0
Children under 12 years£5 15 6

For further particulars apply at Coles’ Hotel, between the hours of 2 and 3 in the afternoon.

Mercure de Guernesey 17 April

Arrivals during the week. 8th April.—Manchester, Mackenzie, Newcastle, coals; HMC Starling, Lt. Reeves, Weymouth; Passenger- Major-General Bayly; Francis Freeling, White, Weymouth, ballast; Mary-Ann, Domaille, Alderney, ditto; Brilliant, Belin, Southampton, sundries; Passengers: Mrs Le Febvre, Messrs. Bidet, Fisher, Cohu, Le Boutillier, Lawrence La Clef, Mary Roberts, and Mrs Gautier. 9th.—Two Brothers, Sprigues, Brixham, ballast; Passengers: Mr. Storelake [Stonelake?] & family, John Tweed; Thomas & Susanna, Deckers, Brixham, sundires; Horatio, Towzer, Plymouth, Limestones; Passengers: Capt. Agnew, Miss Dowdney, Mrs Rippon and child, Messrs Bater, Durell, Margueritte Tromblet, John and Jane Glidon. 10th.—Nymph, Ludlow, Weymouth, cattle; Leander, Thompson, Rotterdam, sundries. 11th.—Dolphin, Guilbert, Rotterdam, sundries; Countess of Liverpool, White, Weymouth; Passengers: Messrs. Consent, Parker, Grinnam, Bishop, Nixson, and Mary Long; Francis Freeling, White, Jersey. 12th.—Horatio, Priaulx, Plymouth, lime-stones; Vigilant, Le Cocq, Alderney, ballast; Sprightly, Bales, Jersey, oysters. 13th.—Hebe, Howes, London, sundries; Prince of Bouillon, Croom, Jersey, ditto; Countess of Liverpool, White, ditto; Agenoria, Hall, Burry, coals; Urania, Le Cocq, ditto, ditto. 14th.—Three Sisters, Baningam, Lanzaratam, Barilla; Horatio, Priaulx, Jersey, ballast. 15th.—Mary-Ann, Domaille, Alderney, ballast; Mary & Ann, Bevins, Brixham, ditto; Peggy, Perchard, Jersey, sundries; Passengers: Messrs. Smith, Queripel, Gould, Barkly, Bod, Durcly, Hubert, Ollivier, Mauger, Brabin, Bidet, Vimont, Renouf, Rowen, Allez, and Miss Brown; Bee-Hive, Rossignol, Jersey, sundries; Speedy, Southampton, ditto; Passengers: Messrs. Quinsevy, Sauvage, Horsey, Mrs Aisford, Mrs White, Thomas Hook, John Vickers and family.

Gazette de Guernsey 17 Avril 1819

Died, on Monday, 12th instant, of a decline, aged 21, Jane Dale, second daughter of John Radford, Esq., of HM customs in this Island. She bore a long and lingering illness of upwards of twelve months, in the most exemplary manner, evinced, to the last moment, the utmost pious resignation and Christian fortitude. [It was extremely unusual for death notices to appear in Guernsey newspapers in this period.]

Gazette de Guernsey 17 Avril 1819

Just published, Price 4s.

A New Abridgement of Dr. Goldsmith’s History of England, with the most difficult phrases translated into French at the bottom of each page, by J.T. EDGECUMBE, Master of the Grammar-School, St. Hellier’s, Jersey.To this work is annexed a small list of such words as are most frequently found in it, with their explanation in French; also rules in French, by which the young natives may find the primitives of all compound words. The work is printed with an entirely new type, and will enable youths to translate English into French with greater facility and much more elegancy than any other work that has yet appeared; it will also ground them in the history of their country, and serve them as a classical reading book, it being sufficiently extensive to take the place of the Dr.’s original work. In this Abridgement all prejudices of religion are avoided, and a veil is thrown over such actions as might wound the ears of young female readers. Thus the Public is furnished with a reading and a translating book, for the price of the original reading book. The above work may be had at the Printer’s.

For sale, at James Kitchen’s, Market-Place, Candles, &c., at reduced prices, viz:

Best dipt Candles 9½d per lb. By the hundred
“ Mould do. 10 do. Do.
“ Town made Soap 60s. Per cwt.
“ Bristol do. 52 do.
“ Palm Oil do. 56 do.
Guernsey cured Bacon 9d. per lb. by the side.
Hams and Cheeks 10 do.
Pickled Pork 8 do.
Hampshire cured bacon 8 do.
Plain chocolate, 1s. 3d. per lb. By the doz. Best do. 1 4 do. Do.
Milk do. 1 6 do. Do.
Patent Cocoa 1 6 do. do.

Nicholas Le Prevost, opposite the Pump, Country Mansell, has for sale, viz: Spirituous Liquors, Wines, Hoops of all sorts, and Sticks for Peas.

1 La maison qui fut à feu André Blanchot, dit Chevalier, située au haut de la rue des Cornêts, présentement occupée par Mr J. G. Hicks, est à vendre, argent comptant; pour entrer en jouissance trois mois après la vente;—s’adresser à J. A. Chevalier, procureur des héritiers du défunt.

Un homme de campagne désire trouver un jeune homme de 14 à 16 ans, pour assister dans un héritage.—Ceux qui souhaiteront le faire sont priés de mettre leur nom et lieu de leur demeure chez le sr. Jean le Clerc, cordonnier, au haut de la rue de la Fontaine, d’ici à Samedi prochain.

2 On souhaiterait trouver une place pour un jeune garçon, âgé de dix à onze ans, soit à la ville ou la campagne, pour cinq, six, ou sept ans; le jeune homme parle Anglois et François; s’adresser à l’Imprimerie.

ORDONNANCE DE LA COUR ROYALE Le 20 Avril 1809, devant M. le Lieutenant-Baillif, &c.

La Cour s’étant extraordinairement assemblée ce jour, sur l’information qu’elle auroit reçue, qu’un Chien basset, en Anglois, a Terrier, de couleur noire cendrée, seroit enrageé, et auroit mordu deux Cochons, lesquels on a été nécessité de tuer, étant enragés, et lequel Chien fut vû mercredi matin proche Saumarez, à St Martin; la Cour, ayant sur ce pris la conclusion des Officiers du Roi, a ordonné et ordonne a toute personne qui garde des Chiens, soit en Ville ou en Campagne, qu’ils aient à les tenir enfermé, ou attachés jusqu’à autre ordre, sur la peine de dix livres Tournois d’amende par chaque Chien qui sera trouve défermé, ou par les rues, ou chemins de cette île, la ditte amende applicable, ¼ au Roi, ¼ aux pauvres de la paroisse ou le Chien sera trouvé, & ½ au Délateur, et sont les Connétables de cette ile, autorises de tuer, ou faire tuer, tous les Chiens qu’ils trouveront défermés, ou par les rues et chemins de cette île, et sera cette présente ordonnance affichée aux lieux ordinaires, & publiée au cris du Marche, et à l’issues des Prêches des paroisses de cette île afin que personne n’en prétende cause d’ignorance. George Le Febvre, Greffer du Roi.

4 Bail à rente.La neuve maison, belle, étable et jardin de Dan. Le Masurier, situés à la Vaudinerie ; le tout contenant environ deux vergées de terre, présentement occupes par Jean Tupper, éc. sera baillée à rente au plus offrant, le Mardi 9 Mai prochain, à 11 heures du matin, (si elle n’est pas vendue avant par contrat privé); pour entrer en jouissance le 24 Juin prochain. N.B. La dite maison contient 3 parloirs; 8 chambres à lit; une cuisine, avec deux appartements derrière; une laverie; deux celliers citerne; puits, et water closet, enfin toutes les commodités possible qu’on puisse désirer.*** Quatre appartements à louer, pour le 24 Juin, dans sa vielle maison, vis-à-vis l’Imprimerie, à la rue de la Fontaine.