Bonamy rentes

MS source material from the family files in the Library, Bonamy no. 40. MS English version of original.

The two following deeds are from the papers of the late Misses Bonamy of Fountain Street:

1. 21 December 1486. In presence of John Blondel Bailiff, & Guille de Beauvoir, & John Martin jurats of the Royal Court. Nicholas Coquerel son of James of the parish of Notre Dame du Ch√Ętel sells to John Coquerel his brother certain lands at Les Landes, near Cobo, on which he was to receive a rente of one bushel of wheat, and a capon from Pierre Bonamy of the parish of St Martin's of La Belleuse, who owed it in right of his wife daughter of Pierrot Patris. This rente was assigned on the 31st December same year, with another to John Aubrey son of Benoist of the town of St Peter's Port, by the above John Coquerel.

2A. 4 May 1528. In presence of James Guille Bailiff, Nicholas du Rosel [Rozel], James Blondel, & Thomas de Vic, jurats of the Royal Court. Thomas Bonamy son of John of St Martin's en mercy vers Colas Nicolle son of Michel of the parish of St Peter's Port; on a claim of one quarter & one cabotel of wheat rent, made by said Nicholas Nicolle, against said Thomas Bonamy.

2B. In same deed is copy of another of 15 June 1433 before James Quoquerel Bailiff under the tres hault et puissant seigneur le Duc de Beddford, & in presence of Nicholas de Sausmares, Pierrot Coquerel & Thomas Blondel jurats of the Royal Court: John Tyhaut son of Guillon, & Janin Raulf; this latter recognised that he owed, in right of his wife, daughter of Thomas Bidon, certain rents to the said John Tyhaut.

Benoit Aubrey, Benedict Aubrey, Nicholas du Rozel, Nicolas Rozel, James Cocquerel, Duke of Bedford.