Carteret Priaulx

A brief obituary of Carteret Priaulx, from the Independance of September 21, 1822.

Carteret Priaulx, écuyer, and Jurat of the Royal Court, died suddenly last Friday morning. He was elected to his office on 12 June, 1798, and always acted with zeal and independance. In particular, few people are better-known for their numerous acts of charity and great generosity. We are certain of the veracity of the following anecdote, amongst others:

The wife of an unfortunate ensign who had been suddenly called up found herself mother of six children and almost entirely without means of support. In this predicament, her landlord determined to take her to court to force her eviction, as she had not paid her last quarter's rent. Mr Priaulx was adjudicating the case and found himself having to order her to pay up or leave the house, much against his own inclination. As soon as he had finished hearing the case he approached the unfortunate lady's advocate, and took her debt upon himself, paying it within a few days. The poor family was able to remain in peace and quiet in their house until their return of their natural protector. Such actions do honour to mankind.