Chefs Plaids, Jugements, Ordonnances &c, 16-19th centuries

Bound MSS, staff E. Metal fastening engraved: 'LF 1773.' Contact the Library for further details. The material falls into several sections: the first, detailed below, is in two hands and lists in rough date order Acts of the Royal Court in which the judgment passed down is of some legal interest; the last Act noted is from 1719. Then follows an interesting set of documents covering the Civil War period and the reign of James II, some of which are Lord Hatton correspondence and may be unpublished. Finally a later hand has transcribed Acts relating to the Militia; the last of these dates from 1769. The back of the volume was reversed and charters and other early Acts and Ordonnances have been transcribed.

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1. Tables from an Almanac dated 1773. Text of legal appointment of personal procureur, in English.

3. Charter of Charles I, original and French translation.

4. Chief Pleas after Michaelmas 1581. French. Nicholas Carey, judge-delegate, in presence of Jean Blondell, Nicolas de Saumares, Nicolas Le Messurier, Jean de la Court, Guillaume Beauvoyer, Thomas Blondel, Edouard Le Feyvre, Andre Henry, & Thomas le Marchant, Jurats. Anyone who has been robbed may ask the Constables of the relevant parish, (strictly within the parish boundaries), to search any house that may be suspected of containing the stolen item, accompanied by two men of good character [gens de bien]. Similar order of 7 October 1661. Victim of robbery does not need Court's permission to approach constables for help.

5. Chief Pleas 17 April 1718 and 18 January 1719, concerning wholesale merchandising, must be also made available to public, first one in general, second particularly by strangers. 15 April 1611. All salt and wheat brought into the island, rules concerning taxes of and sale of (three working days in which to sell it).

6. Index.

7. Offices. Governor's Oath. (p. 3). Letters of Commission whereby Captain and Governor or his Lieutenant must be present at all Court sessions. Commentary. (p. 4) Concerning the Office which in the Livre d'Extente of the King is called Constable: evidence from documents, rights and privileges, duty on salt and wine &c. pertaining. Concerning the Office of King's Receiver of Revenue in Guernsey. (p.6) Concerning the Office of Porter of Castle Cornet. 'Item toutesfois et quantes qu'un Criminel doit etre mis à la torture le dit Portier est tenu de voir que toutes choses necessaires pour cet effet soient appretés, & se faire lui-même ou faire faire autre, pourvue que ce soient gens de bien & aussiqu'il tienne sçelez la confession du Criminel & conseil de la Justice.' [Whenever anyone is put to the torture the Porter must himself ensure that all the necessary equipment is prepared, or arrange for some other respectable person to do it, and keep the criminal's confession and Court's permission under seal.'] (p. 6) Of the Duties of the Boatmen and Watch of the Castle. (p. 8) Concerning the Garrison of Castle Cornet. 'It used to be the custom to keep 14 soldiers at the Castle, not including the Lieutenant, the Marshal, the Porter, the Victualler, the Master Cannonier, the Smith, the Carpenter, the Boatmen, nor the Watch. In times of War it was used to have at least 28, all of them and the others paid by the Governor. The Soldiers took charge of debtors, not the duty of the Prevost.' Services exacted for the maintenance of the Castle. Twice yearly when commanded by Constables or Vingteniers, boat and cart owners had to help ferry and carry materials, poorer people had to labour. (p. 9) Commandeering of horses for public services. Supply of provisions for the Castle. (p. 9)

Second Book:

Concerning the Captains and Centeniers of the Island. Must keep militia in good order. Of the office and duties of [Parish] Constable. (p. 10) Duties of Constables concerning bread, measurements &c. Regulations concerning bread. (p. 12) Chefs Plaids 15th April 1611. See MacCulloch, Receuil d'Ordonnances, 1852, pp. 81 ff. Damage caused to and by farmed animals lost or wandering, how to deal with them, fines, branding of beasts &c (pp. 19-21) Chief Pleas 4th October 1613. La Mession. Michaelmas 3rd October 1614. Rents, contracts &c. Rustling of animals. Chief Pleas Christmas, 16th January 1614. See Receuil d'Ordonnances pp. 128 ff. There follow the Acts of the Royal Court until 1703.

Duration of terms of various Guernsey legal devices, e.g. 'Une remise en Jugement d'Office de Cour, 3 ans.' 'En plaids d'héritage il faut 3 Jurés avec le Président. En Jugement et causes en crime il faut 7 Jurés.' (p. 93)

Decree whereby the Chancellor decided by the laws of Jersey. Pipon vs Pipon, 6 June 1744. James Pipon Esq., Elias Pipon, Philip Pippon deceased, Delaval, the late Louisa Pipon, wife of Gideon Vilnéage[?], sons and daughters of Philip Pipon Esq deceased brother of John Pipon Esq deceased, Peter Patriarch & Ann his wife, late Ann de la Garde and Hester Dumaresq Executrix of Revd Elias Dumaresq deceased Edward Dumaresq, Mary Dumaresq, Deborah Dumaresq, sons and daughters of Mary Pipon eldest sister of John, deceased, Revd Charles de la Garde and Ann de la Garde the son and daughter of Ann Pipon second sister of the said John Pipon, and Thomas Pipon only child of Susannah Pipon the fourth daughter of Elias Pipon and sister of John Pipon deceased, and William Davids Gent., plaintiff, Elizabeth Pipon & Jane Pipon, surviving sisters and next of kin of the said John Pipon, John Hardy Esq., and Elias Le Gros Deffendants. &c &c. Family tree. (pp. 94-6)

Chief Pleas Capital 4 October 1658. Note.

List of Jurats sworn in on the 20th May 1661 by order of Charles II of the previous 22 March, and of those who succeeded them until [March 10 1742, Daniel de Lisle.] Listed according to placement on bench and whether to right or left, but enumerated chronologically. (p. 97)

Judgments. 'Here follow the most interesting opinions and judgments that have been passed since 3rd July 1582:'

3 July 1582. Heirs must renounce before purchasers. Against Hellier Bonnamy [Helier Bonamy] and his parceners, tenants of the the estates which formerly belonged to Jean Falles, in favour of the Prevost, administrator of the debts Guillaume La Marinel owes in right of his wife, and the parceners because of Les Nicolles; Bonamy may not make Le Marinel renounce unless he has heard all the heirs of Falle renounce first, as the heirs should renounce before the purchasers and creditors &c. Same day. Against Cardin Fautrart purchaser of the estate of William Cokerel son of Edmond in favour of the guardians of the children of Jean Bailleul and [their?] parceners. Cardin bears a letter of 9 June 1503 about 3 Bushels of wheat rent owed by Nicolas Le Miere; Guillaume Coquerel brother of Edmond, Martin Navetel [Naftel] &c &c.

5 [?] 1582. Jean Le Normand and parceners owe money to Pierre Renouf in right of his wife 'au dit nom de Servage de la Prevôté du Fief de Beuval accordant aux droits du dit Renouf,' due to him as sheriff of the Fief de Beuval, Renouf may sieze goods &c. Same day. A transfer of rent must be arranged in Court to be valid. Colas de Garis son of Colas owes Pierre Blondel son of Leonard the rent on two pieces of land Leonard B. had sold to Colas de Garis, is quit therefore of charges via partage to heirs of Collas Le Sage &c.

10 July 1582. Marie Rouget daughter of James must sell inherited land to Pierre Rouget & Jean Rouget & Thomas Rouget, guardians of the child Colas Rouget, & Jean Rouget, the said Pierre, Colas & Jean Rouget sons of the said James Rouget &c.

25 February 1582. Judgment on quarrel between Henry Blanc, King's Receiver, and James de Havilland attorney for Denis Le Roux. Same day. 1. Incumbent on Douzaine of St Martin to repair rectory. 2. At instigation of Pierre Priaulx; Porter of Castle to keep Robert Lingey prisoner until the woman who has put him there is satisfied, should not allow him more than a denier sterling a day at the woman's expense (p. 102). (See 18th March below.) Same day. Against Jean Carey in favour of Pierre Agenor former Granger of the Granary of St Andrew, Bordage Almenach. Same day. Against Colas Bailleul Prevôt of the Fief du Cock in favour of Nicolas De Jersey, Attorney to Thomas Fouaschin S[eigneu]r of the Fief le Conte, tenants of Fief le Cock &c.

18th March 1582. Pierre Priaulx &c must pay [Faucil? Flocel?] Masson, the Porter at Castle Cornet, expenses occurred in keeping Robert Linges prisoner &c. Same day. Disagreement between Pierre Carey, King's Prevost, and Faucil? Masson, Porter, over allocation of duties of prisoner escort.

9th July 1583. cf. Judgment 10th July 1582. Against Pierre Brouard son of Philippin, in favour of [his aunt] Margueritte Brouard the sister of the said Philippin, arguments over distribution via partage &c.

11th May 1584. Retrait. Against Jean Thoume, Master of Jean Rouget son of Colas, in favour of Marie Rouget widow of Nicolas de Garis &c (p. 103).

27th June 1584. Fine of purchase price if land bought without permission of owner. Giles Germain fined whole purchase price by King's Officers, land bought from Thomas Fouaschin, Gentleman of Hamptonne, England. Germain appeals to Crown.

2nd July 1584. Sale by father of his estate to the detriment of his children is null and void. Etienne Falla son of Etienne liable to Thomas Marche who is guardian of his children in right of their mother Colette, daughter of Jean Olivier son of Philippin, rules that the estate of the said Philippin is to be shared amongst all of the said Colette's children, as sole heir of her father, notwithstanding the fact that the said Philippin sold it to Etienne Falla son of Rollin &c. Same day. Disagreement between Pierre Thomasse and Jean De Garis & Nicolas Patron.

26th January 1585. Richard Le Pettevin son of Francois and Thomas de Lisle son of Pierre & his parceners, Moulin & Prey du Quanteraine.

20th July 1587. Collas Allez, Jean Gifard [Giffard] fils Pierre, De La Rue. Same day. Rights latterly acquired render earlier ones void. James Asseline & Hellier De La Marche son of Thomas Perrin, Thomas de Lisle, heirs Pierre Jehan, Nicolas Pagot.

21st July 1587. Disagremeent re assignation between Thomas Le Mesurier in right of Marie his wife daughter of Jean Durand, & Jean Effard and parceners, Jehanette Baudin, appealed to Crown.

18th February 1590. Jugement re troisième. Against Crown Officers in favour of Guillaume Beauvoir, Colas Houivet who bought land in Fief Nicolas Beauvoir in St Martin of which Guillaume Beauvoir is Seigneur.

19th January 1593. Against Jean Le Patourel son of John and his parceners in favour of Jacques Bailleul in right of his wife daughter of Richard Le Patourel. Same day. Namps. François Allez, Jean Variouf, Etienne Nicolle, Collas Gairin [Guerin?] son of Colin, Martin Robert's old house.

31st January 1593. Guarantor. Collas Le Mesurier son of Jean in right of his wife daughter of Jean Le Tellier, Collas Nouel [Noel], St Saviour's Church, Pierre de Jersey treasurer. Same day. Against James Rougier in favour of Collas Nouel.

19th February 1593. Seizure not under Bailiwick seal not valid. Disagreement between Louis de Vick seized of estate of Jean Breton, Jean de la Marche.

22nd November 1599. Inheritance of eldest son. Disagreement between Pierre De Beaucamp eldest son of Jean De Beaucamp and his brother Richard De Beaucamp.

30th November 1599. Against Thomas de Lisle in favour of Jean De Rozel, Martin Belicq, re sale of a boat.

29th January 1600. Thomas de Lisle, Denis Ingrouille, Nicolas Le Mesurier son of John, Louis De Vick former Bailiff.

30th January 1600. Guarantor's obligations. Against Guillaume De Beauvoir in favour of Jean De Lerée & parceners, Nicolas Mauger. Same day. Silver valued @ 5 sous sterling an ounce. Against Pierre Le Pelley son of Pierre, in favour of Laurens du Four, silver cup (tasse).

6th February 1600. Judgment. Against Guillaume Hault guardian of the child of Jean Hault in favour of Collas Ozanne in right of his wife, daughter of Pierre Henry.

13th February 1600. Executors must be given access to deceased's goods in order to be able to make inventory. Against Samuel Nicolle in right of his wife Jenette daughter of Marie Priaulx, in favour of Pierre Priaulx and Nicolas Le Cornu, executors of the said Marie Priaulx's will. Nicolle appealed to Crown.

12th May 1601. Against Jeanne Falla, inasmuch as she is executor of possessions of late James Breton, in favour of Jean Breton and parceners, heirs of said James Breton, who are to have possession of all goods and chattels except those specific gifts made in will to Jeanne Falla, to which she is judged to be entitled. Same day. Jean Le Marchant in right of his wife, formerly wife of Jean Baudain son of Gratien, lost case to Clement Perchard purchaser of [rights of] 'the Baudains of Jersey,' heirs of the said Jean Baudain, denied right to claim one third of wife's dowry, including Jean Baudain's house,as he had refused to pay Perchard one third of repairs &c. Same day. Principal must pay debt before guarantor. Against Pierre De Beauvoir purchaser of rights of Pierre Mauger son of Jehannet of St Martin, in favour of Pierre Ollivier eldest son of his father, seized of inheritance of his sister Catherine, wife of the said Mauger, following her renunciation of the inheritance, which formed part of a guarantee made on a sale made by her husband to De Beauvoir &c.

13th May 1601. Against Pierre Rouget senior, in favour of Thomas Thoumes, the guardian of his children, half-brother on maternal side of Jean Rouget son of Collas, Thoume, acting on behalf of his children, to have possession and enjoyment of all the goods of the said Jean Rouget, Pierre Rouget to appeal.

30th May 1601. Louis Devick owner of estate of Jean Breton son of Jean, Jean De La Marche.

6th June 1601. Against Philippin Paint, acquirer of rights of Collas Ozanne son of James, in favour of the heirs of Jean Lucette, André Harris, Guillaume Ozanne son of Nicolas, appealed.

15th January 1601. Moulin de Petit Bot. Thomas Catheline, Nicolas Guilmotte son of Etienne, Jean Gosselin. Must put mill in working order &c.

4th March 1601. Against James Nicolle guardian of Jean Bailleul son of Jean and parceners, in favour of Jean Allez, attorney to his father Collas Allez, seized of estate of Thomas Allez of the Forest, Le Neuf Courtil, Henry Tardif.

2nd March 1602. Once signed no further delay allowed. Against Monsieur Louis Devick in favour of Nicolas Le Cornu attorney to Jean Priaulx son of Pierre.

2nd February 1603. An uncle may not advantage one of his heirs more than another. Against Jean Robert in favour of James Robert, Jehannet Robert deceased.

22nd April 1607. Eldership. Pierre Le Marchant son of Thomas, his brother Thomas Le Marchant, their sisters. Same day. No vingtième on collateral succession. Against Samuel De Beauvoir son of Guillaume found in favour of younger brothers. His elder brother Nicolas, Guillaume one of his younger brothers.

23rd April 1607. Treizième, confiscation. Monsieur André Harris. Thomas Laverty living in England in right of his wife, Jean Gosselin, Richard Cohu, his wife's brother.

8th April 1608. Thomas Guille, brother Jean Guille, Colliche their mother, Jean Effard their uncle, Thomas may not claim against his brother as has not performed the duties de puis-né [of younger child] nor raised the clameur as law and custom demands.

22nd April 1611. Jean Tiault son of John, Collas Ettur son of James and Michelle his wife. (p. 111) Same day. Jehannet Robert, Prevôt of the Douzaine of the fief de Sausmarez, tenants obliged to ferry Thomas Andros the Seigneur to Jersey or his family members thrice a year &c.

27th June 1611. Etienne Nicolle liable to Jehannet Baudain, grandson of Jehannet Baudain, Jean Le Tournel.

16th January 1611. Denis Ingrouille in right of his wife daughter of Thomas Etienne and Pierre Allaire in right of his wife daughter of the daughter of the said Thomas Etienne, Colas Corbel guardian of his son André and Marie his wife daughter of Collas Vasce, André being the maternal half-brother of Anne and Marie, daughters of Jean Etienne son of the said Thomas.

18th January 1611. Against Phillemon Mauger, Deputy Prevôt, in favour of Thomas De Lisle, Emond Effard, Prevôt, Jean Carey imprisoned for the said sum at the instance of Sieur de Lisle &c.

28th April 1612. Pierre Gosselin and parceners, Jean Blanche proprietor of estate of Thomas Fallaize. (p. 112)

30th April 1612. Jean Le Lacheur debts, Jean Lihou seized of the estate of Colas de la Mare.

30th January 1611. Against James Rougier son of Jean in favour of Monsieur William Le Marchant seized of the inheritance of Collas Brehaut son of Pierre, forged documents &c.

7th December 1613. Against Noel Lihou in favour of Thomas Martin and parceners, Monsieur Thomas Andros.

8th December 1614. Against Laurens Devick son of late Mr Louis Devick in favour of Monsieur Thomas De Lisle, clameur raised but not applicable, Nicolas Priaulx.

9th December 1614. Against Pierre Brehaut and parceners, younger children of the late Monsieur Jean Brehaut, in favour of Leonard Brehaut, his eldest son. (p. 114)

12th December 1615. Against Leonard Le Mesurier, heir in part of his grandmother Margueritte Perrin, in favour of the guardian of the son of Monsieur André Henry, re Margueritte's property in Jersey.

9th July 1616. Against Michelle Le Pelley, formerly widow of Jean Mansel and then of Thomas Mansel, in favour of Nicolas Mansel son and sole heir of said Thomas, may not include in dowry property purchased after her husband's death &c.

[10th July 1616. Against Pierre Rouget Junior of St Martin, purchaser and seized of the estate of Michel Rouget, in favour of Nicolas Mansel son of Thomas in right of his wife, the daughter of Pierre Rouget, may not pursue his case against Mansel in which he claimed Mansel owed Thomas de Beauvoir rent &c. Supp. p. 156]

30th January 1616. Nicolas Mansel, Monsieur Nicolas Carey, Moulin de l'Hyvreuse de la Ville, Mansel to demolish the earth banks (or hedges) he has begun to build at the butts to the NW side of the said mill and adjoining the Petite Hyvreuse, which are stopping the wind from reaching the sails, the mill being part of the public good.

15th April 1617. Claim of Thomas Le Marchant, seigneur of the fief du Groignet, against sale of the Moulin de Susain by Monsieur George Fachin Seigneur of Anne-Ville & Le Conte, as mill appears to be situated in his fief.

15th December 1617. Jean Baudain guardian of his daughters in right of their mother daughter of Pierre Le Pelley, Monsieur Thomas De Lisle in right of his wife dowager of the estate of the said Le Pelley, Jean Mauger not obliged to rebuild house at Glategny accidently burnt down &c.

16th December 1617. Against Monsieur Jean De Quetteville attorney to Damoiselle Françoise Hanchet, widow of Mr William Devick, in favour of Jean Blanche acting equally for Damoiselle Jeanne Devick and her co-heirs, heirs of the said Devick, Dowager not able to claim third share of property in Channel Islands as agreed in pre-nuptial agreement &c.

18th December 1617. Hellier De Jersey in right of his wife and Richard De Jersey representing Margueritte Lie [Lee?] daughter of Daniel Lie only son of Anthony Lie, Collenette Brehaut widow and executor of said deceased &c. Same day. Against Mr George Fachin [Fashion] Sieur d'Anneville, in favour of Monsieur Jean Fautrart who bought from him the fief de Beuval.

16th June 1619. Against Collas Le Bair in right of his mother, in favour of Pierre Allez in right of his wife daughter of Collas David, must contribute towards paying off debts of his maternal half-brother Jean David, son of the said late Collas David &c.

13th July 1619. Richard Girard, Jean Le Pelley, Collas Allez son of Jean in right of his wife. Same day. Jean De la Marche, Thomas Le Marchant heir of late Catherine Le Marchant wife of said De La Marche.

30th November 1619. Jean l'Anglois Prevôt of the fief de Beuval, Jean Massy attorney to Laurence Gallienne. (p. 117)

13th December 1619. Against Dame Marie Le Marchant widow of Mr Nicolas Martin and guardian of his son, in favour of Daniel Fautrart in right of his wife Susanne Martin daughter of said Sieur Martin, obliged to hand over all rings and other jewels she has in her possession that belonged to Marie Hamelin mother of the said women(?) and wife of the said Sieur Martin, who on her deathbed handed her jewellery and clothes to her daughters with the agreement of her husband, which she (LeM) took away from them &c.

11th May 1620. Jean Tiault heir of Margueritte Vaudin, wife of Pierre Ozanne, Mr Thomas De Lisle through Thomas Guille.

20th June 1620. Demoiselle Jeanne Devick, widow of Monsieur André Harris, administrator of the estate of Monsieur William Devick her previous husband, Jean Blanche attorney to Abraham Williams, she needs to account for articles removed from her husband's house after his death &c.

[2 March 1621. Against Catherine Prey [Du Pre] in favour of Richard Prey. CP demanded the return of a table and bed from the Roberge estate that she had inherited, but she was not allowed to pursue the case as the court found that the furniture had been moved out before she became heir and thus rendered mobiliary &c. Supp. p. 156]

18 July 1621. Samuel Gagnepain must reimburse Marie Rolland widow of Ollivier Le Prevôt, the money owed to her late husband after he paid for medical treatment for Gagnepain in England.

[26 March 1622. Against Coliche de Sausmarez, the widow and dowager of Jehannet de Quetteville, in favour of Jehannet Baudain, heir in part of Anne de Quetteville, the daughter of the said Jehannet. The Court declared void the contract by which Monsieur Thomas Milet Junior and his wife, the said Anne, had given over to the said dowager, as her part of the dowry on the estate of JDQ, the house opposite the Pilory and the Garden of the Plaiderie, because this exceeded one third of the estate and therefore broke the law. The court ordered them to go before a judge to properly fix the said dowry, and ordered that Coliche should be reimbursed for the repairs that she had made to the house. Supp. p. 157.

3 May 1622. Against Pierre Le Marchant and Simon Effard, heirs to Thomas Le Marchant Junior, son of Pierre (sic) of the Groignet, against Dame Judith Germain, who bought a rent from TLM on his deathbed. They must allow her to keep it as the said TLM had made arrangements for the sale several months before his illness to settle a debt he owed JG. Supp. p. 156.

5 April 1623. The estate of Jean Vivian, who drowned himself. Supp. p. 158.

24 May 1623. George Fashin [Fashion] Seigneur d'Anneville et le Comte hereby agrees that Mr Jean de Quetteville proxy in the right of Sara De Beauvoir, widow and executor of the mobiliary estate of the late Thomas le Marchant Seigneur du Groignet receives part of sale of the Moulin Main from Josias Le Marchant &c. Supp. p. 158.]

21 June 1623. Jean Girard seized of the inheritance of Barnaby Marquy [Marquis], Jean Tiault son of Jean, renounced his part of his inheritance from his father &c. (p. 118)

28 June 1623. Against Thomas Guille, on behalf of James Magnan son of Pierre, Samuel Gagnepain son of Samuel &c, in favour of Jeanne Herpin widow of Pierre Magnan; she is entitled to income bought by late husband for her and himself &c. Same day. Simon Effard in right of his wife heiress of Pierre Le Marchant son of John, Elizabeth Ollivier widow of Pierre, renounced estate and not liable for late husband's debts. 8th October 1624. Josias Le Marchant, Court to consider appeal against export duty on beans.

[27 April 1624. Against Monsieur Jean Gosselin, who bought [a house] from Thomas De Garis, against Monsieur Thomas De Lisle, who was asking for 4134 livres tournois plus interest on the estate of the said De Garis which is in the possession of Gosselin. De Lisle may only extract from this part of the estate debts that were run up before Gosselin bought it with only one year's interest on the sum &c. Supp. p. 157.] 

27 October 1624. Jean De Rosel must pay monies owed to Jean Gosselin & Jean Haume [Heaume] guardians of the children of Jean Mathieu following Privy Council appeal. Jean Blanche attorney to Abraham William &c.

18 December 1624. Nicolas Careye eldest son of Sieur Nicolas Carey, Thomas Guille attorney to Pierre Le Fayvre in right of his wife and co-heirs, heirs in part of said Nicolas Careye, re estate in St Sampson that grandfather Nicolas Carey bought from Queen's Commissioners, vingtième not payable as lands are covered at high tide &c.

25 February 1625. Monsieur Jean Fautrart & Monsieur Michel de Sausmarez, Sieurs du Fief de Beuval, re forfaiture of Pierre Le Roy son of Etienne, owe Abraham Hill, victualler of Castle Cornet, expenses of 6 sous a day for Le Roy's imprisonment up to his banishment.

20 June 1626. Hellier Le Poittevin may not action two people [Thomas De Jersey and wife] at same time for debts owed by only one.

[Same day. Fief Hailla. Against the King's Prevôt responsible for the defaults of the King's Officers, in favour of Jean Le Fayvre son of Jean of the Town, who is seized in the right of Rauling Henry of the estate of Richard Guille. The Prevot must allow Le Fayvre enjoyment of one third of the Fief de Hailla in St Martin with one third of the revenues, after it was shown in the records of the Royal Revenue that various taxes were owed by the Prevôt of the Fief Hailla, of which Nicolas Carey seized of the estate of Richard Guille received one third &c. Supp. p. 157.]

5 February 1627. Hellier Le Poittevin in right of his wife heir of Jenette Cohu, former wife of Jean Le Tournel, may not pursue Le Tournel for selling his wife's estate shortly before her death, as permission had been obtained from Court to do so. Same day. Nicolas Blanche heir of the late Marie Le Huray, Monsieur Jean De Quetteville, King's Receiver.

25th March 1628. Against Pierre De Lisle principal heir of his father Monsieur Thomas De Lisle, as main creditor of the late Nicolas Brehaut son of Pierre in possession of whole estate, in favour of Brehaut's widow Rachel Lohier, De Lisle having failed to cover certain rents owed by Brehaut.

6th May 1630. Thomas Le Lacheur eldest son of late Jean Le Lacheur & co-heirs to his goods, owes his brother Samuel Le Lacheur money from estate, daughters also took money without permission. Same day. Isaac Gibault liable for costs re a rent.

19th May 1630. Against Jean Le Mesurier in favour of Catherine Moreland widow of Sampson Peale, Peale had bought estate of Abraham Mansel.

16th December 1630. Disagreement between Collas De Garis son of Richard, heir of his brother Jean De Garis, Collas guardian of Margueritte De Garis, Jean De Garis in right of his wife, daughters of said Richard De Garis.

6th July 1631. Nicolas De Jersey. Monsieur Pierre De Lisle, Clos des grands Prés. Same day. Pierre Roberge must repay Monsieur Pierre De Beauvoir son of Henry, house and land sold illegally by Thomas Guille his attorney to Roberge.

13th July 1631. Michel Le Mesurier in right of his wife seized of estate of Thomas Jehan, Pierre Gibault.

21st September 1631. Nicholas Blanche guardian of younger son of Thomas Blanche may not pursue Monsieur Jean Fautrart Creditor of the late Blanche and enjoying the goods from his estate, for value of goods removed from house by eldest son Edouard Blanche.

19 May 1632. Disagreement between officials re weights and measures, responsibility to remain with Prevôt. (p. 122)

21 September 1631. Jean Blanche Jr by his right as representative of James Chidley, Monsieur Pierre De Beauvoir son of Henry, perjury.

[22 May 1632. Against Jean Le Mesurier in favour of Colas Le Roi and his wife Jacqueline Corbel. may not pursue the case for a share of the estate inherited by Jacqueline &c. Supp. p 158]

5 November 1633. André Brouard fined 10 livres for wanting Monsieur Jean Blondel to be removed as jurat on case he was pursuing against Monsieur Pierre De Lisle, protesting that the said De Lisle was Blondel's father-in-law and husband of his mother &c. [This was a common complaint: see, for example, Eléazar Le Marchant's letter to Sir Edmund Andros, 1705.]

25 February 1633. Pierre Maingart of St Malo, ship's master, and the other owners of a ship which was wrecked on coast of Alderney, owe share of salvage to Henry Gaudion & Guillaume Barbaçon on their own behalf and as representatives of others who helped to salvage the cargo of the said vessel &c.

3 May 1634. As above at Guernsey. Pierre Bonamy representing Nicolas Lessieu, master of a ship that went down in these waters, owe King's Officers quarter of salvage as they abandoned ship. [Same day. Legal separation granted to Catherine Ettur, wife of Abraham Bisson of the Vale. Her husband had this day abandoned all his possessions to his creditors. The Court was told he was unable to manage his finances and thus gave his wife the duty of observing all the legal formalities stipulated in the Order of the Chief Pleas made on 3 October 1631, and ordered that she should keep all the goods in the house that were judged to belong to her according to the opinion of Monsieur the Bailiff and the two jurats who will visit the parish &c. Ditto. Abraham Bisson son of Guillaume abandons his rights to his estate following the case brought against him for rent arrears by Nicolas Etienne &c., blames his 'extreme poverty.' Supp. p. 159.]

10 June 1634. Against Richard Robin half-brother on mother's side of Jehannet Le Charpentier by his right as heir absolute to his goods and chattels, in favour of Pierre Cousin in right of his wife discretionary heir to said Charpentier, Robin allowed to claim money from sale of a rent sold by Charpentier to Mr Pierre Priaulx as Court rules Charpentier sold it to obstruct his heirs rather than out of necessity, as changed his will radically at the time &c.

2 February 1636. Pierre Mansel son of Olivier seized of estate of the late Pierre Maindonal, Nicolas Lihou objected, Nicolas Fallaize. [Same day. Against Pierre Mansell son of Olivier in favour of Nicolas Lihou on behalf of Thomas Fallaize the possessor of the estate of Jean Maindonal as NL was seized of the said estate &c. Supp. p. 158]

16th January 1634. Pierre Ozanne son of Martin in right of his wife daughter and heir of Ezechiel Mourin, Court has decided Margueritte Heaume, the widow of Mourin should receive dowry &c despite never having slept with, lived with, or spoken to her husband since her marriage, nor during his illness, as proof is provided of her having attempted to do so and of his having refused, sometimes aggressively.

16th February 1635. Marie Hill, widow and executor of will of Jean Briard, liable to pay Collas Blanche for the 10 dozen calfskins Blanche proved he entrusted to Briard to sell for him at Bordeaux &c.

14th July 1638. Edouard Harling son of the late Edouard Harling pleading on behalf of Robert Le Roux in right of his wife daughter of the deceased, must give Margery Knight, widow of the late said Harling, half of the goods and chattels from her husband's estate in payment of half the debts, notwithstanding the claim made by Harling that that he should only have to hand over one third as he had been free of paternal authority for 12 years.

18th April 1639. Against Pierre De Beauvoir heir in part of Monsieur Thomas De Beauvoir du Bosq, in favour of James Le Marchant also heir in part of late De Beauvoir on his mother's side, De Beauvoir also heir on father's side &c.

7th July 1640. Eldership and preciput. Margueritte Devick, guardian of Marie & Rachel the daughters of William Briard and heirs in part (as representing their late father) of the late Jean Briard their grandfather, must allow the guardian of the eldest son of the late Jean Briard Jr, eldest son of the said Jean Briard Snr, to claim any building he thinks proper from the estate &c, outside the Barrières de la Ville, &c. Same day. The guardians of the children of the late Thomas De Rozel must pay Michel De Rozel, also son and heir of the late Thomas, the money his father left to him in his will as recompense for services rendered to his father while he was alive, notwithstanding that Michel was at the time a minor and under paternal authority, and the legacy is to be taken out of the entire estate.

19th May 1641. Guardian to be chosen from relatives on the mother's side. Dame Elizabeth De Carteret opposed the appointment of Elizée Dobrée as guardian of the daughter of the late Jean Dobrée, of whom she is the grand-mother on the maternal side. Court rules another guardian should be appointed from the maternal side as the child is also heir to the estate of her grand-father, the late Jean Dobrée, the father of the said Elizée &c, some of the inheritance remaining to be distributed.

8th June 1641. Vingtième and preciput. Josué Gosselin guardian of eldest son of Mr Pierre Gosselin, Nicolas Gosselin guardian of younger son. Elder son to accept as preciput and right of vingtième either one half of the Moulin de la Vrangue or a house and buildings in the Contrée du Bosq; the Court ruled he could not claim both as they are not in the same place. Note on judgment of 22nd April 1607 in which this also happened, brothers Pierre & Thomas Le Marchant each ended up with something. Same day. Contract of purchase made by Thomas Henry son of Pierre and Pierre Jehan son of Pierre annulled as signed by Vavasours of Fief St Michel and land not in that fief.

10th May 1642. One child may not be preferred over others when leaving goods and chattels. Pierre Du Port guardian of Pierre Halouvri son of late Jean Hallouvri & Catherine Allez, sued by Jean Robert, guardian of Marie Des Perques daughter of Collas Des Perques and the said Allez, over disagreement concerning the will of the said Allez in which she gave preferential treatment to her son in the matter of goods and chattels over her daughter. The will in consequence annulled, goods to be distributed according to law after eldership of son levied. Same day. Contract between Pierre Priaulx and Elizée Le Marchant anulled.

20th December 1643. Goods forfeit after wreck as not claimed within year and day. Samuel Gagnepain, representing Louis Becard of St Malo, may not pursue the King's Officers for wine that formed part of the cargo of a ship wrecked two years previously on the coast of Guernsey, as more than a year and a day passed before he made the claim.

14th October 1644. Gravage. The King's Officers may not pursue George Michelot & Jacques Morin, owners of certain goods and merchandise from a ship called La Bénédiction which was wrecked on the shore of this island, and may not claim the merchandise as gravage (wreck), as the ship remained at anchor until it all the cargo was discharged, and the owners bore all the costs. (p. 127)

24th April 1645. Against Jean Le Mesurier Jr purchaser from John Le Mesurier his father of two fields in favour of Abraham Quertier who rents the said fields, taking into account the rental agreement signed by the Lieut.-Bailiff that rental to last while both alive &c, sale anulled. Same day. Collusion. Against Thomas Robert heir of late James Robert his brother in favour of Collas Simon Attorney to Thomas Simon in right of his wife formerly wife of said James Robert, over rent belonging to wife sold fraudulently by James Robert to Thomas Robert, sale annulled &c.

24th January 1647. Against Monsieur Jean Perchard brother and heir in part to Mr Pierre Perchard in favour of Jean Rolland Snr. in right of his wife, daughter of late Jean Perchard, who was while alive the legal administrator of the inheritance of the said Pierre & Jean, must let Jean Rolland have half the goods and chattels &c of the estate of the late Pierre Perchard according to customary law &c. [Note in margin:] See Terrien, Book 6 (2) folio 197 & 199.

11th May 1648. Against Jean Le Mesurier and parceners heirs of Etienne Guillemotte, who was eldest son/legal administrator of his late mother Elizabeth De La Marche, in favour of Thomas De Bois in right of his wife, and the creditors of the said De La Marche &c. Same day. Jean Tiault & Thomas Lenfestey in right of their wives the daughters of Pierre Allez son of Collas, sued by Elizabeth Allez another daughter of the said deceased, father may leave half his goods to one daughter after widow's portion distributed &c. Same day. Meeting of the cheverente must be called. Jean Le Huray, chef of the bouvée de Torquetil, a dependancy of the Fief Thomas Blondel, sued by Sieurs James De Beauvoir, the representatives of his brother Monsieur James De Beauvoir & Pierre Fiott guardian of his son, the Seigneurs [Sieurs] of the said Fief (sic). Same day. Rental. Jean Vaudin must pay Jean Le Mesurier a quarter's rent for a house; Le Mesurier may not claim more as Vaudin prevented from living in house by cannon fire from Castle Cornet. Vaudin also did not return key at agreed time, liable for costs &c.

17th May 1649. Children of Jean Effard by first and second marriages must share inheritance equally. Sara Painsec widow of Zacharie Effard eldest son of Jean Effard [by] his first wife and guardian of his [Zacharies's] children, sued by Olive Laugez second wife of Jean Effard and guardian of his children, must share property and rents amongst children equally, agreements made by Effard which disinherit children by second wife null and void, Effard tried to overturn them in lifetime. [Also mentioned 'la ditte Le Patourel', probably in error for Painsec.] Same day. Preciput. Philippe Cachard, younger brother of Jean Cachard, eldest son of the late Jean Cachard, their father, brothers may not pursue Daniel Cachard their younger brother &c.

5th February 1649. Mathieu Le Roy and parceners may not appeal against a judgment made 38 years ago in favour of Elizabeth Corbel. Same day. Philippe Sebire, principal heir of the late Jean Sebire, actions Sieur Jean Le Mesurier to produce documents by which right he is seized of estate &c.

23rd May 1650. Duration of mortgage (loan). James Guille against Sieurs Jean and Antoine De Quetteville, heirs of Monsieur Jean De Quetteville, re a mortgage taken out by his father from JdeQ &c.

5th June 1651. Pierre Allez son of Martin owes money to Dame Marie Perchard, widow of Monsieur Pierre De Lisle and guardian of his children, and seized of the estate of André Ingrouille son of Denis.

2nd December 1651. Margueritte Le Feyvre wife of Nicolas Anley seized of the estate of Anne le Feyvre widow of Jean Patron. (see p. 117) (p. 130)

27th March 1652. Against Pierre Careye son of Jean formerly representative of Henry De Beauvoir, who is supposed dead because of his long absence from the island, in favour of Monsieur Pierre Careye attorney to Monsieur Charles De Beauvoir and Mr Guillaume De Beauvoir and Sieur Jean Le Hardy in right of his wife heir of the said Henry, must allow her to have possession of the estate of Henry, 'biens, meubles, héritages et écrits.'

26th April 1653. Father may not advantage one child over another. Against Jean Rouget, son-in-law of Jean Le Page, in favour of Pierre Martel in right of his wife heir in part of said Le Page and the other parcener also heir of this Le Page; sale of house and land made to said Rouget by father-in-law ruled against the law and customary law of this island, which forbids a father from giving preference to one of his children to the disadvantage of the others, douzaine will value house and buyer must pay its worth. Same day. Widow may not renounce inheritance after she has taken out dowry. Against Elie Brett in right of his wife the widow of Jean Gibault in favour of Isaac Gibault, the brother and heir of the said Jean; Brett in right of his wife ruled unable to renounce inheritance mobiliaire of her said husband, as wife had already claimed her dowry on the estate three years previous to the attempt to renounce. (p. 131)

29th April 1653. Husband who takes out land or rents in his wife's name takes them out for her benefit not his own. Against Pierre Falla eldest son of the late Pierre Falla in favour of Anne Henry his widow, must allow widow to enjoy the asset husband purchased through retrait lignager; since it was reclaimed from Christine Prey [Du Pré] by Falla in his wife's name, it should be regarded as part of her own estate.

5th January 1653. Against Monsieur Jean Fautrart, eldest son of the late Monsieur Jean Fautrart in favour of Monsieur Pierre Carey representing Sieur Thomas Simon in right of his wife and their other parceners heirs of the late Sieur Fautrart, must present evidence of sale to the said co-heirs of the fiefs of the estate of their late father in the Island of Guernsey only, with the house in the Rue Berthelot &c. [For this house and ownership, see Berthelot Street Documents, 12th October 1728.] For property in Sark, see 28th February 1653.

31st January 1653. Helier Mansel, Executor of will of his brother, the late Thomas Mansel, must hand over to Collette Rougier, all his goods and chattels, as she is the legal heir to them, except for items specified in the will to go to others, and must pay her the income from the estate &c. (p. 131)

28th February 1653. Eldest son must see to distribution amongst co-heirs. Mr Jean Faultrart eldest son of Monsieur Jean Fautrart Senr, Pierre Carey representative of Thomas Simon &c. re distribution of Sark property. (p. 131)

7th March 1653. Mr Jean Bonamy, the guardian of Pierre son of the late Pierre Bonamy must give to Mr Thomas Le Marchant in right of his wife dowager of the deceased, who was son of the late Mr Jean Bonamy, the dowry from the estate of the said Mr Jean Bonamy, that is the part that would come to her said husband on the day of her death &c.

22nd May 1655. Amice Andros Seigneur of the Fief de Sausmarez may remain seized of land belonging to Monsieur Jean Bonamy as Bonamy has not appeared at last three hearings &c.

[31 July 1656. Against Monsieur Thomas Careye [Junior] eldest son of the late Mr Thomas Careye in favour of Mr Daniel De Beauvoir, who is guardian of his sister on the maternal side, Anne Careye, the daughter of the said Sieur Careye Senior and the late Dame Collette Priaulx. May not claim against the estate of the late [Collette] Priaulx &c. Supp. p. 160]

9th August 1656. Monsieur William Le Marchant, guardian of his own son; the purchase of rents made by Mr Lancelot Granger of London, represented by Sieur Charles De Beauvoir, from Monsieur Guillaume De Beauvoir in right of his wife are ruled legally sound &c.

9th April 1657. Monsieur Thomas Le Marchant, formerly Minister of the Parish of St Martin, is not obliged by law to repair the Rectory and church land at his own expense as demanded by the Treasuriers and Constables of St Martin &c.

15th April 1658. Eldest son not obliged to take his vingtième from land held in common of little value, but may take it from wherever he likes. Michel Langlois, only son of Denis Langlois, Jean Langlois son of Pierre in right of his wife daughter of said Denis. Same day. Nicolas Alley [called throughout 'Anley'] in right of his wife heir to her brother Jean Le Fayvre, Jean Le Mesurier called 'Le Mercier', Etienne Osuet [Ozouet], Jean Henry des Landes, owner in part of Jean Ozouet's estate &c.

29th April 1658. A distrainor judged to have given up the estate of which he is seized through long absence and neglect of the premises. Monsieur Thomas Carey Seigneur de Blanche Lande, Jean Le Gros son of Abraham represented by Jacob Marquant [Marquand]. Same day. A woman who does not attend her husband during his final illness loses her dowry upon his death but may keep the third of his goods. Against Jacqueline Allez widow of Daniel Ollivier son of Jacques in favour of the guardians of his children, debarred from receiving her dowry from his estate, in view of her refusal to live and reside with him during his final illness, and that the offers she made to come and live with him were not genuine, but she can have her part of his personalty &c.

6th May 1658. Against Collette Le Roux widow of Marc Tourtel in favour of Jean Poulet seized of the estate of said deceased, may only take dowry from assets husband had at time of marriage as she has already renounced his mobiliary estate. Same day. Against Pierre Painsec guardian of the son of the late Sieur Pierre De Beauvoir du Beauvoir du Bosq, in favour of Collette De Beauvoir, daughter of the said deceased, and sole heir of this part of the late Guillaume De Beauvoir her brother, must give her the silver-gilt coupe (beaker) that was given to her by the late Sieur Pierre De Beauvoir, the late Guillaume's grandfather, which had come into her possession by right as part of the estate of her late brother, as she is her father's only surviving child &c. (p. 133)

15th July 1658. Against Isaac Gibault, principal heir of the late Jean Gibault and Elizabeth de la Marche his father and mother in favour of Marie Henry, dowager of Pierre Gibault, her first husband and son of the said deceased persons; must provide her with complete inventory and accounts of estate as it was at the death of her first husband, so that she can take her dowry according to law and custom &c.

29th March 1659. Disagreement between Thomas De Jersey in right of his wife heir in part of Jean Le Fayvre son of Samuel and Thomas Blondel in right of his wife and parceners heirs of the said Le Fayvre, re the partage that Blondel wanted redistributed; Blondel has been refused the right to do this as the distribution was originally made more than 30 years ago, although any rents payable or receivable that were not distributed then should be settled between them now.

6 April 1659. A widow who renounces the mobiliary estate of her husband gives up the right to the enjoyment of any house or land he purchased during their marriage. Collette Le Roux, widow of Marc Tourtel, Jean Poulet, seized of the estate, must give up house and repay Poulet the income as was bought during the marriage &c. Same day. Jean Le Conte must pay Louis Painsec arrears &c. interest given as charitable offering[?] &c. Same day. Rights prioritised in order of registration. Pierre De Garis, Henry De Jersey seized of estate of Collas Le Mesurier &c. Same day. A guardian may not renounce an inheritance on behalf of their ward without the consent of relatives. Against Pierre Allaire heir to Pierre Allaire, who while he was alive was the guardian of Thomasse Le Page, in favour of Nicolas Le Page, the heir of the said Thomasse his niece; Court ruled renunciation null and void as he had not consulted any of her relatives, Allaire must recompense Le Page for sale of the estate that his father took upon himself illegally to renounce &c.

9 July 1661. A person who contracts to marry another and then abandons them to marry a third party must pay civil damages. Nicolas De Jersey must pay a fine of 50 livres tournois in civil damages to Marie Girard for broken engagment &c. (p. 135)

[15 November 1662. Note: this judgment was reversed by order of the Privy Council 13 June 1663. Monsieur Daniel De Beauvoir, who claimed he had been assigned a part of the estate of the late Sieur Pierre Priaulx was demanding a payment of 6000 livres tournois from Priaulx's widow, Dame Rebecca De Sausmarez, and the interest owing since 6 September 1642. The defendant produced documentary evidence and witnesses under oath (Mrs Pierre De BEauvoir and Mr James Le MArchant) that she had bought this sum, but the Court was not convinced. RDS to pay. [Supp. p. 161.]

24 November 1663. Assignation previous to renunciation judged valid. Etienne Nicolle seized hered. of estate of Marie Le Marchant, must give Jean Le Mesurier a list of what is owed by various parties on the parts of the estate she (LeM) made over to him before she renounced, as these assignations are judged to be legal and should stand &c.

25 April 1664. Against Jacquine Trameliere [Tramailler] widow of Pierre Poullet and guardian of his son, who is heir with discretion as to the inheritance of the estate of the late Jean Poullet [Poulet], in favour of Ursuley Knap, the widow of the said Jean Poullet; must pay Ursula Knapp 100 livres tournois, the amount that the furniture she brought with her on her marriage, and which were reserved to her in her marriage contract, have been valued at; and in addition to give her her share of the other goods and dowry on her inheritance, according to law &c. [See p. 137, Jugement 9th February 1668.] Same day. In dealing with a seizure of property, a registered contract is preferred over one that is not. Position of Thomas Le Marchant seized of the estate of Nicolas Le Lacheur preferred to that of Nicolas Maugeur purchaser, creditor or mortgager of the said Le Lacheur, notwithstanding that the purchase that Maugeur made from Le Lacheur took place before the sale that Le Marchant's mother made to Le Lacheur, all the more so as that Sale is registered whereas Mauguer did not register his &c. (p. 135)

1 June 1664. Moulin du milieu must allow sufficient current through to the Moulin de la mer that it can properly mill wheat or barley. Disagreement between Mr Pierre De Beauvoir & Dame Rebecca De Sausmarez, owners of the Moulin de la mer and the Sieur William Le Marchant and parceners, owners of the Moulin du milieu; judged that whenever the Millers of the Moulin du milieu  wish to mill barley [brais] they must not divert the course of the water and must allow it to flow &c. [See List of Records in the Greffe, III, (B 3) 2. No 2, Thomas Leighton grants Moulin de Milieu to Gaspard Ollivier, 1 October 1571.] 

16 October 1666. Saisie déserte. Against Jean Tupper seized of the estate of Pierre Le Retilley in favour of Jean Le Pettevin, beneficiary of the estate of Jean Le Retilley his brother; must pay him rents and arrears paid by said Le Retilley to Monsieur André Monamy &c.

[23 October 1666. Note: See the Order of His Majesty registered 31 March 1668. Against Sieur Pierre Priaulx Junior eldest son of Sieur Pierre Priaulx in favour of Monsieur Charles Andros in right of his wife Seigneur d'Anneville. The Court rules that the perchage of the Fief de Longues made on the 21 January 1663 at the instance of Dame Rebecca De Sauamarez, the widow of the said Priaulx and the Attorney to her eldest son and guardian of her other children should be invalidated, as Priaulx had not shown any evidence that the Fief de Longues had been sold to his father by the late Monsieur Geroge Fachin, costs awrded against PRiaulx and he is fined &c [Supp. p. 160.] 

22 November 1666. Against Sieur Jean Le Mesurier heir of his father in favour of the Reverend Mr Jean De Sausmarez and parceners heirs of their mother Dame Jacquine Le Mesurier who, while she lived, was the heir in part to the said late Le Mesurier; he must give them their part of the mobiliary estate of their said Grandfather, as the will in which he left everything to his son has been declared invalid and because he could not prove that the said Dame Jacquine was married before she left her father's house &c.

[11 December 1666. Plaids d'heritage. [Against] Pierre Priaulx Junior, eldest son of his late father, Sieur Pierre Priaulx in favour of Mr Charles Andros [who is] in right of his wife Seigneur d'Anneville and other fiefs. Must hand over to him the Fief au Legat also known as the 21st Boisselée, the Fief du Noirmont also known as the Quartier de Camprouf of the Fief au Carpentier, the Fief aux Quartiers des Goubeys, the Fief de Robert Gosselin, the Fief de Dame Allienor, the Fief of Richard de la Jolie, and the Fief du Rosel; he must pay Andros all the income from the said Fiefs, which the said late Priaulx and his son have enjoyed and had possession of without any right or title of any sort. Note: See 6 November 1668 for la Vue des Droits. Supp. p. 160.]

24 September 1667. A widow who has not taken her part of the estate of her husband is not liable for his debts, must confirm under oath. Against Philemon Mauger seized of estate of Thomas Le Huray in favour of Judith De Garis, widow of the said Le Huray, may not pursue her for a third of his debts as she swore by oath she has not taken any of the goods from her husband's estate &c.

9 February 1668. Disagreement between Israel Recorde, present owner of Rolin Le Goubey's former house, and William Dobrée; Recorde objected to the publication by Dobrée, seized of the said house, of a notice of its being given to rent, because Recorde had bought the house from the guardian of the son of the said Le Goubey, who was legally authorised to sell it and had completed all the necessary formalities, during which process Dobrée made no objection &c. (p. 136-7) Same day. Ruled that Jacquine Tramailler widow of Pierre Poullet and guardian of his son, heir at discretion of the late Jean Poullet, must give Ursula Knapp, the widow of Jean Poullet a complete account of his estate at the tine of his marriage &c.

11 March 1668. May not appeal to Crown over sums less than 400 livres tournois. Jean Fautrart in right of his wife, Jean Renouf guardian of the children of Isaac Gibault Jr eldest son of late Isaac Gibault &c. Same day. André Bonamy, representing his brother Pierre Bonamy, may not pursue Daniel Ollivier re renunciation of brother's estate made by brother's attorney Samuel Gagnepain; and André Bonamy has accepted Ollivier's offer on the estate and paid all outstanding debts &c.

[15 March 1669. The Court dismisses that judgment of 5 February 1667, by which the late Thomas de Garis Senior was ordered to assemble the tenants and make the Grenetage of the chefrentes of the Fief de Carteret at the instance of Sieur Pierre De Lisle, the Seigneur of the said Fief, and instead orders that the chefs of the four Bouvées, (that is, Sieur Pierre Henry, David Le Page and Thomas De Garis (the son of the aforesaid Thomas), Michel Le Favyvre and those seized of the estate of Pierre Le Folley), should assemble the said Bouvées in turn from now on &c. Supp. p. 161.]

26 October 1669. Against Dame Bertranne De Sausmarez, widow of Sieur Pierre Gosselin and guardian of his [eldest] son, in his name and also as heir in part to the estate of Hellier Gosselin, her son and the said Hellier being heirs in part to the estate of Mr Josué Gosselin, in favour of Pierre Gosselin, heir at discretion to the said Mr Josué Gosselin's estate; she is forbidden to ask Pierre Gosselin for complete accounts of Mr Josué Gosselin's estate in order to make a distribution amongst them, as the Court has found that she left the request too late and that it is no longer admissible &c.

23 November 1669. Nicolas Mansel in right of his wife dowager of Henry De Garis may not pursue Zacharie Anquetil, seized of the estate of Pierre Jehan, for arrears of rent, and must remove him from list as he left him off the registration document by mistake &c. (p. 137)

2 December 1669. Pierre Gosselin may not pursue Marie Thams [Marie Thoumes] seized of the estate of Nicolas Le Page or have her arrested for arrears, as he has not proved that the property of the said Le Page fell into ruin through fault or negligence of Thomas Tramailler, former husband of the said Thams, she had offered to give up the debt &c. Same day. No obligation to summons those who are not registered in court papers pertaining to a saisie. Monsieur Thomas Fiott, proxy in law for Sieur Elie Le Bouteiller, who is representing Sieur Jacques Bouillon seized of the estate of James Nicolle, against Hellier De Jersey the purchaser, creditor or mortgager of the said Nicolle, [Bouillon] not obliged to summons Nicolas Le Pelley, who has acquired the estate of the said Nicolle, on the same terms as the said De Jersey, because Le Pelley was not registered as a debtor to the estate in the court papers &c.

21 June 1670. Court rules on case brought by Mr Daniel De Beauvoir against Monsieur Thomas Fiott seized of the estate of James Nicolle, unanimous in favour of De Beauvoir &c.

20 February 1670. Nicolas Bisson, master of a fishing boat of the Parish of the Vale, must pay Monsieur Elie Deshayes, the Rector of the parish, the disme on this year's catch &c. Same day. Anyone seized of a deceased man's estate must pay the widow her dowry. Mr William Le Marchant, seized of the estate of the late Michel de Rosel, must pay his widow, Marie Le Bouteiller, one third of the estate her husband owned at the time of their marriage &c. (p. 138) Same day. Jean Le Mesurier, Monsieur James Careye, late James Le Mesurier of St Saviour.

1st October 1671. 'By this judgment, (which I think illegal), Books must be shared out amongst the coheirs, but I am of the firm opinion that they should all go to the eldest son.' Mr Thomas Le Marchant, representing Dame Marie Edlin, widow of Mr Jean Du Perrier, who was the eldest son of Mr Gabriel Du Perrier, and guardian of his son, actioned Richard De Jersey in right of his wife, who was formerly wife of the said Gabriel Du Perrier, having all his goods in his possession, claiming in the son's name that he had a right to all the Books in the estate and his eldership; it was ruled that he should take eldership only from the books and from two thirds of the goods, the distribution of which will be overseen by two Jurats, and that he is forbidden to take all the books &c. (p. 139)

6th February 1671. Have only a year and a day to appeal a judgment. Hellier De Jersey, churchwarden of the Câtel, appealed a judgment given against him in favour of Mr Thomas Fiott seized of estate of James Nicolle, had taken over a year and a day to lodge appeal, so appeal dismissed, must pay costs &c. Same day. Guillaume Girard, eldest son of late Jean Girard sued by Daniel Girard, heir in part of estate of said deceased, the gift from the deceased to Daniel made just before his death, of 600 livres tournois raised from the sale of five quarters of wheat rent, legal and allowed to stand &c. Same day. Against Esther Gosselin, daughter of Mr Pierre Gosselin, representing her husband, and heir to the estate of her uncle Mr Josué Gosselin through her father, in favour of Pierre Gosselin, discretionary heir to the said estate; she is debarred from receiving anything from the estate as she put her request in too late.

26th March 1672. Rachel Viber [Vibert] widow of Rollin Le Goubey may not pursue William Dobrée, principal heir of the estate of his father, William Dobrée, seized of the said Le Goubey's estate &c. Same day. Monsieur Thomas Le Marchant attorney to Dame Marie Edlin widow of Mr Jean Du Perrier, heir to Monsieur Gabriel du Perrier, and guardian of his son, may not pursue Richard De Jersey in right of his wife former wife of the said Gabriel Du Perrier who has in his possession his Goods, Chattels and Papers, may not require him to hand over all the said the chattels and papers from the said estate, excepting in his case against the guardian of the daughter of the said Gabriel Du Perrier &c.

4th March 1672. Guillaume De Garis, chef of the first Bouvée des Grangiers, actioned by Sieur Pierre Priaulx, Seigneur of the Fief le Conte, must start the bidding process for the post of Granger so that one can be appointed to receive the chefrentes of the said fief for the year 1665.

16th June 1674. Monsieur William Le Marchant sues Dame Anne Le Hardy, widow of Sieur Pierre De Beauvoir and guardian of his children, seized of the estate of Benjamin Machon, for arrears of rent &c. Same day. Judgment by default. Monsieur Nicolas Nicolle heir to his brother, Etienne Nicolle, must pay brother's debt to Monsieur Samuel Carey &c.

3rd November 1664. Monsieur Thomas Fiott seized of estate of James Nicolle must pay Monsieur James De Beauvoir in right of his wife rent and arrears on a mortgage of Jeanne Bailleul, the grandmother of the said Nicolle &c. Same day. Mr Thomas De Lisle heir to his brother, the eldest son of Mr Thomas De Lisle, against Marie Martin, heir to Nicolas Martin Sr, Catherine Le Pelletier, widow of Nicolas Martin Jr, (who was heir to his father), and guardian of his children, her three brothers should be summonsed before Marie allowed to give her opinion &c. (p. 140)

23rd February 1674. Dowry. Against Mr Daniel De Beauvoir and Pierre Gosselin, in favour of Dame Marie Girard widow and dowager of Sieur Eléazar Le M., Thomas Le Marchant son of said Sieur Eléazar Le Marchant.

7th December 1674. Case antecedent to above.

19th October 1675. Sieur Elie Le Bouteiller, guardian of William De Rosel son of Michel & parceners, heirs to the estate that came to the late Guillaume De Rosel from his father's side, actions Pierre Guille attorney to Colliche Guille, heir mobilaire to the inheritance of the said William from his father's family, to prove his contention that the former attorney of the said Guille's husband had unlawfully failed as guarantor in the case that Monsieur Jean Martin had against Marie Le Bouteiller, widow of the said Michel De Rosel and guardian of the said William, demanding payment from her of £1125 livres tournois; Guille adjudged to have acted correctly; ordered that the goods and chattels forming William De Rosel's inheritance should go towards paying the debts, and that the rest should be paid by the heirs on both paternal and maternal sides proportionate to their inheritance. Same day. Against Mr Jean Andros Attorney of Edmond Andros Escr. principal heir of the estate of Mr Amice Andros in favour of Mr François Green receiver of dismes due to His Majesty, appeal turned down &c.

27th May 1676. Sieur Edouard Belitha, merchant of London, attorney of Toby Goderige [Goodrige] in right of his wife who is executor of the late Edouard Belitha, actions Mr William Le Marchant re debtor's notes owing to the late Pierre and Leonard Massey, to whom Thomas Massey, of whom Jean Corbin is the guardian, is heir. The notes were transferred to Belitha by Mr Jean De Quetteville who was before his death the guardian of the said Massey, to pay off the guardian's debts rather than that of his ward; the notes not yet discharged, Jean Corbin having opposed the action brought by Belitha to obtain the money, Belitha may not receive the money and instead it should go to Corbin on behalf of his ward, Corbin must act as guarantor to Le Marchant and plead his cause &c.

6th June 1676. Against Pierre Gosselin heir to Mr Josué Gosselin in favour of Dame Margueritte De Sausmarez his widow, must provide her with complete inventory of the estate including assets acquired before and after marriage, so that she can take her dowry &c.

27th February 1676. Against Monsieur William Priaulx guardian of the eldest son of the late Mr Pierre Priaulx in favour of Pierre Thoumes the eldest son of Thomas Thoumes; may not pursue Thoumes for 1207 livres tournois he was claiming in the form of debtor's notes and bonds with interest, after Thoumes had discharged debts of Colonel Thomas Russell, Lieut. Governor during the time of the Rebellion, and various actions against them &c.

13th March 1676. Against Thomas Machon, Attorney to Jean Du Maresq, Gentilhomme, guardian of the children of Mr Josué Guille, in favour of Sieur Daniel Pallot; he must cover Pallot's debts to Pierre Guille, representative of Dame Catherine Varrin, the Dowager of the late Josué Guille, her first husband &c. (p. 142)

22nd May 1677. A widow to receive dowry on the goods left by her husband and left to her daughter by her grandfather on payment of half the debts. Brégide Marquis wife of Pierre Tiault formerly guardian of her daughter actioned Nicolas Marquis guardian of said daughter and Jean Quertier guardian of his own daughter who is the heir presumptive of Tiault's daughter (ie Tiault was her grandfather) &c.

3rd December 1678. Retrait. Nicolas Le Mesurier guardian of Marie Le Mesurier, the sister of Matthew Le Mesurier Junior; Thomas Le Mesurier against Abraham Lenfestey &c.

20th May 1679. Against Pierre Marquand in right of his wife daughter of David Naftel in favour of David Naftel eldest son of deceased, may not pursue the portion of her father's inheritance he claimed was due to his wife and orders that Naftel's will is valid and Naftel should pay 100 livres tournois to the said Le Marquant &c.

3rd June 1679. Action brought by Jean Priaulx, in right of Dame Cécile Brehaut Dowager of Sieur Leonard Blondel who was seized of estate of Abraham Langlois, against the Prévôt, Jean Le Mesurier Jr. called d'Aval wants ruling on Blondel's claim against him concerning estate and debts &c.

8th July 1679. Further to previous; debt in question found to have been incurred by Langlois' father. (p. 144)

2nd March 1679. Brothers Pierre & Richard Mahy heirs of their father Pierre against Anne Colas, the widow of their father; asked Court to render void the sale of a house, outbuildings and garden that their father sold to Pierre Colas, Anne's brother, which was bought from Jean Mahy, which Collas then sold to Mahy and his wife Anne on her behalf and that of her heirs, judged illegal and void &c.

8th June 1680. Against Monsieur Thomas Fiott in favour of Mr Pierre Gosselin re sale of the gardens of L'Anballe and Aron which had been included in the sale of the house and gardens du Bouillon &c.

6th July 1680. Action brought by Rachel Le Pelley and parceners, heirs of late Dame Margueritte De Garis, against Sr François Le Pelley, principal heir of the late Margueritte his mother, requesting that Court consider report of Jurats Messrs Jean & Elizée de Sausmarez and John Bonamy recommending that the Vingtième levied by Le Pelley on his mother's estate be rendered null and void, Court dismissed claim and confirmed report of the Forest Douzaine, sent parties to continue with distribution &c.

7th June 1681. Notable for the vingtième and preciput that may not be removed from eldest son. Against Sieur Pierre Careye, guardian of children of late Richard Guille, discretionary heir to their father's estate and parceners, in favour of Sieur Pierre Guille eldest son of the late Sara Du Feu daughter of the late Richard Du Feu and Sara Vauvert, Richard Du Feu and wife sold a house and garden to Sr Nicolas Richardson, which he sold in turn to Richard Guille, voided, preciput must be granted to eldest son on said house and garden by Douzaine &c. (p. 145)

21st June 1681. Monsieur William Le Marchant having stood surety for Mr Thomas Fiott purchaser/creditor of late Thomasse Hubert widow of Jean Guevin [Gauvain?], gained agreement of Sieur Pierre Le Mesurier heir in part of late Sieur Jean Le Mesurier Jr. who was the principal heir of Sr Jean Le Mesurier Senr, who had acquired Thomasse Hubert's estate, judgment re income &c. Same day. Against Sieur Elizée Roland attorney of James Le Mesurier in favour of Mr Thomas Le Marchant proxy in right of heirs of Richard Robin, may not pursue request he made of Le Marchant to pay him arrears out of the estate of Simeon Le Maitre, heir of Nicolas Le Maitre son of Thomas, as heirs had properly renounced &c.

8th March 1681. Pleas d'heritage. Against Sr Pierre Gosselin seized of estate of Edouard De Carteret in right of his wife in favour of the King's Prevôt, Sieur Nicolas de Quetteville eldest son of Sieur Anthoine de Quetteville who bought from the wife the decret of the Chapel, house, and garden that belonged to De Carteret in her name, terms of decret not properly followed &c

20 March 1682. Against Sieur Nicolas De Queteville son and heir to personalty of late Mr Jacques De Quetteville in favour of Sieur Pierre Gosselin seized of estate of late said Mr Jean (sic) De Quetteville. The opposition the said guardian made to the case brought by Gosselin against Nicolas De Quetteville heir of Anthony de Quetteville who while he lived was heir to Mr Jean De Quetteville Snr annulled &c.

30 October 1683. No import duty owed on Haberdashery and Ironmongery. Against William Stephens, Receiver of duties on merchandise imported by Strangers, in favour of Jacques Paul Omphroy, merchant Stranger &c. [p. 147]

[17 March 1684. Against Mr William Le Marchant, seized of the estate of the late Michel de Rosel in favour of Christine De Bertran [De Bertrand], the widow of Sieur Antoine Graymes, beneficiary of her brother Sieur Zacharie De Bertran's estate. A report by Messieurs Jean De Sausmarez and Daniel De Beauvoir found that procedures corrrectly followed by Graymes &c. [Supp. p. 160.]

3 June 1684. Daughters married before the death of their mother have no rights to her mobiliary estate. Against Pierre Le Page and Thomas Le Mesurier, attorney to his son Leonard Le Mesurier, in right of their wives, daughters of the late Marguerite De Garis, in favour of Nicolas De Garis, son and main heir of deceased &c.

25 November 1684. Against Matthieu Vaudin in right of his wife, she being the heir to Jean Rolland the son of the late Jean Rolland and Michelle De Rosel his wife, in favour of Marthe Fautrart widow of the said Jean Roland and guardian of his son Anthony Rolland. Act of Court of 16 December 1682 by which Michelle had reserved for her heirs 1000 livre tournois, her dower, and which Vaudin wished to take from the pupil's goods, annulled.

19 January 1684 at Chief Pleas. Goods sold between Inhabitants need not be sold at the King's Weights. Case brought by Esther Gosselin, the License Holder of the King's Weights, against Sieur Pierre Carey, because [Carey] weighed elsewhere the cargo of Newfoundland cod he had bought, ordered to be dropped because he sold and distributed it to Inhabitants and not to Strangers, in which case the rule does not apply.

27 October 1685. Against Sieur Jean Guille, guardian of George Carey, son of Monsieur George Careye, in favour of Thomas Massy, with costs, for not having to hand the Act of Guardianship under seal he needed to pursue his case against Massy.

24 November 1685. Against Sieur Pierre Gosselin, seized of inheritance of the children of late Mr Jean De Quetteville, JDQ having bought the estate of Abraham De Beaucamp, in favour of Dame Rebecca De Saumarez, the widow and dowager of the late Sieur Pierre Guille Senior, Gosselin must pay her rents owed by JDQ. Gosselin to appeal. Same day. Against Pierre Allez in favour of King's Prevost, in matter of Nicolas De Garis son of Henry seized of inheritance of Jean Tostevin son of Collas &c.

8 June 1686. Property bought by retrait lignager must be kept by buyer for a year and a day otherwise it may be reclaimed by others in the line. Against Elie Cachart, who claimed by right of retrait part of a property in the Rue Berthelot bought by Pierre Henry son of Abraham from the brothers Jean and Pierre Cachart, in favour of Pierre Henry, who protested that [EC] had sold the property on for cash within a year and a day from the date of the retrait &c.

16 November 1686. A lignager who offers to buy a rent which is part of an inheritance from a beneficiary who refuses is to receive the whole year's worth of rent if the offer was made before the date the rent fell due. Against Monsieur Jean de Havilland in possession of a rent of Monsieur Pierre Fiott Senior in favour of Monsieur Thomas Fiott, who is to receive all the rent for the year 1685, as he offered the payment for the said rent before Michaelmas of the said year, and when it was refused lodged the money at the Greffe &c.

26 November 1689. Mr [-] [Le] Marchant ... forbidden to appeal against sentence handed down against him on 12 instant in favour of aforesaid (sic) Perchard ... concerning a rent ... no cause for appeal &c. Same day. The said Sieur Le Marchant forbidden from appealing against sentence against him and in favour of Sieur Anthoine Fautrart, same matter &c. Same day. Against Sieur Pierre Carey, in favour of Sieur William Le Marchant licensed to farm the revenue from the harbour for 1687, must declare the amount of Beer he has brewed between 17 January 1687 and 21 January 1688, and pay duty on it &c.

25 February 1689. Coal sold to Strangers need not be weighed to assess import duty. Against James Rouget, sworn overseer of Measures for the Harbour, may not pursue Sieur Jean De Havilland for duty on coal inasmuch as it was imported for him by Strangers, as Court ruled that he had not sold any to Inhabitants of the island and therefore owed no duty &c. Same day. Failure to present a case after an ajournment incurs costs. Pierre Gosselin, eldest son of his father, and coheirs of his said father, who before he died was seized of the estate of Pierre Nant in right of his wife the daughter of Thomas Le Fayvre [Thomas Le Fevre], must pay costs of Pierre La Perre, who has the right to the estate of his sister Anne La Pere, Etienne Agenor, attorney to Elizabeth La Perre, and Pierre Bailleul in right of his wife, for having failed to bring a case against them &c

24 November 1691. Mortgage always remains valid until cleared. Against Jean Maingy, acting on his own behalf and that of his parceners, having been legally allowed to take from Mr William Le Marchant the saisine of the estate of Pierre, Collas, Ezechiel, Marie and Elizabeth Falla, the heirs of Pierre Falla of the Capelles, in favour of the said Sieur [Le] Marchant. Maingy may not pursue Le Marchant for repayment of arrears of a mortgaged rent from 1647 to 1680, which mortgage the the said Pierre [Falla] had transferred to Monsieur Josias Le Marchant, to be paid by James Henry son of Etienne; Maingy and coheirs claimed that the mortgage had been cleared; the mortgage is still in force as it appears that it has not been cleared &c. [p. 149]

25 October 1692. Against William Mansel in favour of Monsieur William Le Marchant and Pierre Henry, licensed to farm the revenue from the harbour; must pay duty of 10 sous per barrel for Beer he has brewed from 20 January 1689 to 24 June 1691, excepting the beer for the Garrison of the Castle and beer for private houses, which are not subject to duty &c. Same day. Concerning the action over the rights of assignation of a rent, brought by Thomas Massy son of Leonard who before his death was the heir of his brother Pierre Massy, against Nicolas, Jean, and Michel Corbin in right of their wives, children of Marie Massy daughter of the late Thomas Massy &c.

14 June 1694. Against Sieur Jean Bouillon guardian, for the purposes of distribution of estate, of the son of the late Monsieur Guillaume De Beauvoir principal heir in place of his father to the estate of his grandfather Monsieur Daniel De Beauvoir, in favour of Monsieur Daniel De Lisle, usufructier of the estate of his late wife, and Pierre Carey in right of his wife, [the wives] heirs in part of the said Mr Daniel De Beauvoir their father; Bouillon may only raise the vingtième on the Terres Closes of the Garenne, and must leave aside the unused land and land where the fences are not maintained outside the said Garenne.

20 November 1694. Promissory note [passed from] a father to a son is valid. Monsieur Jean de Havilland heir in part of his father Monsieur Jean De Havilland must pay Monsieur Elizée De Sausmarez 500 livres tournois to clear a promissory note; his father Jean De Havilland was legally liable in right of Dame Margueritte De Sausmarez whom he married and who is obliged &c

12 February 1694. See Ordonnance &c. Nicolas De Jersey, rightfully seized of of two pieces of land formerly owned by Jean Le Retilley who had sold them to Pierre Marie (sic), must recompense Monsieur William Le Marchant Senior, seized, along with Mr Pierre Bonamy and Pierre Marche, of the estate which belonged to the said Le Retilley in right of his wife, the daughter of Jacques Du Frocq &c. [p. 151]

16 April 1695. Against Pierre Mauger representing Jean Mauger and his wife, who objected to Ollivier Gagnepain (in right of his wife)'s  wish to rent out part of a house and land (which used to belong to Jean [-]), of which he is seized; he must allow Gagnepain to do what he wants with his capital or to pay the rent and arrears &c.

22 October 1695. Against Jean Fleres seized of the Hougue des François which formerly belonged to Ezechiel Robin, in favour of Dame Judith Le Mesurier, widow of Sieur Samuel Dobrée and guardian of his daughter Anne Dobrée; she proved he was in possession of a rent owed to her by Ezechiel Robin, as it was sold by Robin to Guillaume Henry &c.

26 November 1695. A saisie cannot be pleaded in court if it is not under seal. Sieur Thomas Fiott seized through inheritance of the estate of the daughters of Thomas Durant must pay the day's costs as he did not present a saisie under seal for use in the case he had brought against Sieur André Monamy heir in part of Mr André Monamy concerning the saisie &c

9 November 1697. Where there has been more than one guardian, application should be made to the most recent one for accounts and inventories of personalty. Against Sieur Pierre Priaulx, eldest son and main heir of the late Mr Pierre Priaulx, in favour of Sieurs Thomas De Lisle, in right of his late wife, and Jean Le Marchant in right of his wife, the said wives heirs of Sieur Jean Priaulx, who, before his death, had been the first guardian of the said Pierre Priaulx, eldest son; he may not pursue the case he had brought against DL and LM which had the aim of forcing their lawyers to convene so that they might hand over the accounts of the late Jean Priaulx's guardianship and an inventory of personalty and documents of the estate of the said Pierre Priaulx, as it transpired that the said Jean Priaulx had rendered his accounts to the late Sieur Hellier Bonamy in right of his wife on 10 March 1679 &c. Same day. As previous. Against Mr Ezechiel Carré in right of his wife, Dame Anne Priaulx, in favour of Thomas De Lisle and Jean Le Marchant, aforementioned, in right of their wives who were the heirs of the aforesaid Sieur Jean Priaulx, JP having been the guardian of the said Anne Priaulx, may not pursue (as above), in order to prove that JP had been negligent &c

8 February 1697. If repairs made to a dwelling, the rent due previously must continue to be payed. Against Dame Judith Le Mesurier, in rightful possession of a house formerly belonging to Thomas Le Gros in right of his wife, in favour of Sieur James Lihou Junior in right of his wife, the daughter of the late Sieur Nicholas Thomes; she must pay him a rent sold and transferred by the late Perotine Navetel [Naftel], given that he came into possession of the rent several years after she had repaired the house &c. Same day. Against Monsieur Jean Bonamy, former guardian of Pierre Bonamy, son of the late Sieur Pierre Bonamy, in favour of Sieur Josué Priaulx; must hand over to Priaulx the accounts of his guardianship, and give him under oath all the personalty, debts, promissory notes and other documents concerning the mobiliary estate of Pierre Bonamy Junior to which his daughter Marthe Priaulx is the heir, since Monsieur Eléazar Le Marchant, the guardian of the three sons of the late Sieur Josué Le Marchant, is also claiming a right of inheritance &c.

28 March 1699. If one renounces an acquisition without summonsing the seller [or citing the name of?] one has no further recourse against the seller. Against Monsieur Jean De Sausmarez in favour of Margueritte Gallienne daughter of Philippin; may not pursue her for a rent she had transferred to him to be paid by Thomas Gallienne son of Pierre, because he had renounced it without summonsing her, following which Nicolas Simon was released from the guarantee she had required of him &c.

23 May 1699. Maternal uncles have no right to inherit from their nephews on the paternal side. Against Sieur Leonard Le Mesurier in his own name and as attorney to his brothers Thomas and Jacques Le Mesurier (all three claiming, equally with Sieur Nicolas Thomes, to be heirs to the mobiliary estate of his nephew Jean Thomes, son of the late Sieur Jean Thomes), in favour of the said Nicolas Thomes, it being ruled that the said Thomes is the sole heir of his said nephew, Jean Thomes Jnr; the Le Mesuriers may not continue with their action against him to convene a meeting before lawyers and that he should there present the accounts of his guardianship of his nephew and to distribute the estate amongst them all &c.

20 March 1699. Against Monsieur Charles Andros, King's Prevost, seeking to resolve the debts of Sieur Jean Lainé, son of the late Jean Lainé, who before his death was the heir of Etienne Lainé; [Etienne] was the purchaser [of the estate of], creditor, and mortager of Collas Etur; in favour of Sieur Pierre Priaulx, son of the late Mr William Priaulx, being in possession by inheritance of the estate previously inherited by Jacques Hocart and his wife, who was the daughter of Catherine Etur, the heir of the aforesaid Collas Etur, which Henry Ozanne (in right of his late wife, who was the dowager of James Guille), had given up in [her?] favour; parties to return to Pleas d'heritage &c.

2 July 1700. The Moulin des Monts must be repaired for public use. Monsieur Henry De Sausmarez, legally authorised to act on on behalf of his mother, Dame Rachel Briard, the owner of the Moulin des Monts, against Sieurs Jean Hallouvris, Constable of St Sampson, and Thomas Hamelin, Constable of the Vale; he is judged to have made a wrongful appeal against judgment of 22 June last, brought by the said Constables, that he should put the mill in working order for the benefit of the public within a year &c.

20 July 1700. She had sold the bale to the said Renouf so she may not have it back. Against Monsieur Pierre Carey, guardian of the daughter of the late Sieur Robert Renouf, heir provisory to his estate, in favour of Dame Marie Du Maresq, the widow of Monsieur Edouard Patriarche; he must hand over to her a bale of merchandise she sent into this island and which she entrusted to the said Renouf to take on to France, the said merchandise being still in existence &c. 

22 February 1700. Against Sieur Thomas Richardson, attorney to Mr Benjamin Braines, a merchant of London, and his partners, beneficial owners of a ship known as the Tudor and of its cargo, wrecked on the coast of this island on the night of 6 January last, William Hoare being the ship's master, in favour of Monsieur Robert Lee, one of the King's Receivers in this island; it is ruled that one quarter of what was recovered from the ship should go to the Crown, one quarter to the salvagers, and the remaining half to the said Richardson on behalf of those he represents. The only costs for storage &c for which he shall be liable are for half the cost of burying the bodies of those who perished in the wreck, without prejudice to any salvagers &c.

14 February 1701. Once a sentence has been passed in one place, the same case may not be brought again in another. Against Pierre Seigle in favour of Henry Guilmet of St Malo.

24 February 1701. A Jurat may not be excused once he has begun hearing a case. Judgment in the case of Mons. Thomas De Lisle against Thomas De Jersey [in right ...] for 11 denerels wheat rent for the years 1699 and 1700. The Court rejected the appeal for the removal of the jurats Messieurs James De Beauvoir, William Le Marchant Senior and Junior, and Pierce Carey, brought by Sieur Jean Guille in right of his wife, seeing that they had already judged in the case, he claiming to be thus disadvantaged &c. Same day. A transfer made in error for too high an amount must be reduced to its correct value, and a sterling gros is worth 3 sous and 4 deniers tournois. Against Sieur Jean Guille &c in favour of Jean Girard son of Daniel. Guille &c must return to Girard 34 sous and 8 deniers for each of the last six years of rent which he had received from James Moullin son of André. Same day. Against Jean and Zacharie Girard in favour of Henry De Jersey son of Jean, must pay costs for having neglected to get Mr William Le Marchant one of their Advocates along with Mr Jean Martin to sign the accounts concerning the final settlement of his administration &c.

5 February 1703. To allow Captains of militia to vote in parochial elections is to give a vote to those resident outside the parish to which they have no right. Jean Quertier, rival to Jean Guibert, challenged the case brought by Edouard De Garis, Constable of St Andrew's, against the said Guibert, [that Guibert should] take the place of David Naftel as Douzenier, having been duly selected. The Court ordered that a new election was to be held, the notice to be published in the Church so that everyone qualifed to vote would attend, and this was challenged by Guibert; this follows the Court's judgment in that case that Monsieur Charles Andros, as Captain of that Parish, should have a vote.

15 February 1703. Notices shoud be posted in Church porches. Against Sieur Jean Guibert, rival to Sieur Jean Quertier, the said Quertier having opposed the case that Sieur Edouard De Garis had against the said Guibert &c, in favour of Quertier. The Court listened to all that both parties and their advocates had to say and allege, and judged that the judgment in the case (of 5 of February) had been wrongly appealed by Guibert, &c, they confirmed the judgment and ordered in addition that only those who pay taxes in a Parish may have a vote.

29 February 1703. Against Dame Elizabeth De Sausmarez, guardian of Elizée Le Marchant son of Monsieur William Le Marchant, who was Seigneur de Canteraine, in favour of Nicolas Tourgis Senior. Appeal by EDS against sentence of 14 November 1702 had been wrongly allowed. She had claimed chefrente, although no such payments had been made for at least a century. [p. 155]

14 March 1703. Douzeniers must follow rules when fixing preciput. Case brought by Jean Rougier Junior, principal heir of his grandmother, Marie Anquetil, against James Rougier, re his preciput of the land that came to him from his grandmother. His objection disallowed. Douzeniers of the Câtel parish are to proceed with fixing the preciput and valuing the land &c.

8 March 1719. Castle Porter. Against Mr William Le Marchant, representing Samuel Crew, in favour of Daniel Girard, Castle Cornet Porter, who claims the expenses of keeping Daniel Lancaster prisoner &c. Ditto. Reinstatement of previously appealed judgment against Seigneurs Samuel Le Cocq and Jean De Jersey in favour of Daniel Girard, who was claiming back the fine he had to pay to the King's Officers for François Bosset, for whom the defendants had stood guarantee &c. Ditto. Against Mr Jean Dobree in favour of DG. May not pursue case against Porter in the case of George Pellew, who was imprisoned at Dobree's instance &c.  Note: Dobree appealed to the Privy Council, who requested precedents from the Court. On the basis of the consequent report they confirmed the judgment.


At the end of the volume, reversed.

1 Charters.

2 Donation of Elizabeth College by Elizabeth I.

3 Sale of the fief of Blanchelande (1563).

4 April 1565. Pirates shipwrecked in Alderney. May 1565. Captain Jaspard Hoyst's patent for their ship the John of Sandwich in possession of one Richard Regnolt.

5 A copy of Elizabeth I's Commission to deal with the Pirates [p. 35]. The Pirates gave their names as: 'Oinus de Vin,' Anthony Anderson, Tenrumus (sic) Johnson, Tarquin Lawrence alias Lorens, Edward Regnold, Matthew William, Cornelius Langton, Thomas Morris, Robert Clement, John Chele, Philip Redhead, John Gartar, Roger Chappe, Robert Ahier, Richard Higgins [Hickins], William Mayne, Christopher Richard [and John Hatcher]. Other Acts and correspondence on the matter. Richard Higgins sentenced to death, the others released.

6 Merchandise to be sold at island measure. Chief pleas St Michel 1581.

7 1581. Legislation re farm animals. Aldultery. Paillardize. Procedure for arrest. Rules for Billes of partage: Eldest son or daughter to hold originals of the Bills on behalf of the parceners. All legateees to have their own copy.

8 Letter from Sir Francis Walsingham to the Lord Treasurer, re a review of HM revenue in Guernsey, 1582. [p. 42]

9 Letter from Walsingham to Sir Thomas Leighton acknowledging receipt of above report.

10 Appointment of John Blondel as Jurat.  6 March 1590 re Beer. 13 November 1591 re jurat re-election. Other small Acts and judgments of interest.

11 Moulin Huet and sale of part of quay &c to Henry Macham, 1597.

12 1600. Louis De Vic resigns. André Harris. oldest jurat, sworn in as judge-delegate. Amice De Carteret sworn in as Bailiff. Letter of 1601 appointing him Thomas Leighton's representative in absence of Lord Zouch &c

13 Letter from Privy Council re complaint made against Henry Macham (represented by son-in-law John de Vic) and Hellier Gosselin by George Drake, a merchant of Exeter. 12 March 1603.

14 20 August 1604. Letter form Privy Council. Dissension in the island after the Commission. Main instigator Eléazar Le Marchant, who is to appear before them to explain his grievances.

19 June 1605. Samuel de Beauvoir to have possession of Les Caretiers as his preciput. 30 September 1605. All partages to be written on parchment and each legatee to have a copy, and all to be under Bailiwick seal.

20 22 April 1607. Against Pierre Le Marchant son of Thomas and his guardian, Jean Gosselin, in favour of Jean Le Feyvre attorney to Thomas Le Marchant, the elder brother of the aforesaid Pierre. Controversial ruling on eldership (see note).

21 1607. Candle weight. No carts to be driven through the market on a Saturday.

22 1304. Edward I to Otho de Grandison, re banishment of Thomas De Esfield, convicted of the murder of Robert de Celer.