Colonel de Garis' MSS

10th April 2024

Folders of manuscripts belonging to Colonel de Garis of Sous L'Eglise, transcribed, in the Library collection.

14 November 1638. Letter under Bailiwick Seal. Jean de Quetteville, Bailiff. Jacques Guille and Josias Le Marchant, jurats. Pierre du Port son of Pierre avowed he had sold in right of his wife Anne, the daughter of Guillaume Hallouvris, of St Sampson (his wife present and consenting), to Collas De Garis son of Collas of near L'Eglise de St Sauveur, a courtil known as the Courtil au Sud in the area of Les Hougues in the paris of the Catel. Item. 29 May 1640. Sieurs Jean Bonamy and Jean Blondel, jurats. The said Collas de Garis admitted that he owed the aforementioned Pierre du Port ... guardian of his children in right of his wife Anne their mother ... the remainder of the sum owing on the said courtil, viz. rents from James Tourode per the assignation of Daniel Du Mont, Collas Le Normand. Jean Dorey of the Castel, Helier de Jersey son of Helier of the Castel. All these rents are due to the said de Garis as he has said, in right of his wife Marie, daughter of Jean Rougier. [James Torode]

23 October 1434. Letter under Bailiwick Seal. Thomas de la Court, Bailiff, in the service of the Duke of Bedford, Lord of the Isles. Jurats Denys Le Marchant, Thomas Blondel and Emon Henry, in St Peter Port appeared before us Colin Henry of the one part and Colin Le Founyer son of the late Colin, of the other part. [Colin Le Fournier] The said Colin Le Fournier freely admits to having sold ... before the audience of the parish of St Saviour ... to the said Colin Henry and his descendants, viz, 25 sous tournois of annual rent .. on a Clos called the Clos du Val lying to the north of the presbytery of St Pierre du Bois and to the south of the Pont au Melletier in the said parish of St Saviour, the sale made for a sum of gold and bread with wine &c Seal added at request of Colin Henry. No counter-seal.

23 April 1443. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Thomas de la Court, Bailiff of the island of GUernsey in the service of the Duke of Gloucester. Lord of the Isles. Denis Le Marchant, Nicholas de Saumarez, Thomas Blondel, Perrot Nicholas and Colas de Beauvoir, jurats. Johan Du Gaillard on the one part and Johan le Vecheux of the other part. Johan de Gaillard freely and before the audience of the parishes of St Pierre Port and Notre-Dame du Chastel and of St Pierre du Bois, avows he has sold to the said Johan Le Vecheux a bushel and a cabotel of wheat rent on a man called John Rauf of St Pierre du Bois. Other rents are to be paid by Johan du Gaillard to the aforementioned Thomas Blondel, to [Emon] Edmond Nicholas, to the Treasury of the parish church of St Pierre Port, to the heirs of Guille Estur [Guille Etur] of the said parish of Notre Dame du Chastel. JDG assigned the remainng rent to the heirs of Edmond L'Effart [Effart] &c &c.

Counter-seal of Guille Cartier.


17 October 1489.

A tous ceux ... Johan Blondel, Bailiff, Nicholl Effart and John Martin, jurats. Piers Le Mesurier son of Piers [Pierre Le Mesurier] of St Pierre du Bois of the one part and and Nicholl de Lisle son of Oliver of the other part, native of the said parish of Saint Pierre du Bois. The said Nicholas de Lisle freely avows having sold, and by a parish audience, to Pierre Le Mesurier, viz, rent that the said Pierre Le Mesurier in right of his wife the daughter of John Le Vecheux and his parceners owed to the said Nicholas de Lisle who is assis on the whole of the estate of the adforementioned [Pierre] which belonged to John Le Vecheux ...