De Beaucamp judgment

From Edith Carey Notebook, Visits to Guernsey. 

14 February 1429/30. James Coquerel Baillif sous le Duc de Bedford. Pierre Nicholas representing Guillot du Marest of [...] Jersey, and Lucas de la Mare representing Jenette de Beaucamp former wife of the late Guillot Morin of Jersey [have cited] Ollivier La Loë son of Olivier [...] for 2 quarters of rent which the said Ollivier owes to the said Du Marest and Morin in right of their wives, the daughters of Jacques de Beaucamp and heirs in part of Philippe de St Martin, owing on certain lands in St Saviour [...] and this citation has been confirmed by Denis Le Marchant, Olivier Le Feyvre and the Treasurers of St Saviour [...] [in proof of which is the following letter:] 13th February 1429. In the presence of Denis le Marchant, John du Gaillard, Olivier Le Feyvre, Pierrot Coquerel, Nicolas de Sausmary, Thomas Blondel, Jacques Le Fayvre, John Caretier, Simon Henry, John de Garris, and Richard Le Massurier, jurats; the said Pierre Nicholas and Lucas de la Mare attorney, that the said Olivier La Loë [owed said 2 quarters]. 13th May 1435. Thomas de la Court Bailiff. John du Gaillard, Nicolas de Saumarez and Thomas Blondel, jurats. Guille de Beauver (buys from) James Le Prevost son of Guille [...] one quarter [worth?] 10 sous tournois [...] on the house which at the moment belongs to John Gagnepain and previously belonged to Jacques Le Prevost, uncle of the said James, in High Street on the western side of the house which belonged to [...] d'Icart [...] for 45 gold ecus with wines and rents [....] from Michaux du Bot of the Vale.