On the Death of a Young Lady, Aged seventeen

Mercure, Saturday, February 15th, 1823. Thursday, after an illness lasting several days, Demoiselle Marthe Le Lièvre, daughter of Mr. Thomas Le Lièvre, of Hauteville.

The Star, February 18th 1823

If the Editors of The Star should consider the effusions of a Young Lady, of the same age as the deceased, worthy of a place in the corner of their paper, they may probably include this small piece; if not, the author will not be offended: this being a first essay, and a very feeble one, to the memory of one who promised to be an ornament to her sex.

On the Death of a Young Lady

Aged seventeen.

Ah, what is life? ‘tis but a dream,
Flying as time swiftly away;
And Death, which like the running stream,
Sweeps young and old before its sway?

Martha was young, — was in her bloom,
—Her parents’ joy, and their delight;
But death consigns her to the tomb,
Carries her off, and claims its right.

Virtue and grace in her combin’d;
She of great talents was possess’d;
Martha was gentle, good, and kind,
And she is now for ever blest.

Yes! She has left this vale of grief,
She’s gone in glory to behold
Her God, her Saviour, and her Chief;
T’inherit a pure crown of gold.

A great reward she there will meet,
Her cheerful voice she there will raise;
Rejoicing at her Maker’s feet,
With Angels she will loudly praise.


Martha was born in 1806, daughter of Thomas Le Lièvre and Martha Guilbert. She was the cousin of the artist, Peter Le Lièvre, who also lived in Hauteville.