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11th November 2015

Miscellaneous deeds and documents from the Library Collection.

Sir Edgar MacCulloch's MSS

7 July 1482. Thomas du Marest the elder (le viel) of S Sauveur as guardian of Pierre Vallee son of Edemon, acknowledges that he owes Jehanne Lambert, the daughter of Collin Lambert, who was the wife of Pierre Belic of St Andry, the sum of 8 denerels of wheat rent.

Chief Pleas 1 May 1622. The heirs of Pierre Brehault son of Leonard; the heirs of Pierre Brehault son of Collas; the heirs of Leonard Brehault son of Pierre.

Lee MSS p. 67. Confessions au Trésor St Peter Port 6 January 1492/3. Guillaume Le Marchant one bushel [of rent] for the burial of his father. He has turned over and assigned this bushel to be paid annually by Johan Ollivier of Sayn [Saint] &c.

Chobham MSS. June 18 1446. [Hist. MSS Commission, NA.] Pleas of Court of Priory S M du Valle by Denis Le Marchant, Seneschal of the Court, in presence of John Salmon, Geoffrey Salmon, John Olivier, Peter Macyham, clerk, Simon Le Miere and Pierre Henry, Vavasours. John Agenor son of Peter, tutor of the children of James Agenor, in mercy: he fails against John Le Goubey, son of Raulinet, as attorney and having entire guardianship in place of their mother, in an action by the said Jean Le Goubey demanding an annual rent of 17 sols tournois for the inheritance of the said pupils, that is to say on a certain clos in the Priory of SM du Valle on the NW of the house of said Jean Agenor, and abutting of the 'breeze' of the valley, and all the other inheritance of the said pupils in the island: said John Agenor is condemned and ordered for himself, his heirs & Successors to pay to said John Le Goubey, his relations & heirs in perpetuity, said annual rent and arrears. (SS.)

[Misc. in Le Marchant family files.]

De Beauvoir misc.

Documents relatifs a l'Isle de Guernesey II. p. 2. Before HM's Commissioners 1607. Samuel Beauvoir of St Sampson's, plaintiff, against Philip Beauvoir, Peter Carey Esq., tutor of Peter Beauvoir, John Fautrat, tutor of Chalres Beauvoir, and Thomas Le Marchant, tutor of Henry Beauvoir, concerning a sentence given by the Bailiff & Jurats against the plaintiff, 22 April 1607, concerning the prerogation and pre-eminence of the Eldership, demanded severally upon every collateral succession of his deceased brothers Nicholas and William Beauvoir, 'which is of a house situate with in the barrières of the Town of St Peter Port.'

p. 4. John Lefebvre, attorney to Thomas Martin, of the City of London, merchant, plaintiff, against Judith Beauvoir, tutrice to James Beauvoir's children, deceased, concerning £17 sterling, which money appeareth to have been paid by John Le Febvre to Peter Beauvoir for the use of the said James.

p. 5. Thomas Beauvoir of St Peter Port, merchant, plaintiff against Peter Beauvoir of London, or his attorney; Judith Germain, widow to James Beauvoir deceased; Thomas Beauvoir of St Peter Port, and Mary Beauvoir, heirs to Henry Beauvoir and Peter Beauvoir deceased, defendants. Upon account for the goods both moveable and inheritance which were William Beauvoir's his father's, at the time of his decease. Whereas Thomas Beauvoir, aforesaid son of William lately deceased, hath impleaded ... the attorney of Peter Beauvoir of London, eldest son of Henry Beauvoir, and Judith Germain, widow of James Beauvoir and tutrice of his children, Thomas Beauvoir and Mary Beauvoir, the said James, Thomas, and Mary Beauvoir, children and heirs of Peter Beauvoir.

II p. 56. 'We find that Lewis De Vick, sometime Bailiff of the Isle, Nicholas Martin senr., John Saumarez, William Beauvoir, Peter Carey, William Le Marchant, Peter Beauvoir, Nicholas Martin Junr., and Francis Allez, Jurats, did borrow of the plaintiff's (Judith Beauvoir's) husband, James Beauvoir deceased, the sum of £20 sterling, for the public affairs of the island ... bill dated 20 January 1594.

p. 45. Judith Beauvoir, tutrice to James Beauvoir's children, plaintiff, against Amias de Carteret Esq., Bailiff, and William Le Marchant, Jurat, for £34 with interest.

p. 46. Samuel Beauvoir, plaintiff, against Helier Lefebvre of the Castel, for a sentence in 1602, when the plaintiff was in France, and John Gosselin, his then Procureur imprisoned in the Castle.

20 June 1614. Peter Beauvoir, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, and Abraham Beauvoir, merchant. The said Peter sells to Abraham ... all rents, revenues, and custom duties, profits and commodities, emoluments and hereditaments howsoever called—the Campart, and the customes duties and profits of the 12th sheaf of all manner of corne and grayne, called the Campart or Campass de Blayes, and also the custome duty and profitt of the 12th handful of flaxe called the Campart or Campass de Lyne, and all other Campars of corne, grayne or flaxe, within the Clos of the Vale, and upon the towns, parishes, hamlets, circuits or fields of our Lady Castle of St Saviours and St Peter de Boys, on the fee St Michielles, for 14 yeares belonging to the said Peter Beauvoir or to one Henry Smyth of Withcocke in the County of Leicester Esquyre. Seal red wax, broken, charge a spider or cuttlefish. These rents &c were sold the following year (23 June 1615), to Thomas Le Merchant son of William, late deceased, Gent, other than the title of dower of Hester being nowe the wife of the said Peter Beauvoir.

Gosselin family file

The following an extract from the MSS belonging to Colonel Charles Durand (Grange), marked and numbered by me as per margin. J H C[arteret] C[arey].

I 4: Letter under seal. 8 June 1737. [The heirs] of the late Mr Thomas de Lisle who came into the possession of the estate of Esther Gosselin. Received from Jean Bowden, the eldest son of his late father, seizing on his own behalf and that of his parceners the estate of Sr Aaron Guillaume Junior, who was himself the eldest son of his late father, [his late father] being the principal heir of the said Gosselin, by virtue of a Letter under seal detailing the sale by Dame Janne de Beauvoir, widow of Mr Pierre Gosselin, and guardian of his minor children, of the fief, houses and lands of the Eperons, to Colas de Garis son of Helier of St Andrew, for 33 quarters and 4 denerels of wheat rent. Made at Guernsey, 14 January 1719.

Effard family file
Mr Dobrée's MSS.

5 January 1444. Thomas de la Court Bailiff .. sous le Duc de Gloucester. Guill. de Beauvoir and Thomas Blondel jurats. Nicolas de Sausmarez of the one part and Lucas Effart son of Guill., seized as they are of the house that formerly belonged to Janequyn Aubert in St Peter Port, between the house of the said Thomas de la Court and the parish church ... admits to owing the said Nicollas De Sausmarez 3 sous tournois of unpaid rent [ancienne rente]. [Nicholas Effart bought it from Thomas de Sausmarez.]

J H Carteret Carey's De Mouilpied MSS.

1 March 1540. Thomas Mauger son of Pierre of St Martin [buys] from Johan Tourtel son of John of the Forest.. land.. rents ... part of his purchase from the heirs of Collette Effard, who was the wife of Nicollas de la Court, 2 quarters, 5 bushels of which were assigned by Johan Breton, and the other three by Pierre Effart in right of his wife Jenette, the daughter of John Tardif of St Martin.

26 March 1569. Collas Le Cucuell (SPP) [sells] to Guillaume Le Cucuell son of John (SM) a courtil on the Chemin Le Roy ... [Against] Pierre de Beaugy son of Collas in right of his wife in favour of Thomas du Prey in right of his wife, the daughter of John Le Cucuell ... on the estate that Guillaume Le Cucuell took from Collas Le Cucuell, the uncle of the said De Beaugy's wife ... John Effart in right of his wife and Pierre Ogier in right of his wife, the daughters of Johan Le Cucuell ...

10 August 1503. Nicollas Effart and Guillaume Effart sons of John Effart of Town [buy] from Johan Jehan son of John of St Martin 2 bushels of rent on a courtil and garden at the Ville ès Seint [Saint's].

11 November 1544. James Effart, guardian if the children of John Le Goueys son of Philipott of St Martin. [Le Gouais]

Mr Charles de Jersey, as usufruitier of the succession of Dame Marie Elizabeth de Jersey his late wife, daughter and heir of William de Jersey, heir of Richard de Jersey senior. Mr Thomas Carré, son of Thomas, heir of Thomas Carré and Marie de Jersey of La Planque in St Peter Port, (owed) 3 bushels by the assignation that Michel Robinson Ecr. and his wife Dame Anne Effard made of the said rent to the said late Mr Richard de Jersey according to a Letter under seal of 2 December 1780 ...the said rent being owed to Anne Effard as the heir of her father M Nicolas Effard, who was himself while he lived the principal heir of his grandmother Dame Sara Blanche, through the purchase that the said Thomas Carré made from Mr Jean Falla of the Courtil du Douit and the Courtil de l'Epinette Mahaud according to a Letter of 18 April 1741. Sara Blanche was owed this rent [on these Courtils] in right of her ancestor Jean Blanche, according to a contract made on the 8 October 1644 by Jean Renouf son of Robert to Nicolas Grante, son of Nicolas.

Sir P S Carey's MSS.

13 April 1478. Letter under seal. Thomas Effart son of James residing in St Andrew's parish, sells to John Morin son of John, a pièce of land in St Saviour's at the end of the rue des Gervesez ... the said pièce belonging to Thomas Effart in right of his mother, the daughter of Johan Gervesez. [Les Gervaises]

20 June 1458. Letter under seal. Pierre Effart son of Guillaume, as guardian of the minor children of Jehan Osenne [Ozanne] son of Renovet ... admits to owing ... in right of his wards to Katerine du Port, daughter of the late Colin du Port, two bushels of wheat rent ...

20 May 1492. Letter under seal. Nicholas Effart and his brother Guille Effart, sons of John, of SPP, of the one part, and John Poindestre son of John and of Perotyne Benart, daughter and partial heir of Pierre Benart and Annette de la Court of the other part, the said John Poindestre absolute heir of his mother, the said Perotyne Benart ... admits to having sold to the said Nicolas Effart and Guille Effart, in two equal shares, the sum of &c ...

31 March 1493. Nichollas Effart son of John (SPP)  and his brother Guille Effart of the one part and Colin Le Petit, son of Guille (SS) of the other part, the said Collin Le Petit admits to having sold to the said Nicollas Effart and Guillaume Effart his brother (15 sous tournois of rent) to be claimed from the heirs of Pierre Le Barcy (SS), the said Pierre Le Barcy while living owing [this money] to Guille Le Petit on the succession of his mother Johanne de la Couture. At present Johan Fallese [Fallaize] of Formeynt [Fermain] son of John, as part heir of the said Le Barcy in right of his wife, the daughter of John Le Barcy, owes the said 15 sous ... as the said Colin Le Petit claimed and similarly Jehannet Effart in right of his wife, the daughter of the said John Le Barcy, admits ... [Le Bargy?]

21 August 1489. Nicholas Effart son of John, guardian of the children of Lucas Effart junior (SPP); Guille Denis son of Guille (SPP); Lucas Effart's barn belonged previously to la Rogney [i.e. Jenette Rogney], and before that to Guille Denis, the present Guille's father; one écu to go to Guille Denis and the other to Jenette Rogney, daughter of Guille Rogney in right of her mother, daughter of the said Guille Denis senior.

28 June 1522. John Le Clerc son of Jannequin (C) of the one part and Guillaume Effart son of Pierre of the other part ... admits to having sold to Johan L Clerc a pièce of land in St Andrew's parish called La Maresquet Durrel ...

20 March 1536. Against John Effart in favour of Collas de Rosel guardian of his children in right of their mother, daughter of Nicolas Effart &c.

Col. Durand's MSS.

15 November 1689. Distribution of the succession of Rebecca de Sausmares [rectified], guardian of the children of Sieur Pierre Guille junior, while living the principal heir of the late Pierre Guille senior.3rd Bill. Rent receivable from: Jean Effard son of Zacharie: rent payable to: Jean [du] Prey [or Rey] of the rue de la Fontaine.

Pedigree of Mr Thomas de Sausmarez.

Nicollas Effart son of Jean, jurat (and of Simone his wife, the daughter of Jean Belic (merchant) and Alichette Blondel) first married Perotine Perrin, by whom he had a daughter Christine, who married Etienne Martin. [Second wife Coliche de la Mare daughter of Nicollas de la Mare and Rauline Lemprière.]

Torode MSS.

1471. Distribution of succession of Guillaume Le Prevost. Bill pays out to John Tiault, owed by Pierre Effart son of Thomas of St Andrew's.

Mauger of Saint MSS.

7 February 1555. James de Havilland son of André (SM) (sells) to James Effart son of Collas (SM) ... 2 and a half vergees of land in the Courtil that belonged to Gullaume de Rosel to the west of the Videchyn [Videclin.]

De Guérin MSS.

22 April 1719. Item from Philemon Effard in right of his wife the daughter of the late Thomas Mauger son of Nicollas  (SPP) and of his wife Esther de Beaugy, [who had bought from Nicollas Martin son of Nicholas a Courtil called Le Courtillet, a quarter of wheat rent in accordance with an Act of 1697.]... Item. From Sieur Nicholas Reserson, the guardian of Daniel Fallaise, son of Thomas, who while alive was the main heir of Thomas Fallaise son of Pierre and of Collette Effard, his parents. I bushel of wheat owed to Mr Priaulx in right of the purchase that Thomas Fallaise and the said Effard his wife made of Jean Effard son of Jean, of part of a house in the rue de la Fontaine, that the said Jean Effard senior and his wife Marie Reny [had bought from Jean Clungeon] conveyance dated 3 October 1676 ... [Fallaize]

Confession à la Confrerie de St Sepulchre (SPP).

Letter. 1 April 1496. John Blondel Bailiff. Thomas de la Court and Domynyque Perin, jurats. Thoms Effart son of Nicollas, his wife Catherine, on Colas Rose of the Forest.

Donation à la Frerie Notre Dame de St André.

11 December 1515. Marie, the daughter of Jehan Naoum [Nant] (SPP), wife of Collas Effart.

21 September 1516. Guillaume Le Fauconnière and his wife Johanne, the daughter of Collas Effard (SS), 3 cabotels of wheat for Johanne's mother, the daughter of Johan du Chatel (SS).

Sir Edgar MacCulloch's MSS.

7 July 1398. Guiliot, Simon, and Raulin Le Moygne, sons and heirs of Olivier Le Moygne, transfer by exchange to Colin Le Feyvre in right of his wife ... rent on certain persons, amongst whom: Raoul Effart.

7 February 1406/7. Against Jorinet Letocq in right of his wife and as the guardian of the daughter of Pierre Sarrasin and Guillaume Effart in right of his [...], in favour of Symon Gervaise and his parceners, ordered to pay the said Symon and his parceners ten quarters of wheat &c.

Reverend Stevens Guille's MSS.

10 August 1482. Guiffery Rose son of John of the Clos du Valle .. owes Nicholas Effart son of John (SPP), rent formerly due to Guillaume Effart the grandfather of the said Nicholas Effart. 

Le Messurier MSS (Saint)

1 March 1540. Rent due from the assignation of Pierre Effart in right of his wife the daughter of John Tardif (SM).

19 March 1601. Pierre Effart son of John (SA) sells to Pierre Ollyvier son of Thomas (SM) the sum of  ... Marie the wife of said Effart.

Col. de Garis' MSS. 

19 February 1457. Richard Le Petevin son of John in right of his wife Colèche, the daughter of Edmond Effart in right of her mother the daughter of Pierre Thomas sells ... to James Philippe son of Pierre .. 2 bushels of wheat &c


Colas Rose of the parish of the Trinité de la Forest ... admits to having sold ... to Nycollas Effart and Guillaume Effart sons of Johan (SPP) .. a bushel of wheat rent on a pieche de terre producing about a quarter of barley, lying in a place (territoire) called Le Rouyllez ... between the camp of Jean Guille and the camp which belonged to Pierre Marchant and which runs up to the Courtil Collas Guillebert of the Norgeos and which lies north, in the southerly part or thereabouts of the said parish of the Forest.

Effarts, 15th century: Fief ès Frohiers. Fief de la Belenge. See tree in file.

Letter under seal. 9 September 1515. Item. The heirs of Richard Jehan (T) .. for Collas Effart son of Jehanet. Item. Marie daughter of Jehan Naoum [Nant] (SPP) and wife of Collas Effart ... In the parish of St Andrew in the Croute Effart. Guillaume La Fauconnière and his wife Johanne, the daughter of Collas Effart (SS) owes ... in right of Johanne's mother, the daughter of Jehan du Chatel (SS), the said cabotels on the prés Gouye (SA).

8 October 1577. Nicolas de la Court and parceners ordered to pay as part of succession to Thomas Effart son of John and to Collas Carrie junior in right of their mothers, the daughters of Collette de la Court, daughter of John. [Note: This was through Barbe Nant.]

Extente 159-. Edmund Effart seized by succession of the estate of Elie Vauvert in his garden of Vauvert, to the northeast of the farmland belonging to Jehannet Baudein.

1611. Edmund Effart, guardian of Marie Douit, the daughter of Jean ... a house about to fall into ruin &c

1607. Thomas Beauvoir of SPP against Leonard Blondel and Leonard Le Messurier, an obligation dated 15 April 1579, wherein various jurats stood bound to William Beauvoir, the plaintiff's father, in the sum of £36 sterling, which they borrowed to defray the charges of Nicholas Martin, Nicholas Carey and Henry Beauvoir, being chosen and sent to answer to the Lords of the Privy Council, touching certain customs of the Isle now in controversy... neither the plaintiff's father, who lived 4 or 5 years after the money was lent, nor his tutors who had the custody of the plaintiff ten years or thereabouts ...