The Diary of Harriet Brock Pengelley - a link

Is it indeed true am I here? divided by the Atlantic from a mother so justly adored, a father so truly beloved, my parents—Oh! let me still think I am dreaming—that I have not left you—bid you such a long, such a sad adieu.

The diary of Harriet Brock Pengelley, (1809-1836), daughter of the Bailiff, Daniel de Lisle Brock, and niece of Sir Isaac Brock, is available online, together with some of her paintings, which include views of Guernsey. Of especial interest is the painting of her father's Guernsey home, 'Bon Air,' and a lovely portrait of her husband, together with a poem she wrote about him full of affection. [Please note that the links to the watercolours and text of the diares are situated at the bottom of the page, and you may have to scroll down to access them.] These are very similar in content and execution to a collection of fine watercolours by her cousin, Rosa Brock, which we are very happy to have on loan here in the Priaulx Library.

Harriet's diary is sparse—there are no long descriptions or literary outpourings; but it makes very moving reading nevertheless. She was married in 1834 to Lieut. Robert Pengelley, here on Guernsey; she moved out to Canada in 1835; Pengelley acted as agent for the Brock brothers in Canada and was given land for his services. She was desperately unhappy and died, aged only 24, in Canada in 1836, where she is buried, having never seen 'Brockland,' the house she helped design.

There is a second link, from the Archives at Trent University, which is very well worth following; it gives more information about her life and includes some very fine examples of her artwork and writing. Note especially the link on the left to some of her artwork and poems, as well as the Life, Times, and Interests links.

Other items of interest:

A list of the full relevant holdings in the archives of Trent University, Ontario.

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Bon Air today.