Documents, Le Hurel

From a wonderful cache of documents from Le Hurel in St Saviour's, donated by Esther Hatton in 2014.

Le Mesurier-Carey contract, house sale, High Street, 5 April 1734.

Contract copied from archives in which, on 26 October 1733, William Le Mesurier son of John of St Peter Port registered a contract dated the 24th of the same month, giving the details of how Dame Catherine Carey daughter of Jean of St Peter Port affirmed that she had sold and transferred all her rights and those of her future heirs to the said William Le Mesurier, for a quarter of wheat rent, the part of a house on the sea side between the houses of Abraham Le Mesurier son of Abraham, and Pierre Etienne &c.

Thomas Bonamy, Samuel Le Ray 4 January 1639. Appeared before the jurats Thomas Bonamy son of Pierre of St Peter-in-the-Wood &c. Contract of sale of rents with Samuel Le Ray [Le Roy] son of Thomas of the same parish. Samuel is heir by right of his mother Perotine Bonamy daughter of Collas. Lieut-Governor Nathaniel Darel.

[Other similar documents in the Bonamy family file: Contract 14 September 1839, Jean Guilbert des Hunguets as Attorney for of Demoiselle Anne Le Lacheur fille de Pierre of St Andrew's, sells to Sieur Abraham Martel Junior, of Les Niaux in the parish of the Câtel, and his wife Dame Marie Allez, a house and garden near the parish church on the road leading to the school in St Andrew &c. Susanne Bonamy received part of the rentes. 1853 Contract, same house, to the west of the school garden, next to Les Feugriaux and a garden belonging to Job Le Prevost, saisi propriétairement from previous owners: Sieur Elie De La Rue son of Elie of the Forest and his wife Dame Betsey Allez sell to Reverend William Guille, Rector of St Andrew. Susanne Bonamy will now receive her part of the rentes from the church. 3 May 1790 sale of rentes, Monsieur Nicolas Le Mesurier of the Mauxmarquis in St Andrew, principal heir of his late father Monsieur Nicolas Le Mesurier, to Monsieur Jean Bonamy of St Peter Port. 10 May 1790 contract for sale of rentes from Paul Grut son of Thomas to Monsieur Jean Bonamy son of Jean of St Peter Port. Sieur James Renouf son of James. ]

Indenture of Thomas Bonamy to Andrew Bonamy Senior and to Andrew Bonamy Junior, mariners. 1711.

1890. Contract/sale of a strip of land (part of the Pré de la Cuisée and the Pré de la Fontaine, St Saviour) by George Simon de la Mare, owner of the field known as Le Hurel, to Eugene Le Mée, owner of an adjoining field in the Grand'Rue, St Saviour. Le Mée to build a wall to S-E of courtil belonging to his mother Marie Falla Simon, widow of James Alexandre of the Neuf-Chemin, up to the bank of the Clos Blondel belonging to Abraham Simon of Les Caches by right of his wife Marie Allez &c.

1758. Guardianship. Marguerite Bonamy agrees to undertake guardianship of her minor children, Elizabeth and Jean De La Mare.

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