Donations to the Priaulx Library in 2019

5th November 2020

Many thanks indeed to all our donors, who have been generous enough to share with us and with our Library users and researchers items that are often very precious to them.

From S Ash, Guernsey: two Guernsey Evening Press from 1954.

From C Cambridge, Guernsey: Two Coronation programmes, including a set of cut-out figures.

From N CLark, Manchester: Several Channel Island Monthly Reviews.

From T and Z Coombs, Cheltenham: Guernsey Telecoms, the first 100 years,  and souvenir passports from the Guernsey Tourist Board.

From S Cope of Leicestershire, several local books, including: C P Le Huray, The Bailiwick of Guernsey; To mothers and expectant mothers: how to keep yourselves and your children well and strong, distributed by the States of Guernsey; The Channel Islands and parts of Brittany and Normandy; Histoire du Méthodisme dans ls Iles de la Manche; G W J L Hugo, Guernsey as it used to be; Michael Marshall, Herm; Catalogue of Guernsey Birds.

From N Collenette, Guernsey, a photograph of the Manchester Guernsey evacuees' reunion of 1995.

Mr De Garis, Guernsey, St Pierre du Bois by Marie de Garis.

From M J Dowding, Guernsey: Dorothy Dowding collection. Bound issues of the Guernsey Press, June-December 1940. Constitution of the Poor Law Board, 1901. Marternity ward clothing requirements for new mothers. A photograph of the staff during the Occupation (1942). Notes written by D Dowding, Press reporter. WRVS ephemera. Photograph album, Scrapbook 1967, Grande Rue and vicinity.

From Lord de Saumarez: A large collection of digital photographs of Guernsey, especially of Saumarez Park, with some late 19th-century photographs of Japan.

R A V de Garis: R A Victor de Garis collection. A copy of the 1331 Précepte d'assises. Large number of 18th- to 20th-century legal documents, esp. partages and conveyances.

Mrs Gillian Davies: a large amount of assorted historical material with local connections.