'Donkey' series II

18th July 2016

Index to the people ilustrated in the photographs in the Donkey series of books by George Torode. Part II: Donkeys at work, Donkey's serenade, Donkey's tails, and The donkey rides out. Please contact the Library for further information (these photographs are under copyright.) With thanks to Olwyn Shorey.

Lihou, Greg, Donkeys at work
Lihou, Audrey, worked at North Side café, Donkeys at work
Legg, Peter, road sweeper, pp 196-205, Donkeys at work
Legg, Mandy, worked at North Side café, Donkeys at work
Bougourd, Bill, Historian, pp 34-38, Donkeys at work: picture of him on pp 37
Bougourd, Eva, Donkeys at work: wife of Bill Bougourd
Gaudion, Raymond, ran grocery store of A.P. Olliver in war, pp 2-4, Donkeys at work: married to Alice Duquemin
Le Goupillot, Elsie, pp 12-16, Donkeys at work: eldest in Dowinton family
Whinney, M B, Donkeys at work
Leadbeater, Johnny (Johnny-the-coal), dedication, Donkeys at work: book is dedicated to him
Galvin, Paddy, Donkeys at work
Le Prevost, Rolly, lorry driver, pp 185-188, Donkeys at work
Ronalde, Ronnie, Entertainer, pp 18-28, Donkeys at work
De la Rue, Mr, owners of Valpy's, pp 191-196, Donkeys at work
De la Rue, Mrs, owners of Valpy's, pp 191-196, Donkeys at work: daughter of Mr and Mrs Valpy
Valpy, Mr, owned Valpy's, pp 191-196, Donkeys at work
Valpy, Mrs, owned Valpy's, pp 191-196, Donkeys at work
Windsor, Charles, Donkeys at work
Hills, Billy 'Pidgeon Man', a St Peter Port docker, pp 100-102, Donkey’s serenade
New, Billy, road sweeper, pp 103-105, Donkey’s serenade
Le Poidevin, John 'Buy British', p 100, Donkey’s serenade: lived in Torteval
Brouard, Eddie 'Bookstall,' had a bus station bookstall, p 100, Donkey’s serenade
Paul, Joe, off-licence proprietor, p 99, Donkey’s serenade
Gabriel, Ben, proprietor of 'Gabriels', pp 99-100, Donkey’s serenade
Best, Fred, p 92, Donkey’s serenade: used to drive a horse and carriage
Brache, Daphne, performed singing with father, p 86, Donkey’s serenade
Brache, Fred, piano player, p 86, Donkey’s serenade
Brache, Freda, performed singing with father, p 86, Donkey’s serenade
Mills, Annette, Donkey’s serenade
Hass, Lotte, Donkey’s serenade
Hass, Hans, Donkey’s serenade
Denis, Armand, Donkey’s serenade
Denis, Michaela, Donkey’s serenade
Warner, Jack, Donkey’s serenade
Robertson, Fyfe, Donkey’s serenade
Barnett, Lady Isobel, Donkey’s serenade
Harding, Gilbert, Donkey’s serenade
Ball, Lucille, Donkey’s serenade
Dimbleby, Richard, Donkey’s serenade
Noel, pp 116-117, Donkey’s serenade: friend of George Torode
Herbie 'Grand Rocques', whoopee float attendant, pp 67-68, Donkey’s serenade
Bichard twins, Donkey’s serenade
Sparkes, Gerald 'Sparky', Milkman, pp 103-104, Donkey’s serenade
Le Lacheur, Michael 'Nel', pp 104, Donkey’s serenade: a great Torteval character
Bichard , Stan'Banjo' Bish, musical entertainer, pp 1-5, 144, Donkey’s serenade
Harry, Ben, p 147, Donkey’s serenade: lived in Martello Tower
Le Tissier, Nikki, p 148, Donkey’s serenade
Ghani, Abdul, Donkey’s serenade
Lowdnes, Derrick (Guitar Boogie Shuffle), enjoyed playing guitar, pp 35-39, Donkey’s serenade: was in a serious motorbike accident
Simon, Mr C C, Donkey’s serenade
Blampied, Edgar, organist, p 144, Donkey’s serenade
(The) Robert (Brothers), pp 24-41, Donkey’s serenade
Wilcox, Freddie, entertainer, pp 25-26, 30-34, 42-65, Donkey’s serenade: footballer
Trotter, Noel, policeman, pp 42-66, Donkey’s serenade
Picot, Fred, road sweeper, pp 80-81, Donkey’s serenade
Fred the Ted, Freddie Wilcox?, Donkey’s serenade
Luxton, George 'King Canute', road sweeper, pp 79,123-128, Donkey’s serenade
Le Noury, Bert 'Narnie', Beaucette Harbour Master, pp 5, 199, Donkey's hind leg
Lottery' Victor, Sold lottery tickets , pp 203-204, Donkey's hind leg
Rowswell, Billy, newspaper vendor, Donkey's hind leg
Willie, Woodbine, Anglican priest, pp 106-110, Donkey's hind leg: Army Padre in World War 1
Bennett, Billy, professional boxer, pp 86, Donkey’s hind leg
Luscombe , Barney, professional boxer, pp 86, Donkey’s hind leg
Stroobant, F E, Cricketer, Donkey's hind leg: Island sports celebrity in 1938
Millbourne, Miss, pp 148-149, Donkey's hind leg: L'Ancresse 'goat lady'
Noel, Stanley, owner of Vauxhall Garage, p 79, Donkey's hind leg: golfer
Eborall, Wilf 'High Flyer', pp 74-77, Donkey's hind leg
Langlois, Roy, Island swimming coach, pp 103-105, Donkey's hind leg
Waterman, John, p 189, Donkey's hind leg
Waterman, 'Tommo', pp 189-190, Donkey's hind leg
Le Noury, Daisy', wheelbarrow maker, p 190, Donkey's hind leg 
Harriman, Nat, Donkey's hind leg: pictured with John and 'Tommo' Waterman and 'Daisy' Le Noury
Blaize, Peter, proprietor of Supersavers at L'Ancresse , pp 124-127, Donkey's hind leg: known as the 'Singing Shopkeeper'
Drillot, Ted, pp 10, Donkey's hind leg: friend of George Torode
Le Page, Vince, foreman, p 204, Donkey's hind leg 
Williams, Glyn, Les Collins' boxing trainer, Donkey's hind leg 
Collins, Les, locksmith, pp 33-46, Donkey's hind leg: boxer and footballer, died January 1989
Duquemin, Len 'The Duke', professional football player, p 37, Donkey's hind leg: played for Spurs
Barrasin, snr., Mr, Blacksmith, pp 40-41, Donkey's hind leg: had a son named Roy
Barrasin, snr., Mrs, p 41, Donkey's hind leg: local character
Martel, Fred (the Cobo Storyteller), p 199,Donkey's hind leg
Procter, Elsie, parking controller, pp 204-205, Donkey’s hind leg
Jolly, Dereck, 'Mushroom Man', pp 123-124, Donkey’s hind leg
Falla, Bernie, taxi driver, pp 115-116, Donkey’s hind leg
George (Torode) and Neil alias Mills and Boon, Donkey’s tails
Russell, Morley, pp 121-130, Donkey’s tails
Davidson, Harold 'Can-Can', pp 57-58, Donkey’s tails: full name Harold Selby Wake Davidson
Therin, Frankie, pp 73-75, Donkey’s tails: brother was a sports reporter known as 'Eave-Up'
Le Page, Rosie, Donkey’s tails
Leech, Albert 'Boxer', pp 130-135, Donkey’s tails: remembered as a great campaigner
Edwards, Joe, ice cream seller, p 44, Donkey’s tails: sold ice cream on Victoria road
Guillou, Harold 'Paper Boy', newspaper seller, pp 42-43, Donkey’s tails
Ramon, Billy, Harbour View Café manager, pp 111-112, Donkey’s tails: best place for steak rolls on the island
Grandes Rocques Herbie, whoopee float attendant, p 64, Donkey’s tails
Roswell, Helen, Donkey’s tails
Brehaut, Milton, p 71, Donkey’s tails: a member of the Four Aces
Yabsley, Don, p 71, Donkey’s tails: a member of the Four Aces
Toll, Jack, p 71, Donkey’s tails: a member of the Four Aces
Riochet, Rick, , pp 71, Donkey’s tails: a member of the Four Aces
Brouard, Royston 'Broody', p 76, Donkey’s tails
Prout, Billy , fish seller, p 43, Donkey’s tails
Nicolle, Boxer, p 44, Donkey’s tails
McMahon, Peter 'Big Mac', pp 55-56, Donkey’s tails
Allen, Herbert Thomas, Artist-caricaturist, pp 108-125, Donkey’s tails, aka Louis Le Ray
Le Ray, Louis, Artist-caricaturist, pp 108-126, Donkey’s tails: real name was Herbert Thomas Allen
Elliot, William, Donkey’s tails
Green, Bill, Motorcycle ace, pp 48-51, Donkey’s tails: lived through the occupation
Bennet, Rex, sports writer, pp 163-5, Donkey’s tails
Tostevin, Ken, Donkey’s tails
Lawrence, Charles 'Stiffy', p 3, Donkey’s tails
Kreckeler, John, mechanic, p 63, Donkey’s tails
Le Parmentier, Annette, Donkey’s tails
Le Flock, John, pp 59-61, Donkey’s tails: arrested by Dorset Police
Trump, Jack, Town crier, pp 3-7,10-11, The donkey rides out
Blanchford, Reg, area commissioner, paramedic and ambulance driver, pp 15-39, The donkey rides out
Andrews, Eamon, broadcaster, pp 14-15, The donkey rides out: was a boxer
Robert brothers, a singing duo, pp 41-2, The donkey rides out
Poat, Gerald, farmer, pp 72-79, The donkey rides out
Archer, Dave, policeman, pp 105-115, The donkey rides out: arrested a man underwater
Martin (née Pullinger), Dorothée, Female engineer celebrated for her war time services, pp 123-167, The donkey rides out: married to Edward Marshall Martin
Martin, Lewis, engineer, pp 163-5, The donkey rides out: son of Dorothée Pullinger
Mackenzie, Compton, owned Herm and Jethou, pp 173-179, The donkey rides out: nicknamed Monty
Bagley, Desmond, writer, pp 168-171, The donkey rides out
Duquemin, Steve, pp 178-190, The donkey rides out: enjoyed cycling
Langlois, Tommy, Ice cream man, pp 191-192, The donkey rides out
Turner, Henry, pp 194-196, The donkey rides out, posted himself to Sark