'Donkey' series portrait photographs

18th July 2016

Index of named persons in photographs used to illustrate the following books: Donkey's ears ago, The donkey's back, and Donkey's ears apart. These books, which are in copyright, may be viewed by visitors to the Library. With thanks to Olwyn Shorey.

Agnes, Jean Adrienne Baptist Zoel, Donkey's Ears Ago      

Benoist, Mrs Monnaie, Cash Stores proprietor, The Donkey's Back     

Bichard twins, p 55, motorcycle enthusiasts, Donkey's Ears Ago

Brache, John ‘Daisy,’ Donkey's Ears Ago         

Brache, Len, p 101, Donkey's Ears Apart      

Brown, Mr, Donkey's Ears Ago  

Caparne, William John 'Willie the Painter,’ Painter, pp 23-30, The Donkey's Back: daughter called Winifred and a son, Edward and wife Louisa Jane Atkins

Caparne, William John 'Willie the Painter,' Donkey's Ears Ago     

Cataroche, Ken ‘Tiger Deano,’ pp 28-29, Donkey's Ears Apart     

Clarice, Little John, Donkey's Ears Ago 

Collins, Eliza, sweet shop proprietor on Le Pollet, pp 62-75, 84-88, The Donkey's Back: carried on running the shop through the war. Formerly Eliza Harriet. Had 11 children

Collins, Robert John, sweet shop proprietor on Le Pollet, pp 62-75, 84-88, The Donkey's Back: carried on running the shop through the war. Died in 1942

Corbet, Barlow, Donkey's Ears Ago      

Coyd, Jack ’Big Sam,’ Donkey's Ears Apart    

Cumber, Henry J, Chemist, Donkey's Ears Ago          

Davidson, Harold ‘Can-can,’ pp 39-43, Donkey's Ears Ago: his wife was called Girtie

Davidson, Harold ‘Can-can,’ Donkey's Ears Apart    

De Bourgoinniere Brothers, pp 100-101, Donkey's Ears Apart    

De La Rue, Thomas, printing press proprietor, pp 55-56, The Donkey's Back: introduced letter press printing

Domaille, Bill, pp 121-140, Donkey's Ears Ago 

Druee, Sam, Donkey's Ears Apart          

Duncombe, Donkey's Ears Ago  

Duncombe, Delia, Donkey's Ears Apart: wife of Ernie

Duncombe, Ernie, Donkey's Ears Apart: husband of Delia

Ethel, Donkey's Ears Apart          

Fallaize, Wally, Donkey's Ears Ago        

Finch, Roy, Town Crier, p 107, Donkey's Ears Apart: a local character you'd find in the Town square

Fisher, Eva, Donkey's Ears Apart           

Fisher, Gran, Donkeys Ear's Apart        

Fisher, Hilda, Donkeys Ear's Apart        

Fisher, May, Donkeys Ear's Apart         

Fisher, Ruth, Donkeys Ear's Apart         

Gallez, Nan, Donkeys Ears Ago 

Gallez, Otto, Donkeys Ears Ago

Gent, Walter, Donkeys Ears Apart       

Gent, Walter 'The Gentle Giant,' pp 15-17, Donkeys Ears Apart

Guillou, Harold, paper man, p 101, Donkeys Ears Apart  

Grandes Rocques Wilf, Donkeys Ears Apart  

Happy Snap Sue, p 100, Donkeys Ears Apart           

Dereck 'Jerbourg Newsboy Dereck,'  worked for Le Hurays, p 156, Donkeys Ears Apart                           

Johnson, Sammy, Donkeys Ears Apart           

Jones, Barry, pp 157-158, Donkeys Ears Apart        

Knight, ‘Ma,’ Donkeys Ears Ago

Lamb, Reggie, pp 9-14,120, Donkeys Ears Apart     

Lamb, Reggie, pp 9-14, Donkeys Ears Ago     

Lamb, Reggie 'Mr Sunshine,' pp 34-36, The Donkey's Back: wife called Pat

Lawrence, Charles 'Stiffy,' pp 29-34, Donkeys Ears Ago   

Le Marquand, Paul, Cobbler at Lower Vauvert, pp 143-144, Donkeys Ears Ago:  neighbour of author

Le Marquand, Paul, Donkeys Ears Apart        

Le Poidevin, Percy, Lottery ticket man, p 107, Donkeys Ears Apart      

Le Sauvage, Mary, p 104, Donkeys Ears Apart        

Le Tissier, Bertie, Sweet Maker, pp 67-8, 75-84, The Donkey's Back: launched own brand of boiled sweets, internationally known

Legg, Peter, Roadsweeper, pp 108-109, Donkeys Ears Apart, Transistor radio man

Lester, Stan ’The Harley,’ Donkeys Ears Apart           

Longnonnec, 'Augi,' pp 135-138, The Donkey's Back        

Maindonald Mac ‘Rowing Boats,’ pp 119-122, Donkeys Ears Ago:  owned Mac's rowing boats could be hired from front

Martin, 'Curly,' had a shop in town, p 107, Donkeys Ears Apart 

Mauger, Mrs, worked in fish market, p 105, Donkeys Ears Apart, filleted fish incredibly fast

New, Billy, Donkeys Ears Ago    

Newton, Bonnie, Fisherman, p 102, Donkeys Ears Apart, a character of the slipway

Newton, Bonnie, Fisherman, p 119, Donkeys Ears Ago     

Nicholle, Boxer, pp 110-114, Donkey's Ears Ago      

Ogier Brothers, Donkey's Ears Apart    

Ogier, Stan, Donkey's Ears Apart           

Ozanne, Marjorie, Donkey's Ears Apart          

Le Page, Fred ‘The Gas,’ pp 122-124, Donkey's Ears Apart           

Le Page, Fred ‘The Gas,’ pp 49-53, Donkey's Ears Ago       

Pengelly, Charlie, Donkey's Ears Apart

Pengally, Maudie, Donkey's Ears Apart           

Penney Brothers, Donkey's Ears Ago   

Picquet, Steve, pp 19-25, Donkey's Ears Ago, mention chapter 15 Donkey's Ears Apart

Poullain, Henry, pp 101 ff, Donkey's Ears Apart       

Pushon, Rev Morley, Donkey's Ears Apart     

Richards, Colin (Coll), worked in the market, p 105 Donkey's Ears Apart          

Renouf, Herbie, p 102, Donkey's Ears Apart  

Roswell, Billy, Newspaper seller p 101, Donkey's Ears Apart

Roswell, Billy, Donkey's Ears Ago          

Ruff, Fred, Meat porter, p 105, Donkey's Ears Apart: could carry meat half a cow at a time

Sarre, John 'The Canary' p 108, Donkey's Ears Apart: from Torteval. Played Christmas carols on the accordian in Town.

Simon, Georgie, pp 44-46, Chapter 6, Donkey's Ears Ago: also known as 'Ring a Ding Georgie'

Stonebridge, George, Clown, Donkey's Ears Apart: known as 'happy clown' George, husband of Pheobie

Stonebridge, 'Pheobie,' pp 103-104, Donkey's Ears Apart: husband was 'happy clown' George, often seen at seats of town church

Stanley, Rex, Donkey's Ears Apart: friend of George Torode

Smith, Sid, Donkey's Ears Ago    

Torode, George, Donkey's Ears Ago:  writer of book series and narrator of book.

Torode, George, Donkey's Ears Apart: writer of  the book series and narrator of book.

Troalic, Peter ‘Mad Max,’ Donkey's Ears Ago

Trotter, Noel, Policeman, pp 144-46, Donkey's Ears Ago   

Trotter, Noel, pp 90-93, The Donkey's Back   

Wilson, Pete 'Martini Man,' The Donkey's Back