Guernsey breed of goat soon? November, 1947

From The Star, in the Library collection.

Twelve-year experiments.

A twelve-year search for a Guernsey breed of goats is likely to prove successful when plans for the importation of British stock have been completed.

The Guernsey Goat Society is seeking to produce a distinctive cream-coloured variety to be called a 'Guernsey.'

Miss L Y Le Page, secretary of the society, who has been trying to reduce the high cost of importation of goats to Guernsey by suggesting collective buying and importation, said that several Guernsey people have tried to breed a distinctive type of goat with moderate success. These progeny, if crossed with Anglo-Nubian or British Alpine varieties and the society's stud goat, a Saanan, might produce the Guernsey within a few years.

Miss Le Page, who has been secretary of the society for 25 years, has contacted the Hertfordshire Goat Society for the collective purchasing of goatlings and kids for Guernsey people.

'It is impossible to buy goats in milk today,' she said. 'The milk shortage on the mainland has made people keep all the milk goats they have.

Many people in Guernsey are enquiring after goats as they want to keep at least one. The membership of our society has more than doubled within the last 18 months. We are suggesting a census to see just how many goats are owned by members of our society with a view to keeping a record of their ancestry for future breeding purposes.'

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