Guernsey Footballers on Cigarette Cards

4th August 2015

Two albums of footballers, with a few other sports thrown in for good measure. Supplemented by a donation (November 2019). Please contact the Library for futher information. 

Cigarette Cards.

The cards are annotated with comments on the players' then current status: 'Out,' 'Playing,' 'In Jersey' &c

Northerners 1925A Le Cheminant. T Mahy. R G Brown. J Beach. P F Watson, W Warr. J Buchanan. A C Rich. S Noël. A J Bougourd. G Robinson. E Mariette. A Coutanche.

Rangers. H Capell. F Lanyon. J J Watson. F McAvoy. A S Blicq. R McAvoy. D Martel. L Rich. C Doutch. P Butler.

Belgraves. C C Purdy. J Martel. Len Purdy. S Chapple. J Aubert. R S Chapple. H Keyho. J Leadbeater. H Allen. J Tostevin. J Hickman.

Athletics. R J Chilcott. T Oliver. S Collins. W J Bird. T Baker. C Bird. P Stranger. W E Spiller. G Smart. A J Le Feuvre.

Remainder of cards in album feature early film stars.


Supplement from Charles Elliott (donation November 2019) under separate cover: same series of Bucktrout's footballers:

West Rovers. W de la Mare. A E Chick. D Duquemin. 

Progressives. J Rolland. A Fallaize. W Priaulx.

Rangers. A E Zabiela. A W Maunder. C C Maunder. 

Athletics. F W Jackson. E G Harradine. G W Stone. W G MAce. F Alwen. 

Belgrave Wanderers. C Bostrom. J Bewey. W Keyho. G Cluett. W G Taylor.

Northerners. F Duquemin. S Davidson. W K Mauger. 

Blue Album, No 11.

Cards from a set entitled on back Guernsey Footballers, Priaulx League.  All numbered on reverse, beginning at No. 1, with player critiques.

Rangers. S C Brown. H E de Garis. J A Lewis. W C Freeman. E J Warren. G Taylor. L Smith. A Le Maitre. J A Martel. T J Le Prevost. J S Brookes. W Crocker. M J Brassel.

Athletics. H Eker. C J Guillou [O J Guillou]. J McCarthey. W Wray. A R Elliott. C Brown, W Huelin. W Falla. W Freiss. T Young. S Falla. 

Northerners. H Finn. W G Davis. P H Bougourd. A E Broadribb. H Marley. E J Sauvage. J H Duquemin. D Mauger. S Le Lievre. W G Radford. L L McKane. W Allen.

Belgraves. C Prout. E J Martel. W Simon. H Tozer. S Wallace. H D Brouard. U L Falla. E J Bichard. G L Pugh. B A Coker (St Martin's). G Shepherd. S H Roberts.

St Martin's. C W Anderson. L T Lainé. F E Stroobant. S R Edwards. A Jeffreys. B A De La Mare. H R Wheeler. W Machon. T Dorrian.

Sylvans. J Duqemin. D Machem. R O'Neill (St Martin's). J Le Sauvage. S T Duquemin. P Cauvain. G Brown. C Brouard. E C Brouard. C Le Noury. J Gallienne. H J Galllienne.

Sherwood Foresters. Pte J Dobson. L-Cpl D Archer. Pte E Dobson. L-Cpl W Cuthbertson. Pte G Dennis. L-Cpl A Boole. L-Cpl A Brice. Pte J Baker. Pte N Cupit. L-Cpl J Hartshorn. Pte E Bowden.

Island Sporting Celebrities. A series of 48.

No 2. G Le G Peek. No 24. F E Stroobant. No 12. Bert Brenton. No 19. Billy Lake. No 7. Barney Luscombe. No 13. C H Cross. No 38. Albert J Young. No 28. T B Jolly. No 1. W M F Hudson. No 40. G L Cohen.

Donations 2019 from Charles Elliott of cards from same set, under separate cover:

No. 3. H F Rich. No. 4 J S Heaume. No. 8 O J N Langlois. No. 10 William Huelin. No. 11 H St Clair Dean. No. 15 Ernest Stead. No. 16 Mrs H Le Parmentier. No. 17 Paul Le Masurier. No. 18 W Green. No. 20 J Le Pavoux. No. 21 M C Allen.  No. 22 B Barnett. No. 23 Percy Bougourd. No. 25 A Ogier. No. 26. A R Cohen. No. 30 Douglas Mechem. No. 32 R T A Falla. No. 34. Captain D Bisset. No. 36 Henry Mott. No. 39 John Martel.  No. 41. F W W Chandler. No. 43 S A Noel. No. 44 Harold W Hughes. No. 45 C F Grieve. No. 47 E J Cope.