Guernsey in old photographs: an index

16th July 2020

Nick Machon's super book, Guernsey in old photographs, based on the Guernsey Press' collection, was published in 1988 by Alan Sutton Publishing. It went through several editions. This is a list of the photographs included in it, by page.

Section One: People

p. 8 A family on the West coast, crab pots; 9 Football supporters, Sarnian excursions, turn of the century; Rue d'Albecq late 1800s; 10 Guernsey Races, July 23 1908; 11 Yacht races, regattas Grand Havre 1908, St Peter Port 1907; 12 Junior Inter-insular Footbal Cup winners 1922: Mr J Aubert, Helyar, Underdown, Joughning, Mr A M Naftel, Mr F Cleal; Bowditch, Wellington, Le Huray, Torode, Wallbridge; Down, Leadbeater (Captain), Parkyn. St Martin's Athletic Club Water Polo team, winners of the Williams Trophy, 1936: W E Ogier, S E Till, J Shepphard, A G Vaudin, J M van Herwaarden, H O Edwards, F E Toms, T Corbet, J Hessel, E V Woodford, S Dodd; 13 Guernsey v Tottenham Hotspur 12 May 1932. Fans and team: D Mechem, M Brassel, J Lewis, W Warr, (captain), R De Garis, H Dorey, D Mauger, J Brookes, W Downs, P Bougourd, W Freeman. 15 Ormer gathering 1950s; 16 Muratti Fina., the Track, 1961; 16 North supporters at harbour on way to 1961 Upton final; 1950 Marshall Carré with Muratti Cup; 18 Roller skaters, St Geroge's Hall, 1956. Amanda water scooters, Model Yacht Pond, 1958; 20 Go-karting at the Track 1960. Water ski-ing 1956; 22 Pigeon-racing 1960. Watching Channel TV 1962. June Allez, Channel TV presenter; 24 1962 Church-to-church walk, Roy Le Marquand. 1965 Elizabeth College cross-country run, Pembroke. Full-bore shooting, Fort Le Marchant 1960. Demolition of old fort 1971; 26 Lynwood Bowling Alley 1967. Steve Picquet filmed by BBC in 1962. Miss Miriam Milborne and goats; 28 Yacht race off St Peter Port Harbour in the 1970s; 30 Beau Sejour House just before demolition.

Section 2: Town

p. 32 Market Square circa 1865. High Street beginning of 20th century; 34 women shopping for vegetables. Vaudin's stall, lower vegetable market. Fish Market early 1900s. Vegetable Market; 36 View up High Street circa 1905. Christmas lights 1970. Berthelot Street; 38 Guernsey Brewery early 1900s. Demolition of old buildings opposite bus terminus 1959; 40 Clearaance at Fuzzey's (Tudor House).

Section 3: Harbours

p. 42 Old Quay circa 1850. Sea front to north of Old Harbour circa 1850. Colliers turn of 19th century. Old Harbour 1970s; 44 Steam cranes, building of Victoria Pier 1850s. Container berth 1971. St Sampson's Harbour late 1800s. 1966 removal of rock to east of Abraham's Bosom; 46 Building of second Marina. Flooding at Quay; 48 Aerial view of Beaucette Quarry.

Section 4: Links

p. 50 Coronation 1953. Visit of Queen Mother 1963, Foundation Stone Ladies' College; 52 Queen Mother, Elizabeth College 1963. Charles Rogers raise Clameur de Haro in 1967; 54 States in 1907 and 1960. Sir William Arnold, oath of office; 56 Fort George petition and demolition; 58 1975 Owner of Bernie's in the Pollet raised Clameur de Haro over a crane.

Section 5: Traffic

p. 60 A four-in-hand excursion car. Ladies with cycles circa 1900. Tram. Market Square, 1890s, carts and carriages; 62 First zebra crossing, 1961. H-plates introduced 1961. Motorcycle helmet law 1962. End of unrestricted parking 1963; 64 First traffic lights 1962. Lorry loses load of cast iron heating pipes Church Hill.

Section 6: Farming

p. 66 Ploughing the fields. A pedigree Guernsey cow. Butter churning; 68 Les Jaonnets farmhouse (Blondel, Brouard, Le Lacheur, Gavey). Farmhouse kitchen range and terpi. Farmhouse kitchen dresser. 70 Milking by hand. Carting hay. Delivering milk on a donkey, St Sampson's. First tetrapaks of milk 1957; 72 Bullocks carting vraic at Cobo circa 1905. Tractor carrying vraic at Cobo 1958.

Section 7: Growing

p. 74 Produce waiting for shipment at Harbour circa 1900. Line of growers' wagons waiting to unload. Preparing soil in glasshouse circa 1910. A smilax crop; 76 Packing tomatoes in 1961. Production line at Guernsey Tomato Marketing Board, Bulwer Avenue Depot, 1961; 78 Aluminium glasshouse, 1970s; 80 Steam sterilization 1954. 82 Dumping tomatoes during dock strike in 1972.

Section 8: Occupation

p. 84 Evacuation. Bombing of Harbour 28 June. 86 Aftermath of Harbour attack. Ruined Weighbridge Clock Tower. German military band, Lloyds Bank; 88 Germans attend concert at Candie; Guernsey Brewery 1941.Barbed wire accross Connaught Landing. Gaumont cinema with propaganda film posters; 92 Guards on lookout duty. Red Cross. Vega. Parcels; 94 Reading of proclamation of freedom 9 May 1945, Elizabeth College; 96 Islanders at L'Ancresse welcome landing craft with supplies. Scrap German gun and tank. 98 Bunkers fallen into Les Vardes in 1968.

Section 9: Work

p. 100 Granite quarry x 2; 102 Making crab pots 1952. Fish unloaded at Connaught Landing on Albert Pier 1962; 104 Telephone exchange 1950s. Tektronix production line at Victoria Avenue; 106 Maintenance of Cossar printing presses at Guernsey Press 1960s.

Section 10: Health and Education

p. 108 King Edward Sanatorium and nurses. Building of Longue Rue House and Maison Maritime. Extensions to Queen Elizabeth Hospital; 110 St Sampson's School, early photograph; new Ladies' College Building opened 1965. 

Section 11: Boats

p. 112 Steamers Alberta, Frederica and Reindeer. A mackerel drifter; 114 The Fleet Commodore, the Isle of Guernsey, the Silver Commodore, 1950s. Last voyage to Weymouth of the GWR steamer St Julian, 1960. 116 Maiden voyage of the Sarnia 1961. Arrival of Condor 1, 1964; 1969 repair of sea wall at Rue de la Rocque.

Section 12: Air Transport

p. 120 The Airport Council 1939: jurats James Carey, Ernest de Garis, A C Bichard, Pierre de Putron, Dr A N Symons, Cyril de Putron, John Leale. Civil Service: R G Hammond, E W Nicolle, E F LainĂ©, H E Marquand (States Supervisor). Flying Officer Ian McLeod (portrait). Opeingn of the airport. Two Avro Anson trainer aircraft at opening; 122 Laying the new runway 1959.  Preparation of tarmacadam on site. Boarding a De Havilland Rapide; 124 Crash of Silver City Bristol freighter. 126 Aurugny begins inter-island flights 1968.

Section 13: Gone

p. 128 Closure of North Cinema 1958. Martello Tower No 2 at Les Banques before demolition; 130 Scrapping of distillation plant in 1975.

Section 14: Shipwrecks

p. 132 The Courier; 134 Lifeboat Wilson Kirk Ella. Trignac 1905. Swansea 1906. 136 Barque Dunsinane 1904. The Fermain 1952; Crew Euphrosyne Kendal 1963, Eric Pattimore, Coxswain Hubert Petit, John Petit;  140 Speedboat Spring Flight 1. President Garcia; 142 Ellwood Mead; 144 Prosperity; 146 Pegase 1975; 148 Rescue of a yacht and fire on board a cabin cruiser in the Harbour.

Section 15: Disaster

p. 150 Fire at Piette Sawmills 1960. Blaze at Bunglaow Hotel, Jerbourg, 1962; 152 St Sampson's Churchyard falls into Longue Hougue Quarry, 1969. Two glasshouses destroyed by a gale; 154 Dorothy Smurthwaite, explosion at house in Les Clopains, Vale. Fire at The Nook, Petit Bot, Mr and Mrs Kay, 1976; 165 Reservoir levels in 1976 drought. Cliff fire at Le Bigard, 1976; 158 Excavator marooned in St Peter Port Harbour, 1976.


Bill Rowswell, portrait.