Inventory of Thomas Tramaillier's papers

4th September 2020

It took four years and several appearances in Court for Thomas Tramallier (III) to force Pierre Carey to hand over papers concerning Thomas' grandfather, Thomas Tramallier Senior's (I) estate. Carey's wife was Thomas (I)'s cousin, the daughter of his uncle, the late William Tramallier, and an heir to her father's estate. William had been appointed Thomas Tramallier (II)'s guardian, and Carey had come into possession of the relevant papers on William's death. Carey was fined several times for non-appearance in Court; the Court had delayed sittings at his request, and grew noticeably exasperated. Eventually, on the 12 February 1719, Carey produced a set of books and documents before them. Thomas (II) had appointed his son to act for him.  These documents are listed and bound in a ledger entitled Copie de l'Inventaire de partie des Ecrits de la Succession du Sr Thomas Tramalier. 1715. [Note: the surname is written several ways in various documents: Tramallier, Tramailler, Tramaillier, even Tramalier.]

The Inventory

1. 21 December 1575. A letter under Bailiwick seal. Guillaume Vibert and wife Marie Le Pettevin [Marie Le Poidevin] make over to Pierre Marin and his wife Catherine Le Pettevin [Catherine Le Poidevin] all Marie's inheritance from her father, Philippin Le Pettevin. A letter enclosed 22 April 1578 in which Hellier Le Pettevin [Helier Le Poidevin] sells to Pierre Marin and his said wife a pièce of land in a garden at Mont-Gibel.

2. 19 October 1614. Letter under Bailiwick seal. The representative of Henry Fashion gives up his right of repurchase on the Fief de la Rivière to Mr Jean Fautrart and Thomas de Sausmarez.

3. 20 July 1611. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Philippe Mauger sells an enclosure (clos de terre) called the Courtil des Jaonets to Jean Le Lacheur.  

4. 16 November 1633. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Act by which Pierre Estienne renounces an inheritance at the behest of Marguerite Nicolle.

5. 13 February 1608. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Jean Estienne sells a house and land to Pierre Estienne. [Jean Etienne, Pierre Etienne].

93 (6). 26 January 1621. Letter under Bailiwick seal. James Magnon sells a pièce of land at Mont-Gibel to Jean Langlois.

7. 18 August 1614. A signed minute. Gist as No 2.

8. 2 April 1642. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Collas des Perques sells four pièces of land in St Martin to Thomas Maindonal.

48 (9). 25 September 1615. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Marie Breton sells a pièce of land at the Hougue Hailla to Thomas de Beaucamp; another dated 9 March 1615 in which Marie Breton sells a rent to Jean Nicolle.

10. 17 October 1623. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Guardians of the children of Thomas Le Febvre owe various assigned rents to Mr Thomas de L'Isle. [Thomas De Lisle]

42 (11). 22 October 1669. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Distribution of the estate of Sieur Jean Tirrel, made on the 10 January 1661. [Jean Tyrell]

12. 2 December 1634. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Survey of the house and lands of the Grandes Maisons; and an agreement between Jean Briard and Richard Robin on the same matter.

113 (13). 19 September 1597. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Sale of the Courtil de la Hougette by William de Vick to Pierre Le Pettevin [William de Vic, Pierre Le Poidevin].

118 (14). 29 March 1636. Letter under Bailiwick seal. George De la Cour owes rent to Sr Jean Briard. [George de la Court]

15. An old book of judgments 1654-1660.

7 (16). Various proc- [?] of individuals.

17. 28 May 1606. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Mr George Fashion sells a rent to Mr Thomas de Sausmarez.

18. 3 April 1657. Letter under seal of St Michel. Elizabeth Corbin sells a pièce of land called the Touraille to Thomas Lenfestey.

161 (19). 12 March 1526. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Phillipin Le Loreur owes Collas Mutel a rent.

53 (20). 22 October 1605. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Mr Eléazar le Marchant sells the Courtil de la Marche to Jean Estienne.

94 (21). 20 May 1545. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Collin Anquetil owes Mr James Guille a rent. [Colin Anquetil]

101 (22).  27 February 1542. Letter under Bailiwick seal. Jean Quartier accepts the inheritance that belongs to him in right of his mother from Nicolas Noel. [Jean Quertier]

23. 6 November 1620. Letter. Court finds that Thomas Lihou owes a sum of rent to Jean Le Pettevin.

28 (24). 19 May 1635. Letter. Pierre Mauger son of François cedes to Sr Thomas Tramalier the saisie of the estate of Samuel Asseline. [Missing no. 25]

37. (26). 26 July 1626. Letter. Piere Careye sells to Jean Le Gros and his wife a house and land at the Coupée Doublier in Town.  

27. A copy of the Livre de Perchage of 5 March 1646 for the Fief Rozel in Town.

29 (28). 27 March 1618. Letter under seal. Samuel Assseline sells to André Hubert and his wife a house in la Rue des Cornets [Cornet Street] and another of 1 June 1618  in which the said Asseline sells a rent to Francois Mauger.

Nihil (30). Judgment under seal of the Namps of 22 October 1593. Against François Allez in favour of Pierre Le Pelley for a rent.

29. 16 August 1615. Letter. Jean Estienne sells(?) a rent to Jean Le Mesurier and the same of 28 February 1615 in which the said Le Mesurier cedes the said rent to Pierre Estienne. 

30. Judgment under seal of the Namps of 22 October 1593. Against François Allez in favour of Pierre Le Pelley for a rent.

31. 4 October 1645. Letter. The guardian of Thomas David sells Pierre Le Mesurier a meadow at Les Mesuriers.

32. 25 June 1647. Letter. Jean Le Digne and his wife Thomasse Ettur assign a rent to Elizée Priaulx. [Thomasse Etur]

33. 7 March 1622. Letter. Mr Jean Fautrart assigns rents to Mr George Fashin. [George Fashion, George Fouaschin]

50 (34). 8 January 1554. Letter. Pierre Le Quesne sells Jean Estienne two fields (courtils) at the Grange Thomas Dauling.  [Jean Etienne, Thomas Dawling, Thomas Darling]

35. 6 February 1640. Letter, Collas Le Page sells the Courtil Martin Guignon to Jean Le Page.

88 (36). 23 June 1651. Letter. Sr Jean De Quetteville selles a house in Fountain Street to Pierre Thames. [Pierre Thoumes, Pierre Thomas]

37. 9 January 1620. Letter. Martin Caillet sells rent to Thomas Ballen [Thomas Balan, Thomas Balleine]

134 (38). 16 January 1519. Letter. How certain tenants of the Fief Rozel obtained a ruling allowing their right of way via the Bordage Cornet to the Pont Renié. [Pont Renier]

39. 7 June 1648. Letter. Hellier Le Poittevin and his wife sell the said wife's inheritance to Henry de Jersey and his parceners. [Helier Le Poidevin]

40. 4 December 1650. Letter. Pierre Bailleul sells the Courtil de la Croutte to Collas L'Etocq and assigns a rent to the heirs of Mr Jean Fautrart. [Courtil de la Croute, Collas Le Tocq]

41. 4 April 1656. Letter. Collenette Baudain and her co-heirs sell the Jaonière du Bordel to Jean Rabey.

42. Written statement by Mr Elizée de Sausmarez guardian of Sr William Tramalier (the said ward signing alongside the said guardian), the tenor of which is: 'As guardian of Sr William Tramalier I acknowledge that his brother Sr Thomas Tramalier has previously paid my ward in accordance with my order and agreement and that of other relatives of the said ward, the sum of 416 livres tournois. The said sum, as soon as it was received, was used for business to his own account and advantage; the said sum will be taken account of in the brothers' business affairs. To ensure this is a true record the said William has signed this document with me, today, 4 October 1666.

21 (43). 10 April 1518. A letter under seal. Mr Thomas de Sausmarez of St Martin acknowledges he owes rent to Jean Martin.

44. 18 April 1635. Letter. Thomas Rolland sells Richard Mahy a piece of land in the Clos du Valle.

45. 10 January 1658. Letter. Thomas du Parc sells to Collenette Baudain a perch of land in the park [enclosure, parquet] known as du Parc.

46. 14 March 1552. Letters. Mr Nicolas Careye sells Pierre Le Quesne the land called Les Meubles [sic, for Les Meulles]

47.  2 March 1630. A witnessed legal minute. Mr Jean de Saumarez has paid off the debt accrued after the dispute with Srs Thomas Tramalier and Samuel Nicolle in right of their wives.

137 (48). 5 March 1617. A Letter under seal. Simon Grut sells a rent to Sr Jean Briard.

52 (49). 6 November 1613. A Letter witnessed in Court. Jean Estienne cedes to Pierre Estienne the land he obtained from Mr Eléazar Le Marchant.

65 (50). 1 March 1625. The distribution of the estate of Mr Jean de Sausmarez son of Thomas between his children. Witnessed in Court.

103 (51). 10 February 1641. Letter under seal. Mr Thomas Careye sells Sr Thomas Tramalier a furze brake near the millpond of the Moulin de Haut in Town.

107 (52). 19 April 1548.  Letter. Collas Hamel sells Jean Corbel a field (courtil) in the Rue des Meulles.

60 (53). 6 April 1616. Letter under seal of St Michel. Pierre Estienne sells rent to Jean Painsecq. [Jean Painsec]

105 (54). 20 November 1596. Letter. Jean Lucette sells the Courtil des Vallées in Castel parish to Jean Laffoley.

99 (55). 12 February 1433. Letter. Jean Bott engages (or releases) Philippot Ollivier for a capon of rent. [Philippot Olivier]

63 (56). 19 August 1651. Letter under seal. Thomas Hamptonne and his wife sell a rent to Etienne and Marthe Nicolle (arrangement of names sic).

19 (57). 4 November 1652. Letter. The heirs of Olivier Rouxel sell a house and land in the Castel parish to Daniel Le Pelley.

39 (58). 15 June 1640. Letter. Sr Thomas Tramalier sells Ellie Breton the Courtil de la Mare au Chanteur. [Elie Breton]

59. 4 December 1565. A Letter under seal. Jean Du Plain and his wife sell a house in Town to Jean Briard alias Vauvert. [Jean Duplain]

54 (60). 15 December 1617. The distribution of the estate of Geonne (?) Andry. Witnessed.

74 (61). 21 February 1608. Letter. Jean Etienne sells a furze brake at the Brüeres in St Martin to Jean Painsecq. [Jean Painsec]

175 (62). 11 April  1657. Letter. Anthony Brehaut selld rent to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

63. 19 February 1632. Letter. George Guille acknowledges a debt to Nicolas Ozanne of rent he assigned to him.

64. 24 February 1603. Letter. Nicolas Bailleul in right of his wife Marie de Sausmarez sells a part of a house in the Carrefour to Nicolas Mauger.

These documents have been given to the aforementioned Thomas Tramalier today. The inventory to be continued on another day.

15 February 1720 the listing of the inventory continues.

154 (65). 4 September 1656. A contract on parchment witnessed in Court.  Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy assigns to Mr Daniel de Beauvoir in right of the heirs of Sr Pierre de Beauvoir du Bosq, rents on various people.

15 (66). 12 October 1640. Letter. Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy assigns a rent to Thomas Brouard. 

30 (67). Letter. 16 September 1634. Letter. Pierre Ballan sells a jaonière at the Vauqiédor to Sr Thomas Tramalier, which Thomas Tramalier assigns to him in a letter of 7 May 1639. [Pierre Balan]

68. Letter. 17 June 1607. Letter. The representatives of Mr Pierre de Beauvoir and of his wife, Dame Esther Germain, sell a house and its tenement in the Grande Rue to Jean Blanche; and a garden.

69. Letter. 16 December 1598. Letter. Jean Vodin sells to Sr Timothy Tramalier a rent to be paid by Gervais Rouget. [Jean Vaudin]

78 (70). A letter dated 1 March 1638. Letter. Janne Lucette sells rents assigned to various people to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy. [Jeanne Lucette]

71. 20 February 1657. A contract on parchment witnessed in Court. Pierrre Sohier sells a rent to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

44 (72). A Letter of 21 April 1641. Letter. Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy sells half of the furze brake called Le Feugrel to Marguerite De La Rue.

21 (73). Letter. 26 February 1644. Letter. Mr Charles De Beauvoir and his wife Dame Judith De Beauvoir sell a jaoniere called La Hougue Mourain to Sr Thomas Tramalier; and another letter re same of 16 December 1648.

74. Letter. 11 March 1636. Letter. Nicolas de Caen sells rents assigned to various people to Sr Thomas Lihou; and another letter of 22 September 1637 in which Sieurs Matheiu de Sausmarez and Thomas Tramalier in right of his wife make over the said estate sale that they had claimed en retrait to Nicolas Nicolle.

149 (75).  A contract in parchment witnessed in Court dated 3 September 1656. Michel Vaucourt sells to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy a rent on Jean Fénien.

76. Letter. 12 November 1633. Letter. The heirs of Samuel Asseline give up their inheritance following a legal challenge by Pierre Fanouillière.

93 (77). A Letter of 30 March 1644. Letter. Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy sells to Moÿse Vodin a piece of land at the Tour Beauregard with rents payable by Pierre Mauger son of François. [Moses Vaudin]

45 (78). A Letter of 12 October 1540. Letter. Guillaume Carté and Jean Efard sort out a dispute. [Guillaume Cartier, Guillaume Quertier, Jean Effard]

79. 25 March 1657. A contract on parchement. Charles Le Jersiez sells rents on Jean Rouget to Thomas Tramalier son of Thomas.

153 (80). 24 October 1649. A contract on parchement. Jean Collenette sells four fields in the Castel parish to Thomas Collenette.

121 (81). A similar contract of 23 March 1651. The guardian of Sr Pierre de Beauvoir sells a house and land at the Bosq to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy.

150 (82). A similar contract of 7 September 1653. Pierre Fanouillère sells half of a house and yard (parquet) in Fountain Street to Michel Vaucourt. This letter has three holes in it which look like it has been chewed by a mouse.

Letter. 7 October 1640. Letter. Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy assigns a rent to Mr Jean Perchard in right of his wife, Marguerite Nicolle.

10 (84). A Letter of 1 November 1625. Letter. Denis du Parcq and his wife Suzanne Bachelet sell Sr Thomas Tramalier a rent on Jean Quertier. [Denis Du Parc]

20 (85). A contract on parchment witnessed in Court dated 26 October 1653. Sr Thomas Tramalier sells some land at the Ramée to Mr Pierre Careye assigned on ten people.

35 (86). 16 January 1645. Letter. Sr Jacques Bouillon sells Sr Thomas Tramalier a rent of six gros monnaie.

102 (87). 30 January 1641. Letter. Dame Janne Lucette sells Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy a rent assiged to various people.

95 (88). 19 April 1642. Letter. The attorney for Morgan Gillen and his wife Catherine Le Pettevin confirms that the rights if succession of the said woman have been transferred to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy.

106 (89). 102 (87). 13 August 1642. Letter. Esther and Elizabeth Le Quesne sell a rent on various people to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy.

17 (90).  A contract on parchment dated 5 November 1639. Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy assigns to Dame Marie de la Cour 4 ecus of cash rent he owes her.

91 (91). A contract on parchment dated 26 December 1653. Sr Thomas Tramalier sells a courtil or garden at Vauvert to Jacob Reserson.

11 (92). 10 September 1642. Letter. Exchange of rent between Sr Thomas Tramalier and Mr Thomas Careye.

76 (93). 26 December 1640. Letter.  Sr Thomas Tramalier sells to Pierre de Jersey son of Jacques a house and garden in St PEter Port, near the Grange [Les Granges].

59 (94). 14 May 1635. Letter. The heirs of Etienne Martin sell two courtils at St Martin to Jean Mauger.

46 (95). 28 March 1638. Letter. Marie and Enne Estienne make over to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy the right if saisie of the estate of thier uncle, Pierre Estienne, and an enclosure dated 4 August of the same year in which Jean Husey and his wife Elizabeth Estienne cede her partof the said siaie to the said Tramalier. [Jean Hussey ?, Jean Huzet]

63 (96). Letter under the seal fo the Fief St Michel dated 8 January 1607. Joüanne Andry sells to Guillaume Bisson and his wife the land she owns in the Clos du Val in the right of her father Guillaume Andry. [Joanne André]

25 (97). Letter under Bailiwick seal. 22 December 1632. Contains a statement (report) against Pierre Gallienne and Messieurs the Crown Officers, and two other items.

109 (98). 2 December 1644. Letter. Pierre Robiliard sells the Courtil du Vacheul to Callas Robilliard.

99. A Letter under Jersey seal of 7 April 1656. Damoiselle Rachel de Beauvoir appoints her husband Mr Jean Le Hardy as her attorney.

100. A Letter under Guernsey seal of 5 February 1530. Jean Bris acknowledges that he owes a rent to the children of Guillaume L'Etournel.

101. The second Bill of distribution of Mr Pierre Gosselin. Unsigned, dated 22 November 1643; and two other Bills or tickets of partage of other estates, unsigned.

102. A contract on paper witnessed in Court on 7 October 1642, containtng the partage of the estate of Marie Hamel.

103. A contract on parchment signed by the Vavasours of the Court of St Michel and dated 13 June 1633. Sr Thomas Henry sells to Jacques Coupin two pieces of land at the Croutte Betton [Crout Beton].

7 (104). A Letter under seal of 19 April 1548. Collas Hamel sells Jean Corbel a courtil and other land at the Rue des Meulles. 

45 (105). A Letter of 22 March 1640. Letter. Jean Gailliard and his wife Michal Ollivier sell a rent on Enoch Anquetil to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

151 (106). A contract on parchment witnessed in Court. Dated 20 Speptember 1656. Collas Allez sells Sr Thomas Tramalier a rent on Pierre Brouard.

5 (107). A Letter of 15 March 1596. Letter. Thomas Hubert in right of his wife sells a rent to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

158 (108). A Letter of 10 April 1626. Letter. Sr Pierre Henry sells Estienne Rouxel a house and land in the Castel.

6 (109). A Letter of 15 March 1596. Letter. George Le Pettevin sells a rent to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

49 (110). A Letter of 25 July 1618. Dame Judith Germain sells Pierre Estienne a pièce of land. [Pierre Etienne]

41 (111). A Letter of 22 April 1646. Letter. Sr James Guille and his wife Marie de Beauvoir sell Sr Thomas Tramamlier son of Timothy several furze breaks at the Ramée.

25 (112). A Letter of 5 September 1612. Letter. Pierre Le Retilley sells rents on Nicolas de Garis to Thomas Guille.

100 (113). A Letter of 10 February 1573. Letter. Jean De Jersey and his wife Joüanne Le Jersiez acknowledge owing a rent to Thomas Blondel.

25 (114). A Letter of 30 December 1601. Letter. Robin De Bertran sells to Nicolas Ollivier a rent on Pierre Mauger. [Robin De Bertranne, De Bertrand, Nicolas Olivier]

111 (115). A contract on parchment witnessed in Court 1 December 1653. Pierre Priaulx son of Helier sels rent on Sr Jean Perchard to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy.

108 (116). A Letter under seal (full of holes) of 8 January 1619. Pierre Le Quesne sells Jean Pitard and his wife a courtil in St Martin. [Jean Pittard]

117. A statement signed by Mr Eléazar Le Marchant, a Secretary (representative) of the Court authorised by an Act dated 26 May 1688, the said statement dated 21 June 1688, certifying that Sr Jean Bernard had handed over to Sr Thomas Tramalier an affidavit signed by Mr Elizée de Sausmarez, the guardian of Sr William Tramalier and by the said William, dated 4 October 1666, concerning 416 livres tournois and a set of accounts and an arbitration signed by Mr Janes Carey, Judge, on 6 November 1667: passed between the said Thomas Tramalier and his late father; and Mr William La Marchant. And a paper or memorandum, unsigned, which is a declaration that the late Sr Thomas Tramalier, son of Timothy, has debts which will be paid out of what is due to him on the 21 September 1661. And various other papers of little importance.

On the 20 September 1721 as part of the suit of the aforesaid Sr Thomas Tramalier we continued the inventory and listed and numbered the following documents (Sr Jean Hubert, who is mentioned in the Judgment of 14 January 1718, being present), called by me as Court Secretary to this Inventory; being present at the same time Dame Rachel, wife and attorney of Mr William Le Mesurier co-heir of the aforesaid Mr Pierre Careye; the said Careye has handed over to the said Sr Tramalier the following documents:

85 (118). A letter under Bailiwick seal. 7 February 1622. William Claude, guardian of Thomas Bertran sells a house in the Pollet to Laurens Martin son of Pierre.

119. A Letter witnessed in Court. 29 December 1638. Pierre Grut lets Thomas Tramalier have possession of an earth bank between their estates at Vauchié-dor. [Vauqiédor]

70 (120). Letter under seal dated 2 September 1590. Marie and Collette de L'Eree exchange a rent with François Allez. [Marie Le Ray, Collette Le Ray]

121. A Letter under seal dated 27 March 1596. Jean Hubert son of Jacques sells Marie Pezet a path and its brake near the land belonging to Catherine Le Pettevin.

122. Another Letter under seal. 5 April 1594. Jean Hubert son of Jacques makes over to Roger Earl [Rogier Aerl] and wife a pièce of land below the Tour Beauregard.

123. Another Letter under seal. 9 August 1589. Catherine Durant makes over to Pierre Renouf the escheat of Elizabeth and Suzanne Renouf.

85 (124). Letter under seal. 3 July 1644. — Potter in right of his wife, the daughter of James Nicolle, sells Sr Thomas Tramalier a rent on Thomas Blondel.

112 (125). 14 November 1646. Letter under seal. Collas Trachy sells a rent on Pierre Trachy to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

138 (126). 2 December 1573. Letter under seal. Collas Grut sells a garden at Vauvert to François Allez. 

127.  20 May 1586. Letter under seal. Thomas Tiauxbery (sic) sells eight perches of land below the Tour Beauregard to Jean Hubert. [Thomas Tewkesbury ?]

14 (128). Letter under seal. 23 April 1608. Simon Becquet sells a rent on Collas Rougier to Guillaume de Garis.

129. Another Letter under seal dated 26 October 1611. Pierre Simon and his wife sell Pierre Thomes and wife a little garden at Mont-gebel [Mont Gibel, Pierre Thoumes]

130. A Letter under the seal of St Michel of 8 November 1660. Thomas Henry of the Vale sells Thomas Fleire and his wife a pièce of land called Le Traversain. [Thomas Flère]

131. A Letter under the same seal dated 26 September 1656. Zacarie Henry sells the Courtil de la Petite Rochelle to Jean Henry. [Zacharie Henry]

132. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. 19 June 1612. Samuel Asseline sells a small plot of land near his house to Nicolas Renault son of Thomas.

88 (133). A Letter under Bailiwick seal. 23 November 1596. Thomas Bonamy son of Nicolas sells Thomas de Lisle son of Pierre a rent on various persons.

134. A Letter under the seal of St Michel of 8 January 1536 (the seal of which is broken). Pierre Boullon acknowledges a debt to Robin Andrey in right of his wife. [Pierre Bouillon, Robin André]

135. A Letter under the same seal dated 18 February 1513. Jean Estienne owes a debt to Richard de Beaucamp. [Jean Etienne]

11, 20 (136). 25 October 1551. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. Nicolas de Beauvoir sells Collas Jenette and his wife two courtils, one of which is in the Fief Fauville.

137. 12 September 1552. Another letter under the same seal. Jehannet Baudain sells a rent to Pierre Le Quesne.

90 (138). Another Letter under Bailiwick seal. 22 July 1545. Hector Largentier and the children of James Cokerell¹ agree that the said children will cede their inheritance, in right of the said Cockerel, to the said Largentier.

139. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. 17 March 1603.  Mr Thomas de Beauvoir and his wife sell Nicolas De Fosse and his wife a house at the Carrefour and another letter in which De Fosse assigns some of the rent.

156 (140). Another Letter under Bailiwick seal dated 22 November 1588. Jean Martin is judged to owe Jean Fallaize a rent.

3 (141). A Letter under the Seal of the Mayor of Southampton, dated 11 August 1614. George Fashion Esqr, Seigneur d'Anneville, sells the Fief de la Rivière and its appurtenances to Mr Charles Derval.

142. Another Letter under Bailiwick seal dated 27 November 1577. Exchange of rents between Thomas Effard son of Jean and Nicolas Martin Jr.

20, 13 (143). A Letter under Bailiwick seal dated 11 November 1573. Pierre Bisson makes over his right of lignager to Sr Jean de Sausmarez for the sale between Collas Jenette and James Ozanne, no. 143, with attached another letter of 7 February 1573, in which Thomas Breton makes over half of two courtils to the said de Sausmarez.

144. A Letter witnessed in Court dated 5 April 1658. Anne and Elizabeth Le Retilley daughters of Jean sell to their brother Jean Le Retilley their share of the ir inheritance in right of their mother, Christine Du Froc.

145. Another letter under the said seal dated 31 July 1613. Thomas Guille sells to Pierre Thome a meadow at the Panrenier [Pierre Thoumes, Pont Renier].

146. Letter witnessses in court. 9 February 1574. Mortgage of rent by George Blanche and his wife Colette Le Rusey to Sr Jean de Sausmarez.

12 (147). Judgment under the seal of the Fief du Comte. Collas Jenette makes over a rent he bought from Collas de Beauvoir to Jean Ozanne.

58 (148). Letter under Bailiwick seal 18 April 1530. Collas Thoume owes rent to Philippe Le Lorreur.

55 (149). Letter under Bailiwick seal 16 April 1565. Collas Le Cornu in right of his wife sells a courtil at Vauvert to Jean Estienne.

150. A contract witnessed 26 September 1554. Mr Jean de Sausmarez and his wife Dame Rachel Briard sell rents on various people to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

32 (151). A Letter under seal of 1 November 1575. Guillaume Anquetil must pay a rent to the children of Collas Marche.

62 (152). A Letter under the seal of Fief Le Comte. 7 February 1521. Jean Marqui buys a certain Courtil au Prell from Collas Mutel. [Jean Marquis, Courtil au Préel]

139 (159). A Letter under Bailiwick seal of 14 January 1547. Collas Hacquebec sells a house and cottage to Jean Maddocq. [Jean Maddock, Madoc]

75 (154). A Letter under Bailiwick seal of 12 February 1501. Lubin Fallaize in right of his wife sells two pièces of land to Jean Le Lacheur.

Signed ....

25 September 1721. The undersigned authorised by the Court in a judgment of 14 January 1718: [to witness Pierre Carey handing over the documents] ...: we certify that today we are all gathered at behest of Thomas Tramalier at the house of Mr William Le Mesurier in right of his wife, co-heir of the said Mr Carey to continue the handing over of the said documents by inventory. Dame Rachel the wife and representative of the said Le Mesurier being present both to represent herself and to represent the said Sr Carey. She informs us that she is ready to continue the handover of the documents, but in relation to what Thomas Tramalier has said, that he is ready to take the said documents as he is his father's eldest son; seeing as his right to act for his father ended with his father's death; Sr Jean Hubert, mentioned in the Act of Authorisation being here present has said that he is present as the natural guardian of his daughter Marie in right of her late mother Dame Marie Tramalier, the sister of the aforementioned eldest son, and did not imagine that the papers would be handed over to Tramalier in his quality as the principal heir and eldest son of his late father; Tramalier replied that Hubert was wrong to cliam to be the natural guardian of his daughter in the matter of the handing over of the papers, and Tramalier further maintained that Hubert's claim to be the natural guardian was in fact disputed and was subject to litigation. When we heard this claim, we told Hubert and Tramalier to wait until their dispute had been settled by the Court.

22 January 1721. The aforesaid Thomas Tramalier appeared before us to continue the handover of documents as we had arranged; but on learning that Dame Rachel the wife and attorney of Mr William Le Mesurier, in whose house the papers are kept, is ill, we thought it appropriate to postpone the proceedings.

9 March 1721. Sr Thomas Tramalier; Sr Thomas Tramalier; and Messrs Pierre Carey and WIlliam Le Mesurier appeared before us. They agreed to suspend handover of documents until the next vacation. Sr Carey and Sr Le Mesurier agreed to represent the other in case of the absence of either of them. This is our report.


168. A Letter under Bailiwick seal containting a Judgment of Namps of 5 February 1563, between the children of Thomas Estienne and Richard Devicq, with several other items. [Thoams Etienne, Richard De Vic]

169. An unsigned and undated document, entitled, 'Goods and chattels sold to the widow of Sr Thomas Tramalier for her third of the inheritance of her husband.'

170. An unsigned document dated 28 September 1661, listing several active and passive debts, on the back of which is written in Sr Thomas Tramalier's hand. 'Evidence for what my father says he owes.'

171. A Letter under Bailiwick seal of 19 July 1516. Pierre Mutel sells a parcel of land at the at the Chatel Du Maresq to Jean Le Feyvre. [Chateau du Marais, Jean Le Febvre]

172. A contract, witnessed in court, dated 30 January 1648. Janne Lucette mortgages a rent on several people to Thomas Tramalier for a period of 7 years.

173. A Letter under seal of 13 June 1519. Jehannet Baudain sells two courtils to Pierre Le Quesne.

174. A Letter under seal of 16 June 1566. Bastien Pillon sells a rent to Thomas Rolland. [Sebastien Pilon, Thomas Roland]

175. A Letter under seal of 17 September 1622. The heirs of Thomas Le Feyvre sell a courtil called La Pittouillette [La Pitouillette] to Michel Le Pettevin of the Castel. [Michel Le Poidevin,  Thomas Le Febvre]

176. A Letter under seal dated 23 April 1570 (torn). Thomas Petiot and Charles Vaudin. With an attachment.

14 August 1722. Sr Thomas Tramalier and Sr William Le Mesurier in right of his wife, have appeared before us; the documents no. 168-176 have been examined and numbered by them and as agreed Le Mesurier has handed them over to Tramalier.

177. A contract extracted from the Register made by Mr Elizée Roland, Greffier. On 1 September 1656 Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy had had registered a contract witnessed in court dated 9 September 1656 in which James Nicolle sells him rent on Collas Le Ray of the Castel, the heirs of Jean Pipet and the heirs of Pierre Trachy.

178. A contract witnessed and notarised in London, 15 March 1641. Catherine Le Pettevin daughter of George, and her husband, sell Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy her share of her mother's estate in Guernsey.

179. A mortgage contract witnessed in Court 18 January 1624. Jean Nicolle of the Castel mortgages a rent to Mr Thomas De Lisle. On the back is a statement signed by Jean Bonamy of receipt of a sum from Thomas Tramalier that was due to him on the estate of James Nicolle.

180. A contract signed in Court of 12 July 1654. Pierre Nant sells Jean Sohier three courtils on which rent is due to Thomas Tramalier.

181.  A contract signed in Court, badly wormeaten, dated 20 March (year missing). Sr Eléazar Le Marchant, advocate authorised to deal with the saisie of the inheritances of Jean & Nicolas Grut, sells Jean Girard son of Thomas a house and land on which there is rent to pay to (here the name missing) Tramalier.

182. Three receipts signed by Mr Daniel De Beauvoir dated 3 and 13 November 1656 and 7 December 1657, in which he received 1226 livres tournois from Sr Thomas Tramalier.

183. A document signed by Jean Fautrart dated 18 May 1611. He cedes to Srs Jean and Thomas de Sausmarez [the sic] two-thirds of the mortgage he had from Thomas Lihou on the Moulin Suzain.

184. A request from Jean Gailliard and his wife Michelle Ollivier, accorded by the Royal Court. 20 March 1640. They are allowed to sell a rent from her inheritance. Confirmed on the back of the document that this was fulfilled by selling a rent to Thomas Tramalier, thus to free Jean Olivier from a mortgage.

185. 22 November 1657. A mortgage and discharge of mortgage between Mr Guillaume de Beauvoir, Siegneur du Hommet, and Sr Thomas Tramalier.

186. 15 November 1667. An account and arbitration witnessed in Court between Sr Thomas Tramalier and Sr Elie Le Bouteiller.

187. 20 November 1632. A Judgment on parchment, witnessed in Court. Pierre Rouget becomes tenant of the inheritance of the children of Thomas Le Pelley. Att. the saisie of the inheritance that was sold to Rouget, by the King's Prevost, 30 January 1634.

188. 13 April 1656. An obligation signed by the Jurats of Sark. Pierre Romeril owes 13 écus to Sr Thomas Tramalier. On the back a receipt dated 13 September 1658 for 27 livres tournois.

189. An extract from the Register of Debts requested re the inheritance of estate of Benjamin Machon, dated 22 December 1657. Unsigned, 4 pages.

190. An account and arbitration signed by Mr James De Havilland who was authorised by an Act of 11 November 1662, between Sr Thomas Tramalier and the King's Prevost, a party for the debts of Jean Fénien, as Fènien owed Tramalier 106 livres tournois.

191. An account and arbitration signed by Mr Eléazar Le Marchant and dated 26 March 1638, between Sr Thomas Tramalier and Jean Huzet. [Jean Husey]

192. A draft of a bill of partage, neither signed nor dated (in margin, noted: August 14 1722), nor titled.

193. A quarto volume containing a rental and accounts, most of which is in the hand of Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy.

194. A Letter under seal of 13 April 1604. Hellier Le Pettevin son of Philippin sells a house in the Rue (missing) and several rents to Sr Timothy Tramalier son of Jean. [Helier Le Poidevin, Philippin Le Poidevin]

195. A Letter under seal of 8 October 1613. Mr Thomas De L'Isle, seized of the inheritance which belonged to Collas Hallouvris and his wife, sells various plots of land to Zacharie Robert. [Thomas De Lisle, Collas Halouvris]

196. A Letter under seal of 11 August 1651. Pierre Le Cocq son of Blaize sells a share of a house in Fountain Street to Jean Blondel, with another document dated 8 August 1654 in which Jean Blondel cedes the said sale to Jean Hubert Jr on the same conditions.

197. An Inventory entitled (the Letters of Mr William Le Marchant etc sic), 'Written by the late Mr L'Avocat Tramalier', unsigned, undated.

198. A receipt book belonging to Guillaume Journeaux in 1672, etc.

199. A Letter under seal of 2 June 1652. Sr Pierre Gosselin sells a garden at the Truchot to Jean Poullet son of Pierre. [Jean Poulet]

200. Accounts entitled 'The demands made by Sr Thomas Tramalier of Sr Jean Bernard etc.', with at the foot an arbitration witnessed in court on 18 July 1692 and other arbitrations signed by the Secretaries.

201. Three judgments against Isaac Carey concerning rents.

A roll of papers containing receipts.

Continuation of the Inventory this 30 August 1722.

202. A Letter under [Bailiwick] seal 22 February 1627. Thomas Heaume son of Robert sells to Pierre Le Page and his wife Suzanne Queripel a courtil known as Le Grand Ménage.

203. A contract on parchement dated 31 May 1656. James Bailleul son of Jean sells a rent to Mathieu Le Get son of Simon, and two similar.

204. A contract on Parchment dated 21 March 1652. Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy sells Nicolas Bris Jr his right of inheritance to the estate of James Gagnepain. [Nicolas Bree]

205. A Letter under Bailiwick seal dated 18 November 1630. Pierre La Perre son of Collas sells the Courtil à Recullons to Mr Pierre de L'Isle. [Pierre La Pere, Courtil à Reculons, Pierre de Lisle]

206. A Letter under Bailiwick seal of 21 August 1644. Mr Elizée de Sausmarez sells Sr Thomas Tramalier a courtil and furze brake est Brais. [aux Brayes]

207. A Letter under Bailiwick seal of 1 September 1647. Benjamin Gagnepain sells Sr Thomas Tramalier his share of a house and garden near the Tour Beauregard that belonged to his father James Gagnepain.

208. A Letter under BAiliwick seal of 25 October 1643. Jean Bourgaize son of Pierre sells the Courtil Thomelin situatued in both St Peter and in the Forest parishes to Jean Glonne Jr.

209. A contract on parchment dated 12 July 1654. Pierre Nant son of Jean sells Jean Sohier son of Richard three courtils called the Three Courtils de la Miéllie.

210. A contract on parchment dated 10 January 1652. Jean Millet son of Pierre sells hisshare of the house and garden of James Gagnepain near the Tour Beau-regard to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy.

A certain document signed by J Bernard, William Tramamlier, Josue Tramalier, and Elizée Roland, of which the contents are verbatim:

30 July 1694. We the undersigned J Bernard and William Tramalier (who is authorised by the Court to act on behalf of Sr Thomas Tramalier during his illness), Do Acknowledge to have reached an amicable settlement, in the presence of and with the consent of his relatives who have signed this document with us, concerning the dispute between the said Bernard and the said Thomas Tramalier over 1925 livres tournois &c, on the following terms: I, Jean Bernard, because of the indisposition with which Thomas Tramalier is afflicted, in order to resolve our differences, am happy to acept the sum of 200 livres tournois in order to pay off the remainder of my account; on the understanding that the aforesaid representative cannot claim any of what I had received belonging to him in his own name or as heir of Pierre and Marie Tramalier, his sister and brother. And I the said representative promise and am obliged to pay the said Bernard the sum of 200 l.t. before Christmas &c.

On the back of this document is a receipt signed by J Bernard: Received the 1 May from Mr William Tramalier acting on behalf of Sr Thomas Tramalier while he is indisposed, the remainder of the sum of 200 l.t. which is 75 lvres and 10 sous. I hold Mr William Tramalier, who is acting on behalf of the said Thomas Tramalier, his nephew, quit of what he owes me. On this day 28 June 1695.

211. Another receipt with Bernard's signature: Received, the remander of the sum of 200 l.t.. i.e. 75 l.t. and 10 sous &c. Made this day 28 June 1695.

212. Another document signed by Josué Tramalier: We the undersigned relatives of Sr Thomas Tramalier agree that William Tramalier, authorised representative of Sr Thomas Tramalier during his indisposition, may sell under the supervision of the Court those goods belonging to the said Thomas as will be sufficient to pay his debts.

The documents numbered 202 to 212 have been handed over by Le Mesurier to Tramalier today, 30 August 1722. Signed ....

Continuation of the aforesaid inventory, this day, 21 December 1722:

213. 20 June 1620. The distribution of the estate of Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Jean, and of his wife Marie Journeaux, amongst the heirs. Witnessed in Court. 

214. 16 October 1619. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. The attorney of Henry Attloe Esq. and his wife Anne Devicq sell the totality of her estate to Jean Briard. [Henry Attlow, Anne De Vic]

215. 3 February 1634. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. Jean Briard sells the Moulin de Biauvelet [Moulin de Beauvalet, a watermill in St Saviour's] to Thomas Brouard.

216. 17 November 1593. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. The children of Collas Mauger make over to Louis Devicq the three courtils in the parish of St Peter Port that their father had bought from Elizabeth Devicq. [De Vic]

217. 25 April 1618. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. Jean Careye and his wife Jacqueline Blondel sell Jean Briard a rent.

218. A contract on parchment witnessed in Court dated 11 December 1651. Sarra Patron sells a small house at Mont-Gebel to Sr Thomas Tramalier. [Sarah Patron, Mont Gibel]

219. A contract on parchment witnessed in Court dated 18 April 1653. Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy sells the Courtil à Reculons to Jean Hüe. [Jean Huet]

220. 24 February 1636. A Letter under seal. Jean Effard sells a small kitchen garden [potager] at Mont-gebel to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy. [Mont Gibel]

221. A contract on parchment witnessed in Court dated 20 January 1657. Marie Millet sells a rent on Jean Breton to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

222. A contract on parchment witnessed in Court dated 11 April 1657. Anthony Brehaut sells a rent on Roger Le Pelletier to Sr Thomas Tramalier son of Timothy.

223. 12 October 1594. A Letter under the seal of Fief Le Comte. Jean Lucette sells the Courtil Fontaine to Jean Breton.

224. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. 13 March 1619. Nicolas Le Hardy sells the Courtil de la Grand Rue in the Clos du Valle to Clement Bisson.

225. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. 26 May 1610. Jean Gallienne sells what he bought with Pierre Le Huray and Pierre Le Maistre to Pierre Gallienne, details in an attached letter.

226. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. 23 May 1549. Jean Le Marchant and his wife Collette De Beauvoir sell a [tumbledown] cottage in Fountain Street, near the Fountain and the Town presbytery, to Nicolas Nicolle.

227. 7 November 1472. A Letter under Bailiwick seal. Nicolas Effard buys the Courtil Fallaize in the area known as Les Boutilliers from Jean Renouf.

228. A paper contract witnessed in Court. 30 May 1659. Jean Rolland, Marie Thames, Thomas Boston and Sara Tames sell to Michel Vaucourt and Suzanne Rougier a small garden at Mont Gebel. Registered 11 April 1662. [Jean Roland, Marie Thoumes, Sarah Thoumes, Mont Gibel]

229. A contract witnessed in Court. 24 October 1655. Anne and Jacquinne Tramalier give up their right of repurchase for any purchase of property made by Sr Thomas de Ssusmarez from the estate of their father, Sr Thomas Tramalier, according to a judgment of 23 of the same month.

230. A copy witnessed by the Deputy Greffier of a contract of 4 September 1656. Sr Thomas Tramalier Senior assigns a rent to Mr Daniel De Beauvoir, in the right of the children of Sr Pierre De Beauvoir.

231. A report dated 14 March 1688, signed by Mr Jean Careye, who was authorised representative of the Court by an Act of 30 November 1687. Between Sr Thomss Tramalier, Mr Pierre Careye and Sr Pierre De Beauvoir, concering the rights to certain rents.

232. 17 November 1656. A contract witnessed in Court. The guardian of Sr Pierre Nicolle, guardian of Jean Nicolle, sells a rent to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

233. A true copy of a contract witnessed in Court dated 13 August 1639. Pierre Henry makes over a rent on Simon Grut to Sr Thomas Tramalier.

234. A book of Judgments. The first Judgment is dated 15 February 1657, while the last is dated 10 December 1667. The first is concerning Marie Presson, the widow of Pierre Thames, and several other parties, and the last concerns Isaac Gibaut, Mr Piere Careye, and Sr Thomas Tramalier, the eldest son of his father ... there are two other Judgments at the end of the said book, one from 20 January 1671 in which Sr Elizée Rolland is sworn in as guardian of the children of Sr Thomas Tramalier Junior; the final Judgment after it is dated 27 January 1671, between the aforementioned guardian and Marie Thames, the widow of the said Tramalier and until recently the children's guardian, for her to produce the accounts of her guardianship, to hand over the goods and documentation belonging to the said estate, and to distribute the goods and chattels. They were told to appear before Mr de Sausmarez. [Elizée Roland, Pierrre Thoumes, Marie Thoumes]

235. An old and small receipt book listing several payments made by Guillaume Journeaux.

236. A piece of paper. Three columns in an old-fashioned hand, unsigned and undated, each column containing a bill of partage, without any indication in any of the columns to whom they belong. The first column begins as follows:

First Bill of Distribution of two-thirds of the estate of the late Sr Thomas Tramalier, between T Tramalier his eldest son, J Tramalier, Mr E de S, the guardian of W T, the other sons of the departed; after which the eldest son has taken by his right of vingtième the large and small houses of the Bosq and the gardens adjoining, which belonged to the late Tramalier; and beforehand, to the late Sr P De Beauvoir; except for the large garden: the other sons' share of the vingtième being compensated for by rents. And the daughters also received their share.

And these benefits will come into force after the death of the widow and dowager: first: the NE part of the house and garden in Fountain Street which belonged to the late Tramalier, consisting of the cellar, the kitchen (or parlour), and the little shop above. And this does not prejudice what the other sons may claim from the eldest son in way of rents and other costs incurred by the dowager while she is alive.

The second column, after a blank space, begins thus: Will benefit after the death of the dowager from the SW part of the house and garden in Fountain Street, consisting of the large kitchen, the middle shop, and the two bedrooms above the kitchen and shop. And the tiled hall in between the bedrooms, and the large interconnecting room will remain and the cost of repairing the floor covering will be shared equally &c.

The third column, after a blank space, begins thus: And these benefits come into force immediately: The small house and small garden at Mont-Gebel: and finishes thus: After the death of Sr P Guillaume a rent. Le Mesurier said that this piece of paper was the original that he registered at the Greffe on 28 January 1720, as is written on the reverse in the hand [written maison in error) of the Greffier, Mr Thomas Dobrée, so that Tramalier could have a copy.

Signed ...

¹ Note in Edith Carey, Wills &c, Vol I p. 79. Gringoire Bachelet married to -- Cockerel daughter of Thomas (contract dated 1573/4, for a garden in the New Town to the west of the Hospital.)