Islanders in Kitbags

29th November 2023

'Dedicated to more than 230 Guernsey sailors, soldiers and airmen who made the supreme sacrifice during the Second World War.' A list of the Guernsey servicemen and women whose biographies and accounts of their wartime experiences, often accompanied by photographs, are covered in this book by Richard Allisette, published by the Guernsey Press in 1985. There are copies in the Priaulx Library.

Mr Arthur Angell

Mr Bert Aslett

Mr Ralph Atkins

Mr and Mrs Peter Babbé

Mr John Baker

Mrs Eileen Bichard

Mr Harry Bisson (Guy Blampied)

Mr Francis Brennan

Mr Ernest Breton

Mr Wallace Breton

Mr Len Bridel

Mr Ernest Brouard

Mr Stanley Brouard

Mr Francis Brown

Dr John Bulstrode

Mr 'Robbie' Burns (Walter Burns)

Mr Frederic Chandler

Lieutenant-Colonel Wake Clark

Mr Philip Clarke

Mr John Cockayne

Mr Stanley Coker

Mrs Margaret Collas (Margaret Savage, John Savage)

Mrs Betty Cooper

Mr Len Corbin

Mr Dennis Creasey

Mr William Davis

Mr Joseph De la Mothe

Mr Peter Falla

Mr Ronald Falla

Mr Roydon Falla

Mr Bill Forman

Sir Charles Frossard

Lady Frossard (Elizabeth Martel)

Mr Sydney Gaved

Mr Edwin Gavey

Mr Frederic Giles

Captain John Groves

Mr Maurice Guilmoto

Mr Henry Hamon

Major Edward Hampton

Mr William Hancock

Mr Bernard Harvey

Dr Sydney Heard

Mrs Gladys Hewlett

Mr Herbert Hewlett

Mr Edwin Hill

Mr Leonard Hubert

Mr Robert Ingram

Mr Stanley Jehan

Mr Leonard Jordan

Mr Arthur Klein

Mr Maurice Laurent

Mr Peter Lecky

Sir Peter Le Cheminant

Mr William Le Cheminant

Mr Charles Le Galloudec

Mr Rodney Le Lacheur

Mr Charles Le Maitre

Mr Eric Le Page

Mr Geoffrey le Page

Mr Jack Le Quesne

Mr Stanley Le Tocq

Colonel Rex Mace

Mr Herbert N Machon

Mr Alastair Mackay

Mr Clifford Mahy

Mr Wilfred Makepeace

Mr Bill Marquand (Wilfred Marquand)

Mr Bob Marquis

Mr James Marr

Mr John Martel

Mr Norman Martel

Mr Philip Martel

Mrs Kathleen Masters

Mr Herbert Mauger

Mr Peter Mauger

Major Thomas McCathie

Mr Peter Morgan

Lieutenant-Colonel Claude Nason

Dr Frank Neubert

Mrs Barbara Nicolle

Mr Hubert Nicolle

Mr George Payne

Mr Herbert Pike

Mr Charles Pratt

Mr Douglas Randell

Mr Francis Renouf

Mr Tony Riley

Mr Clifford Robert

Mr Frank Sarre

Mr Jack Sauvary

Mr Leonard Savident

Lieutenant-Colonel William Stead

Mrs Isabelle Stead

Mr Victor Symes

Miss Joan Thomas

Mr Carel Toms

Mr Stanley Tranfield

Mr Charles Travers

Mr Roy Videlo

Mr George Webber

Mr William West

Mr Alfred Wicks

Air Commodore Charles Widdows

Mr Ted Williams

Mr Ray Woodhard