Job de Jersey's estate, 1671

7th September 2015

Original document, from the de Garis family file in the Library.

7 June 1671. Before Messieurs the jurats (undersigned), authorized by an act of the Royal Court dated 12 October 1670, with reference to a further act of 20 April 1668, this act in order to authenticate the bills of partage of those rents not previously distributed which form part of the legacy of the late Job de Jerzey, and of the totality of the estate of his wife, Marie Moulin [Moullin]. The following were present: Collas de Jerzey, principal heir of the late Thomas de Jerzey, who whilst he lived was the eldest son of the said Job and the said Moullin, of the first part; and Michel de Jerzey & Collas de Jerzey, sons of Collas, of the other part, also heirs of the said Job and his wife [Marie] Moullin. The parties hereby recognise that they came to the following agreement: that the said Collas de Jerzey, son of Thomas is clear of 15 denerels of wheat rent owed to Michel and Collas de Jerzey sons of Collas, and also of 14 denerels of wheat rent owed to the three daughters of the said Job, to cover the part they claim from the estate of the said [Marie Moullin], through an agreement made with the said daughters (as the above-mentioned documents establish).

It is also agreed amongst the aforementioned parties that a quarter of wheat rent that the said Job owed to Nicollas Tiault, the mortgage for which had since been paid off, should be replaced, and that the said Michel and his co-heirs are forever quit, without any prejudice, of the rent arrears that the parties could claim from each other. And [the same applies to] their claim for part of the monetary payment for the clearance of the mortgage on the quarter of rent, that Thomas de Jerzey received. The said parties promise to make good and guarantee the contents of this agreement here set out, pledging against it their entire present and future estates.

Signed: J Le Marchant, G de Beauvoir

Will of Job de Jersey




See Pierre Le Roy's diary for this family; Job's daughter Susanne married Pierre Le Roy's son, Pierre Le Roy junior.