July 8, 1761: John-William of Guinea

From the Town Church Registers. Victims of the slave trade. The Rivoire family.

John-William, a certain young Negro, about 10 years old, born in Guiny, and brought from Guadeloupe, in this island of Guernsey, has been christened July 8th 1761, having for Godfathers Capt. John Rivoire, and Capt. William Rivoire; and for Godmother, Mrs Esther Roland, relict of Mr Simon-Peter Rivoire.

George, a Negro aged about 12 years, baptized 3 September 1770. Godfathers Sr Pierre Maingy, Sr William Rivoire. Godmother Mrs Marie Rivoire.

St Peter Port registers, 1828: 'John, a negro with no surname, was buried on 6 October 1828.' [p. 190]

See also John Hampton, 1721, whose godfather was the Lieutenant-Governor.