June 1811

From the Gazette de Guernesey, some translated from the original French. This was a very bad time for island banks, which had relied heavily on defaulting banks in London; the crash of the firm of Brock & Le Mesurier, operating out of London, took with it small local banks dependent on it.

1 June 1811

R Rachael, No. 244, bottom of High-Street, Guernsey, takes the liberty of informing the Ladies, that he has finished an assortment of the newest patterns of Parasols and Umbrellas, which he offers to the public at the under-mentioned prices: Young Ladies Parasols, from 3s 6d to 6s. Ladies Parasols, from 9s to 12s 6d. Ladies spring mount’d top Parasols, 12s to 18s. Umbrellas from 4s 6d to 12s. New spring top umbrellas, from 19s 6d to 16s. Silk Umbrellas, from 18s to 26s.

Hats covered with Oil Cloth and Silk; Military Hats cleaned, cocked and altered to the new regulations.

Pierre Langlois, du Pont, has a year-old heifer for sale, of a colour suitable for England.

Mr Charrière, with heartfelt gratitude, respectfully begs leave to return his most sincere thanks to the Nobility and Gentry of the Island, for the additional mark of favour shewn to him, by their permitting his Ball, (which will take place on the 6th instant), to be held at their Assembly Rooms. In consequence of the above, Mr. C. has reduced the price of his Tickets to 5 shillings each, refreshments included. Tickets to be had of Mr Charrière only.

During the Whitsuntide Hollidays, there will be public dancing at the Rohais and Câtel, Mr. French, as Musician, will attend the Rohais, and his son, the Câtel.

To be sold by public auction, on Friday the 7th instant, all the materials belonging to the old canteen, No. 2, on Delancey Hill. The sale to commence at 10 o’clock.

NOTICE. All persons who have any demands on Mr David King, and on the owners of the Schooner Nancy, ship Victory, brig Greyhound, ship Sophia, cutter General Doyle, of which vessels the said Mr King is agent and part owner, are requested to send their accounts immediately.

NOTICE. The creditors of Messrs Macculloch, Allaire, Bonamy & Co., are requested to meet at Mr Rosetti’s, next Wednesday at 11 o’clock a.m., to appoint liquidators for the Bank’s affairs; collect debts and from the receipts distribute to the creditors. It is proposed, since Messrs Thomas Priaulx and Harry Dobrée have already been nominated and willingly taken on the role, that they should continue in this and that they should be joined by the King’s Procureur and Mr John Mellish.

8 June 1811

A new and genteel assortment of Straw Bonnetts just arrived from London.A . Pitter, at Mrs Mauger’s Market-Place, Guernsey, has commenced selling, Straw Bonnetts of the first fashion, Regent, Cottage and the Minerva, being the most prevalent patterns now selling in London. N.b. Old Bonnets, cleaned and altered to look like new, and at the lowest London prices.

NOTICE. 5 pounds sterling reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever, on the evenings of the 4th and 30th May last, threw stones through the windows of Mrs Constante le Pelley, of the Quierquers.

TO THE PUBLIC. The persons to whom Mr John Allaire, sen., may have declared himself as belonging to the Bank, under the firm of Macculloch, Allaire, Bonamy, & Co., or those to whom he may have said 'Our Bank is solid, and if you have any money to put to interest we allow four per cent, and payable on demand;' or having heard him make use of any similar expressions, so that the public might conceive him interested in the said Bank, are requested to give in their names to the Printers.

Thomas Carré [de la Planque] gives notice that on Tursday the 20th instant, he will sell by public auction, his field called the Grand Bosq, containing eight vergees of ground, situate near the Carrefour des Trois Vues, and bordering the main road going towards the Rohais [d’un coté sur la Grande Route, et de l’autre sur les Camps-Collettes].

The building that houses the Roman Catholic Chapel, at the Tour Beauregard, is to rent, it commands one of the best views in the island, and is extraordinarily large: apply to Isaac de Lisle.

On Thursday the 6th instant Mr Charrière’s Ball was held at the Assembly Room, and was attended by a numerous and genteel company. The pleasure exhibited on the countenance of each person was a sure index of the satisfaction generally experienced. To particularise any, would be an injustice, were all exhibited a correct and superior style of dancing seldom witnessed; yet we cannot refrain from noticing the very excellent dancing by the young Ladies of Mrs Fields and Miss Martineau’s Seminaries, which for precision, grace, and elegance, far exceeded the most sanguine expectations of his and their respective Friends. The Gentlemen of the Harmonic Society condescended to play many excellent Overtures, much to their credit, and the general satisfaction of the company. The whole was conducted with the greatest propriety, and we understand, Mr Charrière intends giving a Ball annually, although he has by last night’s exhibition established his professional fame, yet a yearly repetition will keep alive that spirit of emulation which is requisite to obtain a proficiency in any branch of education. Guernsey 7th June 1811.

Mr Bishop requests that anyone with claims against the Bank of Bishop, De Jersey, & Co., attend Mr Rosetti’s Rooms, next Thursday at 11 a.m.

Messrs Charles Bishop & Co., inform the owners of Bank notes, or any other obligations towards them on the part of the Bank of Bishop, De Jersey, & Co., that they will exchange goods to the value of the sum owed provided that the claim is approved by the said Bishop, De Jersey & Co.

22 June 1811

Messrs Bishop, De Jersey & Co. having reason to suppose that some imposition is intended to hurt their Bank, request every drawer or endorser of Bills that may be returned, having been negotiated through their medium, not to arrange or settle any such Bills, without having first spoken to them.