June 1891: donated to the museum

Motley collections from the Guernsey and Jersey Magazine, June 1891, p. 362. 'The Guille-Alles Museum. The following objects have been added to the collection during the last three months:'

  • A model of the Church of Ste Genevieve, Paris, from Mr. Algernon Morgan.
  • A collection of butterflies from the Himalaya Mountains, presented by Mr Quick.
  • One of the fin-bones of a whale, from Mr. Winterflood.
  • A favourite dog, which belonged to the late Charles Hugo (son of Victor Hugo) presented by the family.
  • Also articles from Miss Mansell, Mr. Elliott, Sergeant Black, Mr McKane, Mr E. de Putron, Mr James Mourant, jun., and Mr Puttock.
  • A collection of thirty birds, British and Australian; a number of fishes, presented by Mr Sinel, of Jersey, a tiger from India, and sundry small objects, from Mr John Whitehead, Honorary Curator.

Report & Trans. Soc Guern. 1903 p. 186:

Mr Collenette exhibited, and made remarks upon, a stuffed specimen of the Horned Screamer, a curious bird from Brazil, called by the natives Chaja, recently presented to the museum by Mr A Stevens, of Belmont Road.