Le Pelley and Mauger

Transcribed notes, Sark/Le Pelley file in the Library.

November 1607. Of Philémon Mauger & the heires of John Tupper for the rent of a house in the said towne, sometymes Peter Pellies joigning to the said De la Marche his house annually 8 gros monnaie Royal Rental.

 According to the Mauger pedigree Philémon Mauger married 7 April 1584 Perotine Le Pelley and this marriage is recorded in the Town Church registers. Judging from the above notes it is evident that Marie Le Pelley = John Tupper 1793 is wrongly ascribed as the sole child of Pierre Le Pelley.

Extente 1581. Item. Annual rent to His Majesty on Helier de la Marche's house in St Pierre Port situated in the High Street next to the sea on the sea side to the north of James Guille's house, the street between them, for banquage of 8 gros monnaie. Item. Same due on Pierre Le Pelley's house adjoining the house of Helier de la Marche.

St Peter Port: Banquage. Of Hillarye de la Marche for the rente of his house situate in the towne of St Peters Port on the east side of the great streete toward the sea side of James Guille's house, due annually 8 gros monnaie.

There follow notes on genealogical trees.

Also: 1601. Dispute between daughter of William Le Marchant and daughter of Helier Le Pelley re pew. Ladies fighting scandalously over it in church, both families claiming it; Le Marchants have right to pew.