Le Pelley notes from Col. Ernest Le Pelley's MSS

Transcriptions of documents referring to the Le Pelley family, from Sark/Le Pelley file in the Library.

1595. Pierre Pelley to Thomas de Beaugy son of Joannet, Pierre Jehanne and Pierre Bisson son of John. a house in the Rue des Forges [Smith Street] in St Peter Port, and a garden to the northeast of the Fontaine des Corbins, according to a letter under seal of 11 January 1455.

19 March 1540. Judgment. Robin Quertier, an hour in the Collar in the Pillory [d'estre mys aujourd'hui le Collier au Pillory au Col] for having supplied an axe as collateral [une hache en gage chiés] to Massey Le Pelley & his wife.

16th May 1572. Pierre Pelley son of John.

15th January 1577. Thomas Gallyenne son of John of Torteval buys from John Le Pelley son of Collas two camps in the place called the Vault de Velyne. Item the Mare de Plémont and the land around about that belongs to the said Le Pelley according to his Bille de Partage. Item. A strip [pièche] of land on the Hure of the said Mare. Item a camp es devisé, adjoining the portes of Plémont. Item another camp on Les Plains.

20 October 1579. Collas Le Pelley son of Charles of St Andrew, buys estate of John Le Pastourell senior son of John of said parish and his wife Colette daughter of John de Garis.

6 October 1578. Pierre Le Pelley son of John of St Pierre Port buys from Nicollas Maugier son of Thomas attorney to John Le Jeune resident of Exeter, .... on the complete estate of Marien Coburn according to a valid letter under seal which seems to us to be dated xvii September 1546 in the possession of the said Le Pelley &c.

6 April 1568 Pierre Agenor, Nicolas Etur Senior, James Couvenant, Pierre le Pelley son of John, two courtils at Glateny presently occupied and held by Marguerite Couvenant.

1573/4. Pierre Le Mesurier bought from John Le Pelley son of Collas purchaser of Pierre du Parc's estate in right of his wife Margueritte daughter of Pierre Chyvret.

22 December 1575. Collas Le Pelley son of Charles bought from Collas de la Mare, attorney to Hellier Novell in right of his wife Marie, daughter of Edmond Estur, .... in right of the said Marie daughter of John Queripell senior.

6 November 1591. John Le Pelley, in right of Jehanne his wife, daughter of John Padat, in right of her mother daughter of Richard des Goubeys.

1569. Nicollas Trohardy attorney to Michiell Agenor son of Renoult sold to Pierre Le Pelley son of John the house and barn du Canycher with its gardens and land.

1600. Thomas Le Pelley son of Pierre.

There follows a list of Le Pelley Town marriages 1592-1642, and Vale marriages 1601-1677.

From a leaf of Parish (Vale) registers found in Falla MSS 'depuis l'an 1586,' '[.] Le Pelley son of Pierre married Michelle Nant daughter of Collas Nant, the widow of Pierre(?) Cousin son of Lucas, the 18th January 1586.'

22 November 1687. John Le Pelley of the parts of England and Martha Loomer were married. Collette, the daughter of Hellier Gosselin, Bailiff, married Thomas Le Marchant son of John, Jurat, and remarried Peter Le Pelley by whom she had one child and buried 22 July 1621.

1616. Collas Le Pelley in right of his mother daughter of Michelle Hamelin.

1573. Collas Le Pelley in right of his mother daughter of Guillome De Rosell.

1573. Nicollas Le Roux in right of his wife Collette Le Pelley in his house and yard in the Bordage.

Notes from Falla deeds. 1507. Pierre Le Pelley son of Pierre of the Vale, Thomas Hamelin &c (see notes under Hamelin.) 1553. Guillome Le Pelley son of Pierre in the Vale in right of his mother daughter of John Ballan.

1589. John Le Pelley son of Françoys of the Vale.

1578. Thomas Le Pelley son of Pierre of the Vale in right of Johanne his mother daughter of Lucas Le Prevost.

Thomas Gallienne, John Le Patourel, Nicolas Mauger, Helier Noel, John Queripel, Richard Le Goubey, the Canichers, Nicholas Trohardy, Michel Agenor, Renault Agenor, Colette Gosselin, Guillaume de Rosel, Nicholas Le Roux, John Balan.