Lieutenant Auguste Bulteau, 1916

We regret to record the death of Lieutenant A. Bulteau, 7th French Colonial Infantry Regiment, and proprietor of the Caves de Bordeaux, Upper Mansell Street. which occurred on June 16 at Hai-Phong, Tonking, China, from abcess of the liver. [The Star.]

Deceased was born at Pamplies, Vendée, France, in 1862. He served in the French Colonial Infantry and became Adjutant of the Regiment. He fought in two campaigns, Senegal and Tonking, and received the Colonial Medal. As a reservist he became Sous-Lieutenant and was afterwards promoted to Lieutenant.

He established himself in business here as a wine and spirit merchant in Upper Mansell Street about 15 years ago.

At the beginning of the war he offered his services which were eventually accepted. He was sent to Rochfort. He served in the trenches, but owing to ill-health was discharged. Then he went to Martinique to fetch black troops for France. Later he went with these troops to Fréjus-Var and from there to Tonking where he died at the Military Hospital.

He leaves a widow, a daughter and one son, who is an officer in the Flying Corps at the Front. One of M. Bulteau's sons, Sergeant Bulteau, was killed in France in the first months of the war.

La Gazette de Guernesey, 29 April 1913

We are informed that Guernsey is shortly to receive a visit from an aviator. A few months ago we were told that Monsieur Robert Bulteau, son of Monsieur A Bulteau, of the Caves de Bordeaux, who is a soldier in the French Flying Corps, intends to visit Guernsey from France in his aeropane and to give a flying display. It seems that all necessary preparations have been put in place and all that is required is a guarantee of financial support in order for the visit to take place.

W Stonebridge, in 'Trinity Square and some of the surroundings in 1879,' Quarterly Rev. Guern. Soc., Spring, 1968, has this to say about him: 'M. Feillerat was preceded at Les Caves de Bordeaux by M. Bulteau, who, though over age, volunteered for service in the French army to avenge the death in action of one of his sons.'