Lines written on quitting the Vauquiedor, October 1813

From Le Miroir Politique, Saturday 23 October 1813. 'Original Poetry: the following Lines are the production of a Lady, whose poetical talents are not wholly unknown to this Island. A copy of them having fallen into our hands, we have not hesitated to insert it, from a persuasion that it will be acceptable to our numerous readers.' The Vauqiédor estate was acquired by Thomas Fiott de Havilland who transformed it into Havilland Hall.

Dear shelter'd Valley! warm and low,
Well suited to an humble mind,
I cast, as from thy haunts I go,
'A longing, ling'ring look behind.'

Tho' duty leads my steps from thee,
Reluctant, I her call obey;
Thy shades have greater charms for me,
Than loftier domes, or scenes more gay.

From the tall elms that tremble near,
Their lays unnumber'd songsters pour;
While, from her urn so soft and clear,
A Naïd sheds her murm'ring store.

These tow'ring Elms, in Summer heats,
And winter Storms, a shelter found;
While Ceres' and Pomona's sweets
With lib'ral hand are scatter'd round.

Still, to the cleanly damsel's hand,
Obedient flows the milky stream;
While, straying round, the feath'ry band
Enjoy the morning's rosy beam.

The walk, which bounds the public way,
Form'd to amuse the vacant mind;
The bow'r retir'd, tho' no less gay,
For silent musing more design'd.

Yet, not these charms, tho' justly dear,
Could bid me check my devious way;
Not these could draw the raptur'd tear,
Or wake the now unfrequent lay.

That lay shall flow, since in thy bow'rs,
(Blest be the bounteous hand of Heav'n)
A Cherub-form regains its pow'rs,
And to a Mother's hope is giv'n.

Disease, that threaten'd to destroy,
No longer wakes a thousand fears,
And the soft smile of health and joy,
O'er pays a thousand anxious tears.

For this, beneath the star of eve,
When 'still the toiling hand of care,
'These friendly shades shall oft receive,
The tribute of a grateful pray'r.'

Lov'd Babe, whose smiles my peace restore,
May virtue still thy guardian be,
That, when thy mother's toils are o'er,
Thou may'st not mourn her care for thee!


In the same number: For sale: The house and land belonging to Mrs Bailey, situated at the Vauqiédor.

Le Miroir Politique, 6 March, 1813: SALE OF AN ESTATE. MARY VENABLE, widow of the late Robert Bailey, and John Bailey, son of the said deceased, give notice, that on Thursday the 18th instant they will sell or give to rent, to the highest bidder, together or separately, before Mr the Bailiff or his Lieutenant, John Guille and Hilary Carré, esqrs, jurats of the Royal Court, a House, Stable, several Meadows, Furze Fields, and other grounds, [part of the estate of the deceased Robert Bailey], the whole adjoining and situated at the Vauqiedor, near the new road leading to St Andrew's.